National Diploma Course - INDIA


This Post Graduate Diploma programme enhances you to understand natural systems processes in a sustainable way and apply this knowledge in your day-to-day work. The aims of the programme are:

  • To develop the students research and analytical skills
  • To develop a wider and more in-depth understanding of occupational health, safety, environment and Risk Management theory and practice.
  • The course is designed to meet the needs of existing or aspiring Managers and leaders in health or allied organizations
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Safety Course Key Facts in India

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Unit 1 – Essentials of Safety Management System

  1. Introduction to Safety Management
  2. Elements of H&S Management
  3. ISO 45001:2018 Health & Safety Standards
  4. Roles and Responsibilites
  5. Contractors
  6. Training
  7. Key Performance Indicator

Unit 2 – Basics of Occupational Phsychology

  1. Human Factors and Safety
  2. Behaviour Modification
  3. Developing Personnel Resilence

Unit 3 – Workplace Hazards and Risk Controls

  1. Outline common health, welfare and work environment requirements in the workplace
  2. Violence at work
  3. Substance misuse
  4. Hazards and control measures for the safe movement of people in workplace
  5. Hazards and control measures for safe working at height
  6. Hazards and control measures associated with works of a temporary nature

Unit 4 – Transport Hazards and Risk Control

  1. Safe Movement of Vehicles in the Workplace
  2. Driving at Work

Unit 5 – Principles of Risk Assessment

  1. Risk Assessment – Definition
  2. Risk Assessors & Criteria for a suitable and Sufficent Assessment
  3. Carry out a Risk Assessment

Unit 6 – Permit To Work & Lock Out Tag Out

  1. Permit To Work – Definition and Types
  2. Permit To Work – Sections
  3. Lock Out Tag Out

Unit 7 – Accident / Incident Investigation

  1. Accident / Incident – Definition
  2. Accident Investigation in Detail
  3. Accident / Incident Investigation – Lessons Learned

Unit 8 – Emergency / Disaster Management – Hazard / Risk Identification

  1. Introduction
  2. Development of Emergency Procedure Plan
  3. Hazard / Risk Identification

Unit 9 – Environment and Disaster Risk

  1. Introduction to Environment Disaster
  2. Disaster Risk, Development and the Environment
  3. Links connecting Environment to Disaster Risk
  4. Oppurtunites for Disaster Reduction

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