ISO 45001 2018 Lead Auditor Courses in India

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Auditor / ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor Course

Lead Auditor Course - INDIA

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ISO 45001:2018

The five-day intensive training course is designed to enable participants to excel in auditing any kind of Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) and also managing a team of junior auditors by following internationally recognized audit procedures, principles and techniques. If you successfully complete the course, you can device corrective mechanisms and aptly plan and execute external and internal audits in compliance international standards and certification process in the Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Features of ISO 45001:2018 lead auditor course

Participants undergoing ISO 45001 Lead Auditor course at Green World Group centres are offered with practical exercises to develop their skills in mastering auditing techniques, and key competencies in managing audit program and teams, communicating with clients and conflict resolution to effectively conduct an audit.

Lead Auditor Virtual Training Schedule - Evening Batch

Course Name Start Date End Date
ISO 45001:2018 – Evening batch 10thDec’23 18thDec’23
ISO 9001:2015 – Evening batch 20thDec’23 28thDec’23

Course Content

  1. ISO 45000 standards series
  2. Auditing Process Approach including the PDCA Cycle
  3. Auditing ISO 45001:2018 Standard requirements
  4. Auditing Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Documentation
  5. Auditing ISO 19011 standard requirements
  6. Auditing Standard ISO 19011:2011 requirements
  7. Auditing Roles and Responsibilities of Auditor
  8. Audit Planning- Audit Plan
  9. Checklists, Non Conformance Reports
  10. Audit Reporting
  11. Final Team Meeting / Follow-up
  12. Verification / Audit Records
  13. Accreditation / Certification and Auditor Registration
  14. Exercises, case study etc
  15. Accreditation/ Certification and Auditor Registration
  16. Course Examination

Eligibility Criteria

Students wanting to enrol this course should have the basic understanding on ISO 45001 lead auditor course requirements . Having some experience in carrying out Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) internal audits in compliance with ISO 45001 lead auditor course procedures will be a desirable advantage.

What are the benefits

  • The course increases the confidence and skills needed to audit in compliance with best international practices.
  • It makes you a leader in your profession and improves health and safety awareness.
  • It improves the ability to perform second-party OHSMS audits of companies’ supply chain by applying the standards of ISO 45001
  • The course helps the participants to conduct third-party OHSMS audits by following the requirements of ISO 45001:2018.
  • It increases the efficiency and helps continual improvement.

Green World is a provider of training courses in systems and management technology. The faculty members are highly experienced and qualified in the relevant field.

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