How a COVID-19 Outbreak Could Affect Workplaces?

How a COVID-19 Outbreak Could Affect Workplaces?

As the coronavirus spread across the world, not only the individuals but also the industries are also thinking to keep their workplaces safe and healthy from the disease. Here we recommend some precautions to prevent the coronavirus from the workplace.

Most of the organizations ask their employees to do the work from their home/living places and some organizations shut their offices temporarily. Most of the health organizations were recommends the individuals to practice social distancing, wash our hands regularly with soap/use alcohol-based sanitizers to prevent COVID–19 and cover the face with mask/clothes during cough and sneeze to avoid the spreading of coronavirus disease but for the workplaces, we prepare precautionary advice to deal the COVID–19.

An outbreak of a disease like COVID – 19 (Coronavirus) without a vaccine can cause the following results:

Absenteeismworkers could be absent because they are sick, caregivers, afraid to come to work or other reasons.

Change in patterns of commerceConsumer demands for items related to infection prevention (like respirators and hand sanitizer) increases significantly.

Interrupted supply/deliverShipments of items from geographic areas severely affected by COVID-19 may be delayed or canceled.

All employers can take the precautionary steps to reduce worker’s risk of exposure and employers are responsible for their workforce health and safety. Plans should consider the levels of risk based on different work tasks and industrial backgrounds. Employers need to prepare basic preventive measures on guidance from federal and state health organizations.

A good hygiene and infection precautionary practice should include the following process:

  • Promote frequent hand washing with soap/liquids/sanitizers
  • Support workers to stay home in case of sick or illness
  • Assist the workforceto use respiratory etiquette, face mask/handkerchief to covercoughs and sneezing
  • Explore flexible policies and practices such as telecommuting, flexible work hours and more to increase the physical distance between employees
  • Discourage workers from using others phone, desk, work tools
  • Maintain regular housekeeping practices and disinfect surfaces often
  • It is also important that employers develop and implement seminar sessions about the virus to aware the employees

This also includes the implementation of both engineering and administrative controls which includes implementation of high-efficiency air filters, minimizing contact between workers and providing workers with up-to-date information on COVID-19 risk factors and preventive measures.

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