Saving many lives from being the victims of various occupational hazards, risks and health issues is no mean job. One requires highest degree of ability, knowledge and skills to manage occupational safety and health issues. To become a successful HSE professional, NEBOSH course is the natural choice for students and working people across the globe. But is it tough to crack the examinations conducted by NEBOSH?


Many candidates come to us to re-do NEBOSH IGC examinations after spending time and money in many institutions elsewhere. They give different answers for their failure to clear NEBOSH examinations.

Common perceptions

Also, there are several myths surround NEBOSH examinations. Some of the common perceptions are:

  • The questions are tough
  • NEBOSH exams are not easy to crack
  • People give poor health as reason to skip examination
  • Working people say they did not have time to study
  • Poor in English
  • Fresher, hence no previous knowledge on safety field
  • People think they write exams well but still refereed

But what are the actual reasons behind failures in NEBOSH Examinations?

Green World Group has analysed the reasons after speaking to hordes of students who came to us after being refereed to do NEBOSH exams during the past few years. We found that there are some avoidable barriers which might prevent them in getting NEBOSH certification.

What are the barriers?

  • Lack of preparation
  • Lack of commitment
  • Lack of Good Guidance &
  • Lack of quality time

Tailor-made coaching

It is also true that everyone has his or her own pluses and minuses. While some may understand the concepts quickly, some may take a week or more. Some people may need guidance even after the months. It is essential to devise teaching methodology tailor-made for each candidate. Many reasons such as personal and professional can be attributed for this learning pattern.

For example, fresher can grasp the lesson and concept quickly but they lack practical know-how. They have plenty of time to prepare. But they need some extra time, care, guidance and special practical training to prepare them for NEBOSH examination.

Experienced candidates can understood NEBOSH concepts easily, but due to lack of time owing to professional and personal reasons, the seldom concentrate on studies.


There is solution for everything. Green World Group is a pioneer in preparing candidates for NEBOSH examinations and our pass percentage is one of the highest compared to other similar institutions. It is possible For EVERYONE to clear NEBOSH examinations.

With the guidance of highly qualified and experienced teaching staff along with well researched study material, students will be able to clear NEBOSH exams of any levels without much difficulty.

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