Is NEBOSH course so tough to clear? Do I need to write a lot to pass this exam? Why do candidates fail ?

Your answers are below,

Now, before I could help you with what you are suppose to DO during your exam, I would like to point out the things which you are NOT suppose to DO.
Common mistakes made by students during exams,

  • Not following the Answering pattern
  • Giving general points
  • Story writing assuming they score more
  • Poor presentation
  • Not following the Answer sheet rules
  • Word to word same answers as in text book
  • Following only text book

These are some common mistakes made by the students that has been observed during exams

Now, let me correct the common mistakes mentioned above and let’s see what you are suppose to Do in exams.

  • Answering Pattern:    what is this pattern?

Your answers must be content wise as well as pattern wise correct for you to pass this exam. UK has a different exam pattern which they follow.

So, here is the video link which explains you the answering pattern in details.

Start making a note what you see and hear from this video.

  • General answers:    Giving general answers will not give you full credit. Be specific on what you are writing. Do not beat around the bush. No story writings are appreciated.

-To be on a safer side, yes you can go ahead and give some additional points. For eg: for an eight mark question you can give ten or 11 points. If in case any of your points are incorrect the additional points will be your back up.

Do not exceed 11

  • Poor Presentation:    Imagine you receive a paper scribbled, overwritten. Will you be able read?

So how about your hand writing and presentation?

Presentation an important part, since the examiner must understand what you have written for him/her to evaluate.

Underline the key words in your answers. Mistakes when made on answer sheet, just strike it do not scribble.

  • Copy paste:   Text books are to make you understand. Your competence are evaluated based on the way you deliver to others what you have learned and understood.

So, avoid writing the same as in text book, instead put it across your own words, your own way to make someone understand about your opinion about a particular topic.

  • Answer sheet rules:     Follow the instruction given by your instructor during your examination. Failure to follow these rules may also bring your score down.
  • Attempt all the questions:     Never leave any question blank. Answer all the question with appropriate points.

Now, it is very simple and easy to pass NEBOSH IGC exam provided if you follow some basic tips. Let me break IGC for your understanding.

Tips to pass NEBOSH-IGC1

Management of International Health and Safety

IGC1- completely management


FIVE ELEMENTS- all about Health and Safety management system


23 SECTIONS-throughout IGC1



Three types of Question expected in exams,

  • Direct question
  • Questions with scenarios
  • General questions to check your caliber

Now, it’s only 5 elements you will be focusing on. Every section will have some topics to be focused. Like I mentioned above, IGC1 is nothing but Health and Safety Management system (policy, organizing, planning and implementation, evaluation and action for improvement)

Understand the importance of these sections, you will get the basic concept. And now go on with your trainer’s lecture and understand the points mentioned in the Topic focus and put it across your own words.

Your prime importance should be on Topic focus as we know majority questions are asked on topic focus.

Above every topic focus there must be a relevant question written for you to refer multiple times. Now, students must try to answer these topic focus in different pattern. For eg, Topic focus in IGC1 page 1.8 is in Identify form, and candidate must try to write the same in an Outline form and get corrected by your Instructor.

Scenario type questions: understand why the scenario is given. It is to check whether you are able to think specifically to the given situations.

So your answer must be specific to the scenario only. In addition to this create short/ quick notes on every topic of IGC1 for your reference.

Let’s jump to GC2,

Tips to pass NEBOSH-GC2

Control of International Workplace Risks

GC2- hazards/risks and control measures


EIGHT ELEMENTS-focused on different workplace activities and risk associated with them and control measures to reduce the risk

Often, the difficult part in NEBOSH-IGC as per students. Honestly, the easiest and interesting part among all.

Anything practical done are interesting, when you think out of the box you literally show your ability.

Mistakes in GC2, students stick to text book. Again understand the text book is make to understand what are the activities, what are the risks associated however, you need to explain on your own words based on your opinion about it.

We attend training sessions, we read text book still we fail. What additional we have to do?

Way of studying specially for GC2. Students must know what are the activities, how are they carried out. So, watch video before you could read any topic. For eg; risk associated with a lifting operation by a crane.

When you know the activity the way they are carried out you can clearly demonstrate or explain someone on your own. So, when you watch video you will be able to see the operations carried out and again make a note of what you watch in the video and read the text book once. There we Go set for your exam.

Students must write and practice when the study, this will ensure you remember the points.

So, never forget to write on your own and when you write ensure you follow the answering pattern.

Presented by: Peruselvan – HSE Consultant


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