NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation

NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation

The NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation course is designed for learners to conduct accident/incident investigations in the workplace and to implement risk control plans for large-scale investigations.

“If minor incidents and near-misses are investigated well, organizations could potentially prevent more serious or catastrophic incidents happening”

4 Stages of an Incident Investigation Process

Employer recommends conducting workplace incidents using a four-step Process:

1. Preserve and Document the Incident scene:

The incident investigator’s first priority is to ensure that the incident happened site is safe and secure. Once you reached the incident place, verify that injured persons have received appropriate medical assistance and confirm that any equipment involved has been de-energized.

Take photos or videos of the scene, before equipment or materials are moved. Prevent evident materials from being altered and use cones, tape, or guards to protect sensitive areas. If you review the site, depending upon the circumstances of that incident happened; you want to record items such as:

2. Collecting Information:

There are 2 ways of collecting Information

1.Interviewing witnesses

Tips to collect information from the witnessed persons:

  • Interview the witnessed persons individually to collect more information.
  • If possible, interview the witnessed person in the same location the incident took place.
  • Conduct the interview in the language of the interviewee. Use a translator if necessary.
  • To emphasize the goal of the investigation to prevent future incidents from happening.
  • Take notes and be thorough. You can also record the interviews, if they permit.
  • Use open questions such as when? Where? Why? How?

2.Complete accident investigation form

Incident or accident investigation forms typically contain the following data:

  • Worker characteristics such as the age, gender, job title,department, experience level, and training records of involved employees, etc.,
  • Description of the injury or illness, including the affected body part and degree of severity
  • The location of the incident happened
  • Scene conditions such as light, temperature, noise, weather
  • The task that the worker was performing at the time
  • Root causes to prevent incident

3. Collecting Information:

After gathering of all the necessary information, you can start performing a root cause analysis. This process allows you to discover underlying causes, rather than immediate or root causes of an incident.

Correcting the immediate cause may fix a symptom for the problem, but not the problem itself. A simple way to identify root cause is use the “Five Whys” method to the employer to ask the questions.

4. Implement Corrective Actions

Finally, implement a corrective action plans to resolve the immediate and root causes of the incident.

All the corrective action plans listed in the incident report should have a person assigned as the responsible one for the task, and a place to mark completion of the item.

At this stage, your incident investigation process will be complete and you can share your feedback with management and workers.

NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation

Attending the course will enable you to:

  • To investigate independently about accidents occurred.
  • Gathering evidence from witnessed persons
  • To implement the action plans to prevent recurrence of an incident
  • Involving in team investigations for large scale incidents
  • Positive impact for the safety culture in your organisation

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to carry out incident investigations effectively.

Who can benefit?

Employers, supervisors, Managers, SHE champions, union and safety representatives and practitioners will benefit from this course.

Course Overview:

There are mainly two modules covered in this course:

  • Understand why incident investigations are carried out and how human and organizational factors contribute to incidents
  • Understand how to investigate incidents and confidently carry out an investigation.

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