Nebosh IGC Course

Diploma in Fire Engineering and Safety Management, a program for working professionals and students

It is a Government of India-approved Training Program offered by Green World Group.

Fire and safety course enables individuals to acquire a wide range of critical knowledge and skills to perform fire safety professional roles such as

    • Fire safety manager,
    • Fire safety specialist,
    • Fire investigation officers/specialist in the fire and rescue service department.

Since workers need to access buildings’ fire safety preparedness and design a strategy to avoid hazards and incidents due to fire, the course focuses on understanding of fire engineering science and safety.

Fire and Safety Courses

Fire and Safety Courses Calendar

PG Diploma in Fire and Industrial Safety Mgmt

Diploma in Fire Engr & Safety Mgmt

Diploma in Fire Fighting (one year)

Adv Dip in Fire & Industrial Safety Mgmt

Diploma in Fire & Safety Engineering Techniques

25th Dec '23 25th Dec '23 25th Dec '23 25th Dec '23 25th Dec '23
25th Jan '24 25th Jan '24 25th Jan '24 25th Jan '24 25th Jan '24

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    Safety Course Key Facts in India

    Who can study these Fire and Safety Courses

    • Those who are already working in the fire safety and rescue department of companies or who wish to become individual fire safety officer, health and rescue professionals.
    • People who are working in the specialized professions involving fire and rescue such as aviation or doing fire safety/ fire prevention audits who want to develop and implement advanced knowledge and understanding in their occupation.
    • Other fire service professionals or engineers who wish to showcase their knowledge and understanding of fire safety, fire science and other specialised areas.

    National and Safety Diploma Course Fees Details

    Diploma in fire and safety certificate, Locations

    Major cities in India where International / National Safety Courses can be provided

    Government Approved National Safety Diploma Course

    • Approved by Govt. of India
    • Effective comprehensive E-learning Platform
    • Attested by ministry of external affairs
    • Can become eligible to apply for MIIRSM
    • Add up to the Educational profile
    • Eligible to Register at employment exchange

    Course Certificate Attestation Sample

    CERTIFICATE CAN BE ATTESTED BY MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS.As this Diploma Certificate is issued by Central Board of Education, Govt. of India, this Certification is recognized globally.

    The candidate willing to move abroad for jobs, can get this certificate attested by ministry of external affairs of most countries.


    Certificate considered to be one/two year count increment in your educational qualifications


    Are there any Seminars for Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management?

    Fire and safety course in distance education

    Students can opt a twelve-day non-compulsory seminar session at extra fees at GWG Business Center, Chennai, India. The seminar will only be conducted when there will be adequate number of candidates.

    Expert tutors are available on all working days for students to clarify their doubts in the subjects through emails and phones.

    Will the course material be provided?

    Green World Group offers International Standard course materials which are published by the Group. This publication is promoted by the Government of India.

    What are the certifications I will get after completing the tests and when do I get them?

    After completion of course, successful candidates will be provided with certification within a month (from the date of announcement of results. Certificates & Mark Lists will be issued from Central Board of Examination & National Development agency, promoted by the Government of India. Special certificates will be issued for students achieved distinction and first class.

    What is the Fee Structure for Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management?

    The course fee for Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management is inclusive of examination fee, study materials and administration charges.

    Major cities in India where International / National Safety Courses can be provided

    Contact Details in India
    Chennai | TN+91 8098819456 Bangalore +91 7358112978 Mumbai +91 9324148531 Chandigarh +91 8130783230
    Kolkata +91 9163848802 Hyderabad +91 8885823208 Kochi +918089011467 Vizag | AP +91 7799527512
    Jharkhand+91 8420399305 Pondicherry +918939440431 Pune +91 8928320577 New Delhi+91 9811521686
    Patna +91 6287089275 Kerala +91 8089011463

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