Safety Diploma Course

OSHA Water Safety, Drowning, Hazards


Workers associated with building bridges or railway lines across water bodies, maritime industry, oil and natural gas exploration, working near the river streams or lakes and other related works near the water bodies such as swimming pools or overhead water tanks face numerous risks and dangers in their daily routine. With adequate protection and awareness to manage known risks, workers can safeguard and prevent them from being the victims of occupational hazards.

This OSHA water safety and prevention from drowning and other hazards course deals with regulations and safety standards put forth by OSHA on employers to provide safe work environment to workers to prevent them from accidental drowning and injuries while working on or close to water bodies.

Governing regulations

This online water safety course has been formulated to meet the training requirements of OSHA 29 CFR § 1918.105 and other Health and Safety Concerns with regard to accidental drowning and other water-related accidents and hazards.

Course Overview

Students joining this course are educated about the dangers and hazards such as accidental fall and drowning in water and how to prevent such incidents. Candidates are trained to understand various water-related hazards and risks while working on, in or around water bodies. These risks include drowning, slips and fall into water, biological hazards and skin diseases due to contamination of water. The course also covers government agencies which enforce strict safety regulations such as OSHA, U.S. Coast Guard, along with hazard controls and other regulations which are intended to protect health and safety of workers.

Who Must Take this Course?

This course is specifically made for workers who are assigned to work near, inside or on the water bodies such as lakes, ocean, rivers, sewage cannels, ponds, water tanks, etc. Irrespective of the hierarchy, workers in the range of ordinary workers, executives, engineers, managers and supervisors must take this course to get the awareness and skills to protect self and others from known workplace risks and hazards.

Course Format

Our safety course on OSHA downing, water hazards consists on expert-made content in easy to understand format along with audio and graphical representation of important topics, case studies and excellent collection of questions for self preparation before the final exam.

All successful candidates are provided with a hard copy of completion certificate along with a printable wallet card.

Continuing education credits?

Each completing student is considered as 0.1 CEUs (or 1 CMEs) which aids them for career enhancement.

Topics Covered

  • potential water-related hazards,
  • drowning hazards,
  • cold water hazards,
  • fall protection,
  • Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs),
  • controls, including:
    • engineering/technological solutions
    • work practices and training
    • Personal Protective Equipment