India Offers Huge Job Opportunities in HSE field

India Offers Huge Job Opportunities in HSE field


Being one of the fastest growing economies in the region, India, whose industries are making strident growth, are catering to huge workforce with occupational safety and health being the most challenging task to accomplish.

Also, since we have only miniscule percentage of people who are employed in organized sector, implementing labour law and regulations and enforcing employers to follow mandatory safety practices and standards has become highly challenging for the enforcement agencies.

The growing job opportunities has also increased the safety concerns of industries as India provides unprecedented openings for HSE professionals who have competency in protecting employees against various workplace hazards, risks, dangers, environmental and health issues.

Employees engaged in hazardous and unsafe work environments such as mines, oil and gas offshore sites, chemical plants, power stations, heavy engineering manufacturing units, communication towers and other such dangerous work places should be protected against various occupational mishaps.

The best way to ensure safety to employees is by engaging qualified HSE consultants or full time health & safety managers, and complying with all mandatory safety rules and regulations with respect to the type of industries and nature of work environment.

Hence, the employment opportunities in HSE field are abundant as every industry needs health and safety employees with various hierarchies. HSE openings have high growth prospects as in most industries health and safety officials are treated at par with the management. Safety professionals are the decision makers whose recommendations the management has to implement for the wellness to workers and enterprise.

Companies which are growing have to enhance safety parameters on regular intervals to ensure no slackness in their safety preparedness. Also, companies which are following HSE policy should constantly review the relevance of existing practices and update safety and health regulations. This potentially creates new openings in industries for qualified safety candidates who can be observed as HSE trainees or health and safety officers when they have some experience.

With awareness about health and safety requirements gaining momentum and government making stringent policies to implicate errant managements who fail to implement safety regulations, every industry, which offer hazardous and risky work environment for employees need to provide protective cover to workers by way of arranging preventive measures, regular training, safety gadgets and wears, accident insurance and other welfare measures.

So, what are the mandatory qualifications one should have to become safety officer or HSE consultant in an industrial environment?

There several diploma, certification, degree, and post-graduate degree training programs offered by frontline universities and internationally accredited institutions in India where students can join and pursue their study. For example, the Indian government sponsored national safety diplomas are the most ideal course for those completing plus two and looking for a lucrative career option. One can approach Green World Group’s educative centers to know details about the course.

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