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      NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification

      This is an introductory qualification that opens up the knowledge of the workforce to the environmental issues at work. This course also accentuates the role of the workforce in enhancing organizational environmental performance. It also provides the basics of environmental awareness and delivers delegates with the knowledge of improving safety culture through an understanding of environmental impacts and risk control.

      Award in Environmental Awareness at Work emphasizes topics that deal with an overall awareness of environmental issues covering an outline of the environmental management system (EMS) and what an EMS certification stands for an organization. This qualification provides the workforce with the awareness of the impacts of the environments of the organization and also highlights the role of an individual in successfully maintaining EMS. The qualification fulfills the training demands of organizations that implement ISO 14001.

      This qualification is perfect for gaining extensive and practical knowledge of environmental management within the workplace and serves as an ideal start for obtaining other higher-level NEBOSH qualifications like – the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management, and NEBOSH International General Certificate.

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      NEBOSH EAW Course Syllabus & Duration

      The NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification covers the following topics

      1.0 Foundations of environmental awareness
      1.1 The meaning of environment, habitats, eco-systems, pollution and sustainability
      1.2 The importance and benefits of sustainable development
      1.3 Environmental management systems (EMS)
      2.0 Pollution, impact assessments and emergencies
      2.1 Principles and practice of impact (risk) assessments
      2.2 The main sources, types, controls and impacts of air pollution
      2.3 The main sources, controls and impacts of water pollution
      2.4 The main sources, controls and impacts of environmental noise
      2.5 Types of waste
      2.6 Waste management
      2.7 Dealing with environmental emergencies

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      The syllabus of NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification is mapped to deliver environmental awareness at work as part of the job of the workforce.

      Knowledge and Skills

      • Awareness of the impacts on the environment of the organization
      • Equips the skills of an individual for successful implementation and management of an Environmental Management System
      • Improves the environmental performance.
      • Covers a range of issues that affect the global environment.

      Career Opportunities

      • NEBOSH qualifications are highly respected by global employers. Hence by gaining these skills you can outshine as an excellent candidate within the organization and allows exploring further career opportunities in health and safety
      • Successful participants can progress into other NEBOSH higher-level qualifications and improve their career prospects.


      • The NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification has the accreditation of and holds its credit rate by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Accreditation. The qualification has its unique place in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework – SCQF at SCQF Level 5 with 1 SCQF credit point.

      Learning Outcomes

      By the end of NEBOSH EAW, you are able to:

      • Knowledge of the principles and practice of impact (risk) assessments
      • Identify waste types
      • Identify the major sources, controls and types of air, water, and environmental noise pollution
      • Identify, define, and describe relevant environmental issues
      • Understand measures to be implemented for reducing the impacts that the business activity brings on the environment
      • Identification of the waste hierarchy and measures for effective waste management
      • Understand the benefits of environmental management to the business and community
      • Identify the significance and advantages of sustainable development
      • Highlights the measures to be carried out during environmental emergencies

      Who should take the course?

      NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification suits anyone looking to gain a fundamental knowledge of environmental issues in the workplace. People at all levels of the organization can take this course. This includes:

      • All interested in environmental management.
      • HR professionals
      • Team leaders
      • Supervisors belonging to any domain or any organization
      • Facilities managers
      • EMS ISO 14001 Aspirants
      • Environmental Certificate aspirants

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