Working at height refers people working from any place where there is possibility of potential fall and injure themselves, which may be a ladder, open floor, edge of roof etc. working at height requires proper precautions to safeguard themselves falling from height which may result in serious injury.  Falling from height is one among the prominent cause of work related injury. It’s the duty of employer to make sure that the work from height works are done with all precautionary actions

Who should opt for Work at Height Safety Training?

  • Supervisors
  • Employees working in height
  • contractors
  • self-employed workers

Outcomes of Hazardous Work at Height Course:

The following topics would be covered under this training:

  • Basic hazards of Work at Height
  • Avoid working at Height
  • Preventing Falls and Falling materials
  • Emergency Rescue
  • Inspection of Access Equipment
  • Minimising Distance and Consequence of a fall
  • Head Protection
  • Safety working practices for Access Equipment

Benefits of Working at height Safety Certification

Employee benefits

  • Gain adequate skill, knowledge and experience on selecting and setting up work at height equipment which are safe and ready to use.
  • Identify, minimize /avoid potential risks at work place that eliminate the risk of severe and fatal injuries
  • Explain co-workers and others on taking up necessary steps to meet the needs of proper statutory requirements
  • Using fall protection system /devices with appropriate rescue measures.

Employer benefits

  • Proactive measure to manage and monitor claims by avoiding the probability of industrial injury claims by their contactors and employee
  • Comply in accordance with legal laws and requirements along with health and safety at work.
  • Can make sure to get enhanced performance at workplace
  • Increase awareness and safety culture of risks related to working at height
  • Motivate employee to take steps towards avoiding and preventing the risk of falling from height
  • Offer easy and interactive training experience for workers/mangers /supervisors



Validity of the Certificate : 1 Year

Course Duration : 4 – 8 Hours (Depend on the Client Requirements)

Course Certification :
Successful participation who passed the written and practical test will receive certificates on Working At Height.

Minimum Qualification :
Ability to understand English unless the course is being agreed to be delivered in Clients required language.

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