IOSH MS Training at Vanderlande

IOSH MS Training at Vanderlande


Being a big believer in realizing smart training goals, and a keen ability to teach the very best learning in the industry, Green World is proud to present another successful training session to the client Vanderlande on 19/12/2022 on the topic IOSH MS. Thank you so much Mr. Senthil Nathan for all your efforts, it’s been a wonderful learning session for the participants.


IOSH MS Training

IOSH MS training is designed to serve as an introduction to health and safety workplaces for anyone involved in a management or supervisory role. This training is aimed to equip the necessary knowledge and understanding of managing health and safety responsibilities in the workplace and enables the professionals to assess and control hazards and risks.

Both trainees and organizations can get the best benefits by accessing this training. This will help in improving the safety awareness culture in an organization as it embeds health and safety procedures, implement viable changes and reduce workplace risks to make the system work more safely.

Why Green World?

Green World is passionately focused on helping organizations across the world to protect employees by offering a safe workplace through industry-specific and tailor-made health and safety courses and training. We can deliver classroom, online and on-site training and are missioned to offer what fits the unique needs of your organization.

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