How to Prepare NEBOSH Open Book Exam

How to Prepare NEBOSH Open Book Exam

How to take the NEBOSH IGC (International General Certificate) Open Book Exams

One should pass in the NEBOSH open book examination to succeed in NEBOSH International General Certificate. This consist of 2 units followed by a closing interview in which one should discuss on the answers you have written in examination

Key points:

  • The new exam pattern IG 1 can be taken from your own comfortable place which should be peaceful and safe.
  • For NEBOSH Open Book Exam one will get 24 hours to complete the exam in which an individual can complete the exam within 4 hours, one can spend time to check recheck and research to draft your answers in 24 hours.
  • the open exam questions will contain real time scenario based on health and safety.

Meet the new-look NEBOSH open book exam

Open book examination replaces old version of paper based one this helps learners to take up NEBOSH course even in this COVID 19 pandemic situation also this enhances and improves the old assessment type. one gets 24 hours of time to complete NEBOSH OBE examination also one can take up the examination in their own comfortable place with use of any text books resources and Internet, the main focus of open book examination is on real time application of health and safety course one cannot pass simply by memorizing the textbook or facts one should think them self as health and safety site supervisor answer the questions based on real life risky workplace scenario each scenario has a set of questions tasks and subtasks that gives candidates to project their knowledge. Do search for proof in the real time scenario and think about what you have figured out how to present your answers. It guarantees the test will in any case address ‘the quality and norms NEBOSH certifications are known for’ and that they will not be undermined.

Upcoming NEBOSH exam dates for 2020/21

24-hours on the clock

Candidate will get 24 hours to write and upload the papers in NEBOSH portal in case if the paper is submitted after 24 hours it will be marked as fail in the examination
NEBOSH recommends that will take 4 to 5 hours to complete the examination.
Make use of text time to understand the question, exact scenario and use Internet, textbooks and any other materials to write the examination with no plagiarism which may lead to failure in examination.

Is the OBE easier than the old assessment?

NEBOSH expects for detailed answers which is not an easy option also one should not take advantage of open book examination since it asks to think critically on which you have learnt discuss upon the issue clearly , sheer of unwanted information and provide appropriate principles

It’s a great changeover for learners:

  • If you have fear of failing in NEBOSH exam before, the open book evaluation allows you to work in real time scenario situation, in which you can take time to notice a situation and examination the most ideal approaches to manage it
  • You have more opportunity to write your answers and extend your situation more specific of NEBOSH standards.

Green World Group continuously survey our learning programs so they line up with NEBOSH best practice. OBEs will make NEBOSH IGC more open for the individuals who battle with assessments
The assessment type will represent real time working situation, where research and implementation of knowledge to address a specific situation or objective that creates positive safety culture.

What is in the exam?

This exam is based on health and safety scenario, which contains information as follows,

  • Employees , their roles and responsibilities and their challenges
  • Conflicts and disagreements between employees in work relationship
  • Physical features in work place
  • Actions taken
  • Existing health and safety problem

What to expect from the tasks?

This requires to project the knowledge and skills gain from NEBOSH health and safety principles by solving the problems in real time scenario one may be asked to

  • Gather arguments for health safety committee meetings
  • Work on provided recommendation by superior
  • Give feedback on the culture of business
  • Plan and justify the requirements of health and safety

This is not only the list but also the question paper contains anything from the international general certificate syllabus, So one should be more cautious while preparing for NEBOSH IGC

What supporting materials can you use?

One can use Internet resources and textbooks provided by course provider to write the answers one can use their own words

NEBOSH suggest to use personal notes from the course provider which are really good source to support open book examination

One can also look for journals or any sort of textbooks

However one have too much of freedom to use supporting materials there are also some restrictions,

  • one should not communicate with your NEBOSH trainer /classmates/ course provider
  • Seeking help from another person (friends or family)

Plagiarism and collusion will make the candidate to fail in examination
NEBOSH IGC requires the candidates to analyze the scenario, evaluate and apply the knowledge gained from ‘understanding the course’ and not ‘what you know

What is the pass rate?

One should get 45% to get pass in NEBOSH exam

How to prepare for and pass the NEBOSH OBE?

Green World Group, the proud NEBOSH partner will help and train one to high standard. One can trust GWG to steer in right path towards succeeding in NEBOSH IGC. Virtual live online live training gives one the best mode training via industry specialist HSE tutors. We suggest candidates to put in the long periods of revision time to pass. Candidates should revise well prior to taking the paper so you can move through your notes and course readings quickly and complete exam on your time. Candidates can make use of digital resources like audio lectures, live recorded classes of missed session, OBE simulation etc.

Answer every question

Try to answer each and every questions asked in question paper even if you are not familiar with, which may sound obvious but empty papers will never give marks to you , volunteering to attend every question and providing even few information relevant to question may give you some marks

Plan your time

Look at the question paper and take note on which questions can get more marks for you and divide the time you spend more on weighty questions.

Describe, outline, and explain

Check for command words properly: command words like outline/explain/describe should be answered in detailed

Work tidily

Make sure that your answer should be more neat and legible, that helps examiner to read it clearly

Stay on-topic and focused

Pay more attention to the question and read, understand and then start writing the answer for concern question.

How to prepare for the closing interview

The closing interview will be done through video call by the interviewer nominated by course provider. This is a mandatory interview in which one gets questions about the question they attended in IG1 and any other specific questions from NEBOSH syllabus. This closing interview can be attend by being in any comfortable place with good internet connection

Six steps for taking the exam at home

1. The course provider will register for the and confirmation email will be sent from NEBOSH on registration

2. The email will contain NEBOSH OBE login details , username and temporary password through which you can change the password

3. You can take auto play tour in the OBE platform

4. On the day of exam NEBOSH releases the exam units and answer template, candidate should login to their concern account and download it

5. One will get 24 hours of time to complete the paper and submit (upload) the answer in NEBOSH portal

6. Finally one should attend closing interview with no third party assistance to confirm that the exam was written by you

Getting your results

One can except for NEBOSH IGC result after 50 UK working days of exam

What happens if you fail the exam?

If one fails in NEBOSH OBE he/she can re sit the exam within 5 years from the date of registration, one should contact the course provider for re-sit and register for NEBOSH OBE again and take up the exam.

How to Crack the NEBOSH Open Book Exam

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