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Workplace safety training enlightens Employees with safety Guidelines and Equips skills that prepare them for safety Hazards. This training program will create a workforce of safety proponents who look out for Co-workers and ensure protocols are followed daily.


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      Health & Safety courses available in major cities


      Corporate Courses for Employees familiarizes them with safety protocols and develops skills that prepare them for a safety incident. Green World offers Workers at all levels of an organization/industry Equips the potential risks related to their workplace so they can recognize the critical hazards that can threaten their health and safety. Our Experts Training help you to Analyze key risk areas relevant to hazards that your employees may encounter in their work environments.

      Corporate Training Courses:-

      Health & Safety Management Courses

      Personal Protection

      Emergency Training

      Handling Hazardous Material

      Confined Space

      Workplace Safety

      Process Hazard Analysis

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