National Pollution Day 2020

National Pollution Day 2020

“Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented.” – Barry Commoner.

Every year 2nd of December is been observed as National Pollution Control day in remembrance of Bhopal Gas Tragedy that took place on 2nd December 1984 which was considered to be one among the world’s major industrial accident . This day is meant to create awareness among public on the worsen effects of various pollution on living beings and our motherly nature.

The objective of National pollution day is not only to spread awareness also to manage and control industrial disaster to prevent industrial pollution. Common public should be conscious with regards to ecology and pollution that impacts it.

People with lung /heart disorder usually gets affected by pollution and this Covid 19 pandemic situation has made worsened this issue as the reports suggests that people with such disorders gets infected quickly when compared to others , this even causes death. This circumstance has remind and taught us to get back our nature.

On this occasion Green World Group, pioneer in HSE training and consultancy would like to insist people on how to manage and control pollution by following few steps that would save earth. As the quotes goes ”every penny counts” taking small step towards controlling pollution by every individual can make great positive impact in rejuvenating our environment.

Steps to be considered to save nature from pollution:

• Move towards greener technology in available fields
• Conserve energy wherever you are
• Use gas logs and not wood
• Try re-cycling and reusing which ever materials possible
• Industries should run in compliance with EMS ISO 14001:2015 standards along with other mandatory standards
• Go for energy star labelled for home appliances
• Alter your transportation mode (using public transportation, carpool, walk)
This day gives us a great opportunity to know the negative impacts of pollution, we made in our daily life and it’s time to explore new ideas to act against pollution which gives pleasant atmosphere to our future generation.

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