How can stress affect people in the workplace?

How can stress affect people in the workplace?

Stress is an inevitable piece of everyone’s life. There can be an extensive variety of triggers, for example, adjustments in conditions, financial stresses, sickness or loss of a friend or family member. Stress can negatively influence people’s conduct, connections at home and of course  in their activity which leads to long leave in work. The initial phase in managing worry at work is for Managers to know about starting indications of worry in their staff and how it can affect their own activities.

Early indications of stress

Memory slips: when you are too tense and your brain is overstimulated, your capacity to recollect things can suffer. This implies you possibly forget more.

Organization skills: everybody with stress regularly have many ‘stress’ thoughts, which can be overpowering. This may mean they think that it’s hard to create and organize their heavy work burden successfully.

Time management: when individuals are tense or on the edge of anxiety, they can end up feeling exhausted. This will resultin individuals ending up with less proficient in dealing with their task and taking more time to finish tasks.

Concentration: people can get occupied effortlessly by their thoughts and what is happening around them. This may make it difficult for them to focus for long time and may increase fatigue.

Uncharacteristic errors: people who are more restless can lack concentration and focus prompting them untypically committing more errors in their work.

Listening and taking notes: since stress affect the focus on work and other major skills, listening  and taking notes can be troublesome for somebody with stress. They may require data provided in short chunks.

Communicating verbally: individuals who are suffering with pressure will think that it’s too difficult to communicate.This may impact group connections and increases people’s experience of stress.

Hesitation: stress can specifically influence great basic leadership at work. Individuals experiencing stress  needs trust in their own capacity to make  choices as opposed to their typical behavior.

How to support other staffs suffering from stress

Check with your HR manager to check whether you have to do a risk assessment of the individual who experiences stress.

Over workload at hand is also reason for worry so find from your colleague how they are dealing with their workload burden and help them to organize the tasks properly so they may feel quite relax.

Talk about with your colleague any triggers in their role that may expand their feelings of anxiety, Example : giving them assignments to complete it in short period . better, find out what they like to happen instead.

Have a peaceful space where your colleague can go if  they are feeling tensed or on edge of anxiety and they can relax themselves with some relaxation techniques.

Build up a code word/phrase that your team member can utilize when they have to leave the room and take 5 minutes out to keep over their work pressure.

Ensure that as their manager you have met any reasonable changes that might be required for example, they take regular interval breaks in day time.

Help your team members to remember that any accessible help available at workplace and how to get that.

Example : Counseling service by the organization’s health and team or training like cognitive behavioral treatment to manage their pressure adequately at work.


Identifying any early indications of stress and empowering the workers to manage it successfully will help in preventing the issues to control it.

Organizations that build up a technique to manage the stress and well-being of their workers is nothing but investing on the future of their employees will be more advantage for their representatives and their business development.

Also find more about this learning knowledge that offers a practical guidance to how you can take control of your pressure effectively by utilizing the techniques of cognitive behavioral treatment .

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