Safety Diploma Course

OSHA Construction Nail Gun Safety Training


Nail guns are used predominantly in construction industry to increase productivity but at the same time cause several thousands of painful injuries to operators every year. This online OSHA regulated Nail gun safety training aims to create awareness among those using nail guns about general safety practices, regulations formulated by OSHA, types of nail guns and safe operating methods, kinds of injuries, how to reduce hazards and stay safe while handling nail guns at workplaces.

Our online safety course makes participants to realize the importance of safe work practices and also training procedures formulated for workers who are susceptible to injuries.

Governing regulations

Nail Gun injuries are common among construction workers. Even though there are quite a few safety regulations aimed for nail gun operators and owners, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has formulated has several regulations for construction industry in which many of them refers to the mandatory safety standards for nail guns operations. The safety standards for nail guns can be referred in 29 CFR 1926 Subparts E and I.

Subpart E (1926.100-102) stands for the regulations for personal protective equipment which covers eyes, head, and ears. Our course provides detailed analysis about personal protective equipment in the later part of the training period.

Subpart I explains standard protocols for using various types of tools that include both hand-held and power-operated tools. Regulatory conditions for safe operation of power operated tools can be found in 1926.302.

Course Overview

As injuries associated with operating nail guns are common, this online safety course addresses key regulations that provides safety to workers operating such tools. The course also provides participants a broad understanding on different types of nail guns used for various purposes, possibility of accidents and injuries, how to reduce hazard and risks, procedures to train workers about safe use and safety regulations prescribed by OSHA.

Who Must Take this Course?

All industry workers, both experienced and new, who manage/work with nail guns, are entitled for this safety training. Even employers who employ workers for work works which require safety guns and other similar devices must understand different kinds of hazards and compliance procedures for safety regulations.

Course Format

Our OSHA Nail Gun Safety training course has been bundled with expert-driven content along with informative case studies, graphical and audio presentations and practice questions for students to prepare well ahead of the final exam.

All successful participants are provided with hard copy of course completion certificate along with a wallet card.

Continuing education credits?

Each candidate will receive 0.2 CEUs (or 2 CMEs) for completing this safety training.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Nail Gun Safety
    • Key Terms
    • Power Tools Overview
    • Nail Guns Overview
    • Statistics
    • Regulations
  • Types of Nail Guns and Triggers
    • Pneumatic Nail Guns
    • Powder Actuated Nail Guns
    • Triggers Overview
    • Full Sequential Trigger
    • Contact Trigger
    • Single Sequential Trigger
    • Single Actuation Trigger
  • Causes of Injury
    • Unintended Discharge-Double Fire
    • Unintended Discharge-Accidental Release of the Safety Contact
    • Nail Penetration
    • Ricochets
  • Missed Targets
  • Awkward Positioning
  • Failure to Use Safety Mechanisms
  • Other Hazards-Air Pressure
  • Other Hazards-Noise
  • Other Hazards-Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Best Practices
    • Trigger Selection
    • Training
    • Standard Work Procedures
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Reporting
    • Injuries Overview
  • Summary
  • Additional Resources
  • Exam
  • Additional Resources