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NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work course provides a perfect platform for students and working professionals to begin their career as health and safety managers/practitioners. The introductory course on occupational health and safety is slated to provide all fundamental understandings on creating safe and secure work environments. The course also teaches students about the possible types of dangers and risks exist in work environments and ways to reduce workplace accidents and related losses.

NEBOSH HSW Course Overview

The NEBOSH qualification, offered at Green World Group’s authorised centres, makes participants aware of international and local standards and policies adopted by companies to maintain health and safety at offices.

The qualification offers an excellent foundation for students to take up more advanced NEBOSH courses, including NEBOSH’s International General Certificate IIGC) and National General Certificate. NEBOSH award helps participants achieve a perfect grounding for graduating to NEBOSH Certification.


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NEBOSH HSW Course Duration

We Offer NEBOSH HSW Training for 03 Days

As NEBOSH is a repute international institution offering various safety and health courses, students and health practitioners who complete the three-day training programme, can look for placement in any kind of industrial setups.

Who can join this NEBOSH HSW Training?

  • Team leaders, managers and supervisors.
  • HR professionals.
  • Facilities managers.
  • People who have to train workers on onsite safety procedures.

What does Nebosh HSW Syllabus Covers?

This 3-day training course teaches all necessary basic health and safety principles and practices required in the workplaces. They include:

  • Understanding risk assessments and planning control strategies
  • Applying these strategies in workplace environment to reduce workplace hazards due to fire, electrical, transport and manual handling.

The qualification is divided into two units: HSW1 (Workplace safety foundations) and HSW2 (Workplace risk assessment).

Unit HSW1 -The foundations of health and safety

  • The responsibility for health and safety
  • Health and safety risk assessment and control
  • Hazards and control associated with work equipment
  • Transport safety
  • Hazards and control associated with electricity
  • Fire safety
  • Hazards and control associated with manual handling and repetitive movement 2
  • Hazards and control associated with hazardous substances
  • Hazards and control associated with the working environment

Unit HSW2- Workplace risk assessment

Unit HSW2 is the workplace-based risk assessment activity. There is no separate syllabus content for this unit.

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How will I be assessed?

Students are assessed on the basis of their performance in a multiple choice questions (MCQs) examination and a practical risk handling test, which checks their practical and theoretical knowledge gained during the course. Students should be proficient in written English to complete the assessments successfully. Certificate will be issued to them after successful completion of the two units.