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Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) came into existence in 1945 as a nonprofit Independent organization based in UK with an intention to avoid casualties and LTIs caused due to dangerous and unprotected occupational environment.

IOSH courses are designed to make students and working professionals study and understand dangers at workplaces, identify and formalize preventive systems to efficiently manage risks, and establish proper safety and health measures for workers belong to different industry backgrounds.

IOSH courses are well suited for those who are accountable to ensure safe and secure work environment for employees. The courses also educate managers and supervisors to improve their awareness level on various occupational safety and health related issues and ways to prevent workplace accidents and disasters.

IOSH-certified people can manage their resources efficiently, can independently do risk assessments and conduct events to increase awareness on workplace risks and health hazards.

IOSH has currently more than 40,000 members spread across 85 countries supporting the cause of preventing occupational accidents and illness.

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Green World Group is an international educational institution having expertise in the field of occupational health and safety training. With the help of qualified trainers and world-class educational infrastructure, the institution trains working professionals and students gain up-to-date knowledge and skills on managing health and safety issues at work places through IOSH prescribed curriculum and updates them with higher Occupational and Health safety standards.

Green World Group offers the following IOSH approved certification courses:

IOSH health and safety training programs are tailor-made for working individuals belonging to every industry and sub-sectors where they face different kinds of occupational safety and health issues. The IOSH modules provide them with all necessary practical training they require to ensure safe and healthy working environment.

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