Safety Diploma Course

OSHA Construction Electrical Safety


Electrocutions are one of the major causes of fatalities faced by construction workers across the world. Injuries caused due to electricity can be classified as four types – Electrocution (fatal), burns, electric shock, and fall due to sudden contact of live electrical wire.

This online safety education trains participants about the safety requirements for workers at construction sites so as to protect them from electrical hazards and risks, provides information on various risk factors, safety compliances and regulations and importance of protective gears and how to use them effectively.

Hence it is mandated that all construction workers must receive training in electrical safety.

Governing regulations

This online construction electrical safety training course follows the training requirements for the OSHA 29 CFR § 1926 Subpart K Electrical Safety Standard.

Course Overview

This safety course provides an overview of the electrical hazards and risks workers face at construction sites. Students are trained to follow regulations as prescribed by OSHA and explained about various safety requirements, hazard identification procedures, how to avoid risks and accidents, effective safety control measures and safe practices to be followed by workers.

Who Must Take this Course?

According to OSHA 29 CFR 1926.21(b)(2) safety standards, employers must ensure that workers who are assigned at construction sites of various capacities must be trained on electrical safety and control measures to improve their awareness to work safely and avoid accidents and injury.

Course Format

Our OSHA Construction Electrical Safety course has expert-made content, case studies, interesting graphical and audio presentations and practice questions for students to score high in the final exam.

Students who are completing this course successfully will be given a hard copy of the completion certification along with a printed wallet card.

Continuing education credits?

Every candidate will be entitled to get 0.3 CEUs (or 3 CMEs) for completing the safety course.

Topics Covered

  • About this course
  • Hazards overview
  • OSHA overview
  • Electrical hazards overview
  • Electricity overview
  • Electrical shock
  • Overhead power line hazards and control
  • Ground-fault hazards and control
  • Path to ground missing or discontinuous hazards and control
  • Improperly used equipment hazards and control
  • Power tools
  • Improperly used extension or flexible cord hazards and control
  • Overloading
  • Short circuits
  • Static electricity and lightning
  • Causes of electrical hazards
  • Hazard controls