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    Nebosh Course in Pondicherry

    For students aiming for a successful profession in workplace safety and health, NEBOSH IGC course will give them an ideal head start. NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC), as the name implies, is a globally recognized safety qualification which can promote the holders to pursue new courses and higher qualifications in health and safety.

    NEBOSH IGC course in Pondicherry is offered through Green World Group, an authorized and well-known NEBOSH recognized training place, which has a distinction of maintaining highest pass percentage for NEBOSH certification seekers over several years.

    NEBOSH is the world-wide education board based in the U.K which offers various levels of safety courses to students across the nations through several of its affiliated training centers. NEBOSH IGC course in Pondicherry educates students and working class people to understand the importance of workplace safety, various regulations, safe and healthy practices, compliance procedures, types of dangers and hazards, safety management and training procedures.

    Candidates completing NEBOSH IGC successfully can pitch for higher studies such as post graduation level qualifications as NEBOSH IGC provides fundamental qualification to further their studies. Also, NEBOSH IGC can make them eligible to apply for prestigious professional memberships such as Associate membership from International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (AIIRSM) and Technician Membership (Tech IOSH) from Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

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    The NEBOSH International Certificate is made up of Two units:

    Unit IG 1: Management of Health and Safety

    • Why we should manage workplace health and safety
    • How health and safety management systems work and what they look like
    • Managing risk – understanding people and processes
    • Health and safety monitoring and measuring

    Assessed by a 2 hour written exam

    Unit IG 2: Control of International Workplace Hazards

    • Physical and psychological health
    • Musculoskeletal health
    • Chemical and biological agents
    • General workplace issues
    • Work equipment
    • Fire
    • Electricity

    Assessed by a practical exam

    NEBOSH IGC course in Pondicherry can be studied by both budding safety experts and also those wishing to switchover to safety domain from other fields. As far as qualification, NEBOSH has not imposed any restriction on students and working professionals. Anyone who has interest and basic knowledge of workplace safety with minimum level of academic qualification can join this course and excel in the final exam.

    Students joining NEBOSH courses Pondicherry should have English language skills to understand and comprehend various topics, principles and concepts on workplace safety to do well in the exam which will test their deep knowledge in workplace safety along with problem solving skills.

    Green World Group education centers are the preferred location for students aiming for NEBOSH IGC certification and other recognized safety qualifications. Over the years, we have made our centers as number one training places for NEBOSH, IOSH and other government recognized safety diploma courses registering highest pass percentage compared to all other similar places.

    Along with high quality training offered by the best in class tutors, students get latest and world-class study materials to shine their skills and knowledge. Since the training procedures are planned to address various work environments and associated risks and hazards, our passing out students can be readily employed by industries without much training. Hence employers prefer our students compared to others in critical employments such as safety mangers and HSE officers.

    Having centres all across the globe, students from anywhere in the world can approach us and choose the best safety course for career development.

    We offer highly specialized and individualized training for students and workers so that they get the maximum knowledge and skills to manage workplace safety and other issues efficiently.

    Our tutors are well trained to shape students coming from any location and culture and make them successful HSE professionals in their location.

    All the courses offered are chosen to match international and local safety standards.

    While offering tailor-made courses to match students’ aspiration, career vision and interests, we also kept the course fees affordable by all.

    Our safety experts are approached by industries and employers of various work environments to conduct regular safety training for their workers at their premises.

    Students get individual attention from tutors and our career guidance staff choose the right course for them for tailor-made training.

    Most of the courses are offered through class-room training and also via e-learning and distance education mode to facilitate students from any location pursue their safety courses seamlessly.


    Mrs. Rimna

    Academic Counsellor
    Telephone: +91 8939440431

    Suite No 141, Manicka Arcade,
    3rd Floor, Bharathiyar Road,
    Karaikal – 609602
    Tel : +04368 227740
    Mobile : +91 8098498158

    Nebosh Course Key Facts



    Nebosh IGC

    (International General Certificate)

    (Level / 3)



    IG1 & IG2

    Exam Type

    OBE (Open Book Exam)


    Learning Mode

    Virtual Live Training / E-Learning / In-Company Training


    Green World

    The Nebosh Gold Learning


    Tranining Sessions

    Day / Evening / Friday
    / Sunday



    Recommended 105 Hours

    (Taught + Self Study)


    Offer & Course Combo

    65% Exclusive Discount in Course Fee


    IOSH + OSHA + 11 FREE HSE Certifications


    Job Assistance


    Course Start Date End Date
    NEBOSH IGC / Evening 20th May'24 21st Jun'24
    NEBOSH IGC / Evening 27th May'24 28th Jun'24
    NEBOSH IGC / Evening 03th Jun'24 04th Jul'24
    NEBOSH IGC / sunday 09th Jun'24 04th Aug'24
    NEBOSH IGC / Evening 10th Jun'24 12th Jul'24
    Unit Start Date End Date
    DI3 27th May '24 11th Jul '24
    DI1 22nd Jul '24 05th Sep '24
    Course / Batch Start Date End Date
    NEBOSH EAW - -
    Course / Batch Start Date End Date
    Nebosh Incident Investigation - -
    Course / Batch Start Date End Date
    NEBOSH Fire Safety - -
    Course / Batch Start Date End Date
    Nebosh PSM 10th Jun'24 20th Jun'24
    Course / Batch Start Date End Date
    Nebosh HSW 20th May'24 23rd May'24
    Course / Batch Start Date End Date
    IOSH MS - -

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