Understanding Health and Safety Policy


4 – 8 Hours

A health and safety policy is a focused approach toward the best practices of health and safety. Being an employer, it is important to have better knowledge of who is responsible for health and safety in the organization, when and how the operational activities bring impacts, and what actions can be taken to ensure safety and health.

If a business has a specific number of employees in its organization and is looking to imply that it cares for the workers, then it should have its own health and safety policy. You should draft the policy, share it with the respected people, and any changes/modifications should be intimated.

Employers have to implement appropriate health and safety policies and can publicize at the governmental, national, and sub-national, and local levels by means of public oversight corporations & also within the organization. Regulations from the national occupational health and safety organizations emphasize employers ensure their employees stay aware and adhere to the relevant safety procedures, which is indeed a legal requirement.

In most cases, the regulations will be focused on industry type and hence the policy-making obligations of a specific employer lie largely to the kind of industry it belongs to. It is also important that workplaces establish safety policies that assure employees are safe in the workplace, instead of merely following the enforcement of safety measures.

This training helps the participants outline a Health and Safety Policy and its major elements. It also deals with executing and implementing an effective HSE Policy.

Who can make the most of the course?
Any people working in any industry

Validity of the Certificate
1 Year

Course Duration
4 – 8 Hours (Determined by the requirements of clients)

Minimum Qualification
Capable of understanding English if the course doesn’t meet the possibilities of delivering in the required language of the client.

Course Certification
If you have successfully completed written and practical tests, you get a certificate in Understanding Health and Safety Policy.