Keep your workplace stress and fatigue under control for healthy living

Keep your workplace stress and fatigue under control for healthy living

Workplace related stress and anxiety are taking heavy toll on society across the world as people who are as young as 30s and 40s are becoming victim to stress related health disorders. Managing occupational stress at times becomes more challenging and difficult if workplaces don’t provide congenial work conditions for workers.

Stress-free work environments can be achieved only when there is a concerted effort from – employers, managers and employees. There are various aspects involved in making one stressful and anxious. Right from preparing food for breakfast and lunch, starting from home for work, travelling and negotiating traffic, reaching office on time, managing affairs at work to satisfy your boss, all can generate certain amount of stress, which when not controlled can lead to chronic health problems.

Health begins at home

Managing stress should begin from home. There are various activities, which are associated with workplace, can create stress for workers at home.

For example, getting up on time, getting ready, preparing breakfast or lunch, getting transport on time, negotiating traffic to reach office on time are some of the activities which can create stress to workers. Stress can be avoided by thorough planning and also following a fixed regimen.

Keeping physical environment organized

Making your workplace environment easy, organized and clutter-free can make you feel good and less stressed. You can decorate your workplaces with things which you like and value the most. Arrange the furniture in most convenient position to you. But in some offices, alteration or decoration of workplaces may not be allowed. In such conditions, keep your workplaces well organized and neat, which will also initiate positivity around you. Take care of your sitting posture and make it comfortable with whatever way suitable to you.

Take breaks

Even if you are comfortably seated, remaining there for long time can harm your back. Also, working continuously for long hours without breaks can increase fatigue and stress. Taking short breaks in-between the work can be helpful, both in rejuvenating your mind and body, which can also reduce stress, improve quality of work and productivity. If you are working in front of computer for long hours, it is better to take your eyes off the screen to prevent long term eye damage and related stress. Regular intake of caffeine during the breaks can be avoided, as the stimulant can become addictive.

Manage healthy relationship

Even you manage your workplace stress quite nicely, there are times when you get agitated and get verbal with fellow workers or have rough time with your boss. This is normal and can happen to anyone. Instead of reacting to the situation instantly, which may go awry and held against you, keep your calm, go to gym to de-stress yourself, go for a walk, or listen to good music to calm you down. Once settled, introspect the situation and try to look at other person’s eyes. Respond to that person with your settled thoughts which will improve the relationship.

Beyond this, if you are the workplace manager, apart from providing congenial, healthy and risk-free work environment, you should also ensure that no worker is stressed by keeping a good balance between work and personal health.

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