GREEN WORLD – Gold Learning Partner

GREEN WORLD – Gold Learning Partner

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of significant principles brought together! Green World’s journey to achieving GOLD Learning Partner Status by meeting and exceeding the requirements in 6 principles of NEBOSH!

Green World and NEBOSH have co-existed since more than a decade of association by delivering industry standard HSE training and setting the bar high in terms of quality at every milestone batch delivered. Our volumes of:

  • NEBOSH training batches delivered till date since inception
  • Successfully qualified and certified learners
  • Trust by learners who have been supported in the learning journey

..speaks in the achievement of attaining the GOLD standard status in each of the 6 principles set forth by NEBOSH. Let’s take a sneak peek of how this quest for excellence was met!

The success story of Green World achieving GOLD status
in 6 vital principles from NEBOSH

1. Learner Expectation & Support

Green World has set the bar high in terms of learner expectations and support by adopting new learner centric training approach and ensuring that learner meets the objective of career enhancement by quality learning experience. Learner receives a GOLD level service!

2. Learning Environment & Delivery

Green World’s state of the art learning facilities and ambient learning has proven and environment met with the requirement of GOLD standard.

3. Course Materials

Green World has always taken pride in the fact that training course materials, guidance documents and presentations have been produced and developed ‘in-house’ which is approved by NEBOSH – A GOLD standard material!

4. Quality of Tutors

Green World’s elite panel of trainers ensure timely and effective support for learners throughout the learning journey! A GOLD standard training!

5. Learner Feedback

Green World adopts a ‘one-to-one’ tutor/student interaction by giving effective feedback on learning progress and future guidance. A GOLD standard Communication!

6. Course Review

Green World’s strategic analysis of course review measures challenges and foresees the evolving industry requirement thereby exploring newer training horizons. A GOLD status vision!

The quest doesn’t end here! Green World is on a continuous mission to exemplify and touch milestones which NO other Learning Partner is able to deliver!

Experience GOLD level training with Green World.

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