To put in a nutshell, writing NEBOSH IGC is as easy as finding the piece of cake in the hearth of an oven, if the formula of answering is known. To hit the nail on the head, it must be taken from the scratch. The mechanism of NEBOSH IGC examination can be described as it starts from the understanding of the topics and the acquisition of knowledge to demonstrate the skills of presentation. However NEBOSH states that, some candidates fail to show both a lack of knowledge of the syllabus content and a lack of understanding of how the key concepts should be applied to workplace situations. In order to meet the pass standard for the assessment, acquisition of knowledge and understanding across the syllabus are the prerequisites. The principles of the presentation in the exam must be poised with the style and time.

Many of the candidates fail to apply the basic principles of examination techniques by; not attempting all the required questions, failing to provide complete answers, failing to write the relevant answers and failing to apply the command words (also known as action verbs) correctly. It is absolutely crucial that the candidate must be familiar with the action verbs given in the question which express the depth of answer that is required. The following action verbs which must be answered accordingly;

  • Define- Provide a generally recognized or accepted definition.
  • Describe- Provide a word picture or a complete description, which is separated into required paragraphs.
  • Explain- This must also be answered in detail and separated paragraphs, but it must be with a dear account of, or reasons for the particular issue (factual information) which is raised in the question.
  • Give- Provide the answer without explanation, the meaning or the example in few sentences.
  • Identify- Select and name the answers (vocabularies) in points.
  • List- Provide a list (sentences) without explanation in points.
  • Outline- Give more important features of the topic in small paragraph form.

Some candidates fail to separate their answers into different sub-sections of the questions, which must be rectified by using proper numbering from the question in their answer, structuring their answers to address the different parts of the question and by being logically drawing out the relevant points. The number of points or paragraphs must be balanced with the awarded marks for the particular question. The time must be planned effectively for answering all the questions and the handwriting must be legible. The action verbs are varied, so that enough time must be allocated for each question. However the time to understand the questions and final review after answering the questions must be taken into account to rule the roost over the time management.

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Article written by

Ananth Tamilmaniarasu, 

HSE Trainer & Consultant,

Green World Group,Dubai.

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