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IOSH Course in India

IOSH Managing Safely is a specialized course designed uniquely to educate both novice and working professionals who want to excel in the field of occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) domain. The course also improves awareness level of participants and also trains them to assess and control various risks and hazards at workplaces.

The course is tailor-made for working professionals like supervisors or managers who are involved in safety and security of other workers and want to enhance their career prospects by adding new dimension to their education level. As the course gives all necessary practical knowledge and skills on managing workplace safety for workers, students who aspire to become HSE professionals can enroll the course as employers look for such qualified health and safety experts to safeguard their plants and workers.

Not only those who are associated with safety and health department, any worker who wishes to update himself or herself with occupational safety and health standards and regulations, can take up this course as general knowledge on workplace safety can be helpful to thwart occupational mishaps and causalities. Workers should also have basic knowledge on creating healthy and hazard-free surroundings for the benefit of self and others. The course hence creates a moral responsibility among workers to keep their work surroundings safe.

The course also helps workers improve career prospects. Having IOSH Managing Safely certification will give them an edge over others while seeking employment.

Course Content

  • Module 1 – Introducing managing safely
  • Module 2 – Understanding your responsibilities
  • Module 3 – Identifying hazards
  • Module 4 – Assessing risks
  • Module 5 – Controlling risks
  • Module 6 – Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Module 7 – Measuring performance

How will I be assessed ?

Upon successful completion of the course students will have to appear for both written and practical assessment tests. In the written test, there will be 22 questions students have to answer in 45 minutes. Upon clearing practical and written tests successfully, students will be awarded with IOSH Managing Safely certification.

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