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NEBOSH certification in India has become quite popular, and almost
all industries prefer people having NEBOSH qualifications to manage
workplace hazards and health risks.
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NEBOSH Course Training

NEBOSH is a UK-based institution represented by National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, an examination body created in 1979. NEBOSH offers a range of occupational safety and health and workplace risk management courses designed to teach aspiring safety experts and working professionals worldwide.

NEBOSH courses are aimed at varied people belonging to different industrial surroundings. While choosing a NEBOSH course, one should make an extra effort to understand how best it could be utilized professionally and which industry one would intend to serve in the future.

Green World Group is a leading NEBOSH-approved trainer with branches all over India, UAE, and several other overseas locations, providing Online NEBOSH courses via virtual / live online training (or) e-learning. NEBOSH courses Include NEBOSH IGC, NEBOSH IDIP, NEBOSH PSM, NEBOSH HSW/HAS, NEBOSH Incident Investigation and NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification.

We are the NEBOSH-approved training centre “NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner” with accreditation number 733.

Nebosh Online Course Training Benefits

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Nebosh Course Key Facts



Nebosh IGC

(International General Certificate)

(Level / 3)



IG1 & IG2

Exam Type

OBE (Open Book Exam)


Learning Mode

Virtual Live Training / E-Learning / In-Company Training


Green World

The Nebosh Gold Learning


Tranining Sessions

Day / Evening / Friday
/ Sunday



Recommended 105 Hours

(Taught + Self Study)


Offer & Course Combo

65% Exclusive Discount in Course Fee


IOSH + OSHA + 11 FREE HSE Certifications


Job Assistance


Certified NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner  & the institute has delivered 1600+ NEBOSH training Batches

Certified NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner  & the institute has delivered 1600+ NEBOSH training Batches

We have proven ourselves as the No.1 Institute by delivering high-quality Nebosh training for an audience of 77 Nationalities from 195 Countries. Need more info, on Nebosh course in India.

Upcoming NEBOSH Course Online Live Training Schedule

NEBOSH IGC Course Virtual / Online Live Training Batch Schedule

Course / Session START DATE END DATE
NEBOSH IGC (Evening) 22nd Apr’24 24th May’24
NEBOSH IGC (Evening) 29th Apr’24 31st May’24

NEBOSH IDIP Virtual / Online Live Training Batch Schedule (28 Days)

Training Time: 09:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Course / Session START DATE END DATE
NEBOSH DI3 27th May’24 11th Jul’24
NEBOSH DI1 22nd Jul’24 05th Sep’24

NEBOSH PSM Certification Virtual / Online Live Training Batch Schedule

Course / Session START DATE END DATE
NEBOSH PSM (Evening) 13th May’24 23rd May’24

NEBOSH HSW/HSA Course Virtual / Online Live Training Batch Schedule

Course / Session START DATE END DATE
NEBOSH HSW (Evening) 22nd Apr’24 25th Apr’24

NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety

Course / Session START DATE END DATE
NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety

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    NEBOSH Certificate Course in India

    NEBOSH is the internationally recognized health, safety and environmental qualification that can help people improve their competency level in health and safety management at workplaces and serve as independent HSE advisors or practitioners. Every year over 50,000 students take NEBOSH qualifications worldwide through accredited training centres.

    NEBOSH certification is the most valuable qualification among all other health and safety courses available across India, UAE, KSA, UK & Middle East countries. NEBOSH certification in India has become the prerequisite for all career-seeking professionals in the workplace safety domain.

    NEBOSH Course Qualification?

    • NEBOSH-certified professionals are recognized by some of the leading professional bodies that, include the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM), the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA).
    • Workers who are associated with workplace safety and health often need to have suitable NEBOSH training and certification to do their job effectively and for career progression.
    • NEBOSH qualification helps HSE professionals to choose the right job and career. Also, it guides them to take their professional levels to great heights when they opt to top-up their qualifications with more advanced courses such as NEBOSH International Diploma and become competent safety officers.

    Why choose NEBOSH Courses at Green World Group, India?

    Green World Group is the leading NEBOSH course training institute in India. As a health and safety educational advisor to students and employers, we offer transparency in academic and career guidance. This is so aspiring HSE professionals can build successful workplace safety and health careers.

    A dedicated Customer Relationship Manager who would give you the course counselling and end-to-end guidance on the learning journey

    On successful registration, you would receive the first set of eLearning login credentials hosted on the new Learning Management System that you a head to prepare before actual classes begin

    A second set of login credentials will be provided to gain access to ‘state of the art’ virtual online training platform where the live training sessions is broadcast

    Access to recorded files of the various training sessions that can be reviewed and played back at your time and convenience

    Resource Library that contains an exhaustive list of learning materials and additional literature towards exam preparation

    Unlimited access to trainer support until you have passed the examination

    And many more…..

    Major cities in India where International / National Safety Courses can be provided

    Contact Details in India
    Chennai | TN+91 8098819456 Bangalore +91 7358112978 Mumbai +91 9324148531 Chandigarh +91 8130783230
    Kolkata +91 9163848802 Hyderabad +91 8885823208 Kochi +918089011467 Vizag | AP +91 7799527512
    Jharkhand+91 8420399305 Pondicherry +918939440431 Pune +91 8928320577 New Delhi+91 9811521686
    Patna +91 6287089275 Kerala +91 8089011463

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