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Diploma in Construction Safety is a course specially designed for workers associated with construction industry and promoted by the Government of India.
The training programme also covers the local and international standards and laws associated with health and safety in construction activities, identification and controlling of workplace dangers and hazards and practical application of knowledge in real time situation. To join and study this course, no previous health and safety knowledge is required although it is advisable that candidates should have basic understanding of construction activities.

Diploma in Construction Safety Course Fees
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Safety Course Key Facts in India

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Course Overview

The qualification is also suitable for managers and supervisors working in other industries, as the construction safety courses touches certain common concern related to safety and health of employees across all industries. The course also helpful for those employed in health and safety department in other occupational settings but need additional construction specific knowledge to enhance their work potential.

Students join this course need to clear six theory papers, namely:

  • Identification and prevention of workplace hazards and risks


Paper 1, 2 & 3 combined: 2 hours written exam – 10 questions (no choice) – 100 marks

Paper 4, 5 & 6 combined: 2 hours written exam – 10 questions (no choice) – 100 marks


Are there any Seminars for Diploma in Construction Safety?

Yes, we do have a twelve-day seminar session for students at extra fees (although not mandatory) will be conducted at GWG Business Center, Chennai, India, only when a minimum number of candidates are enrolled for it.

We have an expert panel of TUTORS available on all working days for students to clarify their doubts in any topics through the medium of emails and telephone.

Will the course material be provided?

Participants can avail the course materials which are made as per International Standard by Green World Group. The published course matters are also promoted by the Government of India.

What are the certifications I will get after completing the tests and when do I get them?

All pass candidates will get the certificate within 30 days from the announcement of results. Central Board of Examination & National Development Agency, promoted by the Government of India will issue certificate & mark list to students. Special certificates will be issued for students who obtained distinction and first class in the exams.

What is the Fee Structure for Diploma in Construction Safety?

Our free structure for the Diploma in Construction Safety is inclusive of all course materials provided, exam fee and administration charges.

Major cities in India where International / National Safety Courses can be provided

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