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      NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award (NEBOSH HSW/HSA)

      NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award serves as an optimal first step for those who are looking to kick start their career as health and safety manager or practitioners. This introductory qualification best caters to the requirements of anyone seeking to gain an understanding of the principles of health and safety related to their career role. This course also up skills the workforce with the essential knowledge of potential hazards and risks and the skills to deal with them effectively in the workplace helping to reduce the likelihood of accidents and associated losses.

      The NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award qualification is designed to fulfil the requirements of building improved safety cultures by providing awareness of local and international standards and policies for implementing health and safety management systems.

      Obtaining this qualification makes the participants empowered towards other higher NEBOSH courses such as NEBOSH’s International General Certificate and National General Certificate and serves as an ideal foundation for NEBOSH IGC and NEBOSH IDIP.

      Certified NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner  & the institute has delivered 1500+ NEBOSH training Batches

      NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award HSW/HSA Course Online Training

      Green World offers an easy and convenient way for aspirants to learn this recognized qualification from wherever they are. The catalog of online resources contains virtual live sessions, complemented by interactive e-learning and extensive audio & video resources, and case studies to ensure unique learning experiences from experienced NEBOSH tutors.

      Our exclusive online training makes sure that the participants are provided with the ability to learn at their own pace.

      NEBOSH HSW/HSA Course Syllabus & Duration

      Units HSA1 of the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award is assessed by a three-hour workplace health and safety review.

      Assessment Element summary

      Unit HSW 1: Health and Safety at work

      1 Why and how you manage health and safety
      2 Dealing with common workplace hazards
      3 Stopping incidents and ill-health before they happen
      4 Learning from incidents

      Upcoming NEBOSH HSW/HSA Course Live Online Training

      We Offer NEBOSH HSW/HSA Training for 04 Days. As NEBOSH is a repute international institution offering various safety and health courses, students and health practitioners who complete the three-day training programmer, can look for placement in any kind of industrial setups.

      Course / Batch Start Date End Date
      NEBOSH HSW 27thNov’23 30thNov’23

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      Benefits of NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award

      The qualification covers the important skills for preserving a safe working environment such as health and safety responsibilities and everyday solutions and control measures.

      Knowledge and Skills

      • An understanding of common risks in the workplace
      • Essential knowledge of the need of managing health and safety and ways to effectively deal with it.
      • Knowledge to assess risks & perform inspections in workplace.
      • Identifying hazards in the workplace and recommending remedial measures to be in place.
      • Understanding risk assessments as well as control strategies
      • Know the Cause of Incidents & Knowledge to investigate them.

      Career Opportunities

      • This qualification is perfect to pursue advanced NEBOSH qualifications that include NEBOSH International General Certificate, ensuring competency in your career growth.
      • There are countless career opportunities for NEBOSH-qualified professionals.
      • Since you can demonstrate commitment to health and safety standards, you can become a competitive professional within the organization.


      • This NEBOSH qualification holds its accreditation and is also credit rated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Accreditation and it remains in the Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at SCQF Level 5 (equivalent to RQF Level 2) with 2 credits.
      • Recognized by professional memberships and employers in more than 180 countries.

      We have proven ourselves as the No.1 Institute by delivering high-quality Nebosh training for an audience of 77 Nationalities from 195 Countries. Need more info, on Nebosh HSW course in India.

      Learning Outcomes

      On completion of the NEBOSH HSW/HSA you will be able to:

      • Familiarity with the health and safety roles and responsibilities
      • Moral, legal, and other crucial reasons and advantages of managing health and safety.
      • Able to implement and maintain health and safety management systems.
      • Acquire practical skills that are helpful in keeping yourself and others safe.
      • Capabilities to apply the principles of risk assessment.
      • Identifying various types of hazards in the workplace
      • Risk assessment and determining the best measures to control risks.
      • principles of safety and health performance
      • Perform internal and external safety audits.

      Who can take NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award for?

      This qualification is suited for all interested individuals in having an understanding of the principles of health and safety as a part of their career, including:

      • HR professionals
      • Safety Professionals
      • Team leaders and supervisors
      • Facilities managers
      • Those who provide onsite safety procedures to young workers.

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      Best Institute for NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award – Green World Group

      Green World Group has extensive expertise in the sphere of delivering HSE Training and consultancy services and a vast network of certified trainers to provide health and safety courses in more than 195 countries. Deep domain knowledge, accreditation as the NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner, and strongest record of delivering 1500+ NEBOSH Training batches to date make Green World the most competent NEBOSH course provider in the industry.

      As a comprehensive platform for internationally recognized qualifications, Green World Group not only provides you with the right solutions, but we go the extra mile in uplifting the standards of safety and learning.


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