Nebosh Course in visakhapatnam ( vizag)

Nebosh Course in visakhapatnam ( vizag)

For students and working professionals trying to establish a strong foothold in Occupational Health and Safety profession, NEBOSH accredited HSE courses are the most desirable qualification with every employer preferring to engage quality safety officers with NEBOSH certification who are assumed fit to protect skilled workforce from potential risks and dangers.

Green World Group in Vizag, which offers industry-recognized safety courses, is the NEBOSH affiliated training institution in India having branches across several nations. Aspiring candidates gain astute knowledge and practical skills, not only to get the most-coveted NEBOSH certifications, but also perform as successful safety managers or independent HSE experts in any type of industry or work condition.

What is NEBOSH?

NEBOSH is the independent education board based in UK which offers several safety courses for students and working individuals to manage and address workplace safety issues through affiliated training centres across the world. These centres conduct training classes for students and prepare them well for the NEBOSH exams, where students’ knowledge and working skills are tested thoroughly and NEBOSH board awards certifications to righteous candidates who possess up-to-date knowledge, understanding and skills to handle various workplace risks and hazards.

NEBOSH course in Visakhapatnam at Green World Group prepares candidates to enhance confidence to take the mettle of providing complete safety to workers by introducing safety checks and procedures.

What are NEBOSH courses?

Depending upon the basic qualification, need of the work surroundings, industrial sector, work experience and individual career aspiration and objectives, candidates can enroll for different NEBOSH courses. The affiliated training centers are well equipped and prepared to train them as the best HSE professionals, who can be absorbed by industries under various HSE designations. Some of the NEBOSH courses available in Vizag are NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC), NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work, NEBOSH International Diploma (IDipNEBOSH), NEBOSH ITC (oil gas) and NEBOSH IFC.


As a Level 3 qualification in health and safety profession, NEBOSH IGC offers fundamental qualification for students aspiring to become safety officers, and makes them eligible to pursue their education further to become top-level HSE experts or senior safety professionals.

What is NEBOSH International Diploma?

NEBOSH International Diploma is level 6 senior level qualification awarded by NEBOSH board for those acquiring in-depth knowledge and know-how with respect to workplace safety procedures, principles, standards, legislations and healthy practices. IDipNEBOSH candidates will be competent to undertake research and analysis and perform independent audit on safety and health issues.


NEBOSH Health and safety at Work is an elementary level safety officer training course offered by NEBOSH to students beginning their career in workplace safety and health. The course entitles students to pursues higher NEBOSH qualification for career enhancement and growth.

Who can do NEBOSH IGC?

NEBOSH qualification is mandatory for all safety working professionals. Even for those who wish to switchover from non-safety section, having NEBOSH IGC certification can enhance their career prospects multifold. As such, NEBOSH doesn’t warrant any typical qualification standards but insists that candidates should meet basic educational standard and have understanding the importance of creating workplace health and safety conditions.

Why to choose GWG for NEBOSH courses in Visakhapatnam (Vizag)?

Green World Group is the NEBOSH affiliated education centre in Visakhapatnam. We offer high quality training by experienced tutors who walk with every candidate hand-in-hand to clear the NEBOSH exams. We offer various courses to students in flexible manner so that they can choose their time of study. Affordable course fee, transparency, unlimited post-course support, individual attention and excellent career guidance are some of the reasons which guide students towards Green World Group.

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