Since welding and cutting tasks are dangerous, it is very essential to have safety as the top consideration while involved in such activities. Apart from being a lucrative and rewarding field, welding and cutting also possess certain potential dangers. Though on-job injuries are common among welders, still if there are no proper precautions, they will become serious.

The major objective of this course is to deal with the importance of creating awareness on identifying the common hazards that are related to welding, cutting, and grinding and implementing the control measures. The purpose of this course is to make the workers understand common welding and cutting hazards, minimize the risk to the health and safety of people, and how to avoid such hazards by complying with the standards for safety.

This course delivers a high-level overview for all personnel involved in welding and cutting regarding the important safety points related to welding and cutting. By the end of this training session, participants will be capable of identifying the major safety and health hazards and learning about various prevention methods which are compatible with welding and cutting work.


4 – 8 Hours

Who can take this Course : Any people who are working in any industry involved in hot works.

Validity of the Certificate : 1 Year

Course Duration : 4 – 8 Hours (Depend on the Client Requirements)

Course Certification :
Successful participation who passed the written and practical test will receive certificates on Safe Welding and cutting.

Minimum Qualification :
Ability to understand English unless the course is being agreed to be delivered in Clients required language.