4 – 8 Hours

This Emergency situations and disasters are bound to happen at any time, no matter what kind of business you belong to. Here the question probably does not stand for whether the disaster will happen. Rather focus on ‘when’. Although you can’t totally prevent the disasters from happening, still, if you can assess and address such disasters, you can minimize the risks while it happens. This is highly essential for better understanding disasters and dealing effectively with facing the consequences.

With this course on Disaster Management and Emergency Planning, the participants will be taken to the concepts and processes of emergency planning and disaster management to be proactive at tackling and better prepared in facing issues.

This course helps the learners in understanding the causes of disasters, in making effective contributions, and taking their own steps to save lives and protect properties when threatened by a disaster.

Key topics covered

  • Disaster theory and practice
  • Definitions and concepts
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Identification process
  • Risk communication
  • Emergency and Disaster Planning
  • Natural and environmental Disaster management

Who is eligible to take this course?
All employees working in any organization

The validity period of the certificate
1 Year

What is the duration of the course?
We prefer your requirements. Based on that, it can be designed as 4-8 hours

Minimum qualification for the course
Should be able to understand English, only if the course couldn’t be offered in your preferred language.

Course Certification
After successful completion of written as well as practical tests, you can gain a certificate in Disaster Management and Emergency Planning.