Contractor Safety Management


4 – 8 Hours

This course has been designed with a high-level interaction and meets the requirements of all the skills and knowledge that are needed to hire and monitor a contractor. Also, it can be ensured that the contractors are skilled enough to mitigate hazards, thus having the highest quality of health and safety performance.

When you are going to outsource the work to a third-party service provider, you are possessed with many risks. Hence, it is good to have an assessment check on all important aspects of the provider and make sure that the provider is a valid and well-managed one.

When you hire contractors without any standards in a workplace that are exposed to hazards, it may lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Therefore, contractors should be assured of people with adequate knowledge, and constant monitoring is required of their performance, to ensure that they don’t leave any negative impacts on the business processes.

When you choose a contractor for your organization’s work, his performance should be aligned with the intended purpose of the company. In addition, he should be able to follow the relevant health and safety guidelines at the works allotted. Else, there is no meaning will be carried out in the completed tenders or documents and most importantly it may damage the reputation of the organization.

This course is developed with a focus on enhancing the ability of crucial skills of assessing the contractors with all possible checks at all the stages of the project. This makes sure that the contractors do not create any unnecessary risk to the organization while performing the activities at their maximum.

The course is designed with the purpose of explaining the Contractor Safety Management (CSM) practices, associated policies, and adhering to the best procedures of the process or the operational environment. It has the major aim of building competent CSM leaders with due diligence through a comprehensive program that allows planning and implementation of all the works that involve contractors.

Who can take the course?
Anyone working in the industry

Validity of the Certificate
1 Year

Duration of course
4 – 8 Hours (Based on requirements of clients)

Minimum Qualification
Understand English for comprehending the course, unless the course is not agreed to deliver in the required language of the client

Course Certification
After passing the written and practical test, the successful participants will get their certificates in Contractor Safety Management.