Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

One of the critical and most disastrous risks for any building is a fire risk. Apart from ensuring the utmost safety of the people inside the premises, it is also more important to ensure the continued business operations. Hence it becomes very vital for any organization, irrespective of its type, to ensure a Fire risk assessment for protecting people, property, and equipment on the premises.

A fire risk assessment is an investigation scheduled to identify and reduce the potential hazards of fire. This assessment makes sure that the organization meets all the fire safety standards, including the focus on the availability and accessibility of fire extinguishers, fire exits, and the location and status of fire alarms.

This course is specifically designed to enable developing a competent fire risk assessment with a detailed investigation of confidently conducting effective fire risk assessments, identifying fire hazards, and recognizing the necessary arrangements in place. This course also deals with carrying out the fire risk assessments in adherence to the existing legislation requirements, industry guidance, and standards pertaining to fire safety.


4 – 8 Hours

Who can take this Course : Any people who are working in any industry where there is chance of Fire.

Validity of the Certificate : 1 Year

Course Duration : 4 – 8 Hours (Depend on the Client Requirements)

Course Certification :
Successful participation who passed the written and practical test will receive certificates on Fire Risk Assessment.

Minimum Qualification :
Ability to understand English unless the course is being agreed to be delivered in Clients required language.