Inhouse Corporate Training First Aid


4 – 8 Hours

First aid typically means the first response to any illness or injury, providing the care needed in saving a life, preventing things promptly and avoiding major issues or losses, and fasting the recovery process. The First Aid training is designed to provide the participants with the knowledge of offering immediate care in case of unexpected incidents/accidents till the medical assistance is received. This training equips the learners with the knowledge on performing procedures till professional medical help is available.

No matter whether the work environment possesses low risks or it is a high-risk workplace, there are chances for various risks. Things such as bleeding, allergic reactions, choking, burns, temperature extremes, bites, poisoning, stings, anxiety workers in restricted spaces, or similar medical emergencies are a few examples of situations for first aid care emergencies possible to face in an organization. The situation may become worse further, if the employees may fall ill or become more injured. If there are no safety measures taken immediately, it may end up impacting the work performance and leading to serious injuries.

If the workers are unaware of their surroundings, incapable of facing the unforeseen incident injuries, and are not promptly taken care of with immediate medical help until the ambulance or professional medical team arrives, the situation will go worse. The victim may possess the risks such as major injuries, long-term disabilities, or even death. Additionally, it can also lead to higher medical expenses, serious health impacts, and productivity loss.

The knowledge of First Aid training can make huge differences in unexpected life-threatening situations since the individuals will be equipped with the right knowledge and proactive medical activities to face the situations. If there is an early response to any injury or illness, businesses will be capable of mitigating risks and reducing downtime in the production environment due to such illness or injury. For any organization, employees are one of the valuable assets for them. In scenarios of health emergencies, only if the people have sufficient knowledge to immediately give the first aid support, it can make a difference in saving a life. Providing such valuable first aid training to the employees in an organization helps businesses to have streamlined operations. When you invest in first aid training for employees to be conscious and well-knowledge, you can prevent huge potential losses in the workplace, achieve good ROI, and provide them with the most secure environment to carry out the work.

First aid training improves the standards of safety and knowledge of workers that are applied for a more comfortable and secure workplace.

Topics covered under the course

  • Role of the first aider
  • Approaching the patient
  • Basic life support
  • Bleeding and shock
  • Choking
  • Caring for injury
  • Specific First Aid cases
  • Continuous patient care

Eligibility to take the course
All employees in an organization

Minimum qualification expected
English knowledge to understand the content if the course can’t be offered in the client’s preferred language.

Certificate validity
1 Year

Duration of course
Based on client requirements – 4-8 hours

Course Certification
Participants will receive the certificate in First Aid after successful completion of written and practical tests.