Inhouse Corporate Course H2S Awareness Training

The colorless and dangerous gas H2S which stands for “hydrogen sulfide poses serious threats to people and assets. Since it has corrosive properties and is highly toxic in nature, comprehensive knowledge and training are essential when working around it.

This course is intended to delegate the skills, knowledge, and competency requirements of recognizing, assessing, managing, and controlling hazards associated with H2S gas. The H2S awareness course can be a perfect fit for those who demand an understanding of the characteristics of H2S gas for employment.

This training has the core purpose of catering to the subject of Hydrogen Sulphide, defining its physical and chemical properties, the potential physiological effects if exposed, detection of common sources and controls & best emergency response practices to carry over when there is an H2S related incident.

The Hydrogen Sulphide gas has the features of rapidly working and extensive impacts on humans. Hence, those who work in an H2S environment should have a good understanding of detecting, managing, and evacuating the danger zone when H2S is encountered.

 Course contents: 

  • Know about H2S gas, its common names, and its general sources
  • Understanding on physical and chemical properties of H2S
  • Basic thoughts on definitions like parts per million (ppm). And knowledge of the exposure limits (OEL/WEL) in a workplace
  • Measurement and the OEL/WEL of H2S
  • In the scenario of exposure to H2S, know about its physiological effects
  • Detection of H2S and the use of it onsite and appropriate personal detection equipment wearing
  • The necessary course of action in an incident of H2S exposure
  • Various types of respiratory equipment include escape breathing apparatus (EBA) and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Also emphasizes the importance of precise fit of the face mask.
  • Focuses on the roles and responsibilities of respective teams in an H2S emergency incident and their use of SCBA


4 – 8 Hours

Who can take this Course : Any people who are working in areas where there is chance of H2S release

Validity of the Certificate : 1 Year

Course Duration : 4 – 8 Hours (Depend on the Client Requirements)

Course Certification :
Successful participation who passed the written and practical test will receive certificates on H2S Awareness Training.

Minimum Qualification :
Ability to understand English unless the course is being agreed to be delivered in Clients required language.