GWG wishes friends and families to be united on this United Nation Day

GWG wishes friends and families to be united on this United Nation Day

Every year United Nations Day is celebrated on 24th October by UN. The main goal of celebrating UN day is: making people aware about the aims and achievements of UN.

Celebrations are held at the headquarters of United Nations in New York, by organizing concerts and exhibitions in order to educate people regarding the achievements of UN. Other countries too celebrate this day by organizing debates and discussions on the roles and responsibilities, achievements of UN. The Purpose of Celebration is to make awareness among people that, the UN is improving the world, by its operation from its member states plays a major role by helping to solve critical problems of many states.

This day give us a message to stand together whenever there we get an opportunity to improve each other’s lives., even from different social and economic backgrounds.

What does this day gives?

It provides an opportunity for promoting the organization to work towards the well- being of human societies for decades. Also it encourages unity among the people of different backgrounds and countries. It helps the people to know more about the role of UN in modern societies. The public gets educated about democracy’s benefits. It provides an opportunity to UN for reflecting on its own efforts.


UN day gives us a chance to celebrate the success of an organization which work to maintain the harmony and global peace. It is quite good to continue the celebration this day every year, as UN is necessity and we are supposed to have a day to commemorate tis fact. As an umbrella UN makes us to be under it to maintain global peace and harmony.

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