Safety Diploma Course

OSHA Trenching and Excavation Safety Training Course


Natural calamity can strike any industry and can impact people involved in dangerous work. One such industry is where people make trenches and involved in excavation activities. As there are always dangers such as earth to cave-in type or any other related hazards, workers need to be sensitized about the impending risks and what safety precautions and guidelines they should follow to avoid accidents and injuries.

Our online course is based on OSHA regulations on trenching and excavation safety which apply to workers, employers, supervisors, machine operators and trench supervisors. The course provides basic knowledge on safety, and regulations to be followed by workers while digging trenches and undertaking exploration works. The learners also get to know the procedures for soil testing, soil types, reasons for trench collapse, how to protect trenches and other general safe work practices.

Governing regulations

This online course provides an overview of the dangers and risks involved in Trenching and Excavation and also prescribed Safety Standard for the Construction Industry workers as specified in OSHA 29 CFR § 1926 Subpart P. The regulations also address preventive measures such as identification and removal of hazards, how to test the soil before starting any excavation work, systems for trench protection and general safety procedures and practices.

Course Overview

This trenches and excavation safety course is intended to assist employers and workers to understand and follow the safety standards prescribed in 29 CFR § 1926 Subpart P which addresses work environments in and around trenches and excavations sites. The study material for the course has been made as easy to understand style with loads of quizzes after every section for students to understand the concept precisely and commission safe work practices.

Who Must Take this Course?

The trenches and excavation safety course is ideal for those employees, supervisors and site engineers to understand the dangers involved in work activities and take effective control measures to remove hazards.

Course Format

Our Trenching and Excavation Safety Training course has been formulated to include OSHA prescribed safety regulations, expert content with case studies, audio and graphical explanation of concepts and self-check questions for learners to prepare well for the final exam.

Every successful candidate will be entitled to receive course completion certificate in the printable format along with a wallet card.

Continuing education credits?

Learners who are successful in this course are considered as 0.2 CEUs (or 2 CMEs) and are treated as safety experts in respective field of work.

Topics Covered

  • Hazards encountered in trenching and excavation work
  • The four types of trench collapses and the causes of each type
  • Soil testing and soil types
  • Safe trenching and excavation work practices
  • Types of trench protection systems
  • General regulations and requirements for trenching and excavation work
  • Helpful links for additional information on trenching and excavation regulations