National Energy Conservation Day

National Energy Conservation Day

“Energy conservation is the foundation of energy independence.”-Thomas H. Allen

Since 1991, 14th of December is being celebrated as National Environment Conservation Day every year in India. The ultimate goal of this day is to create awareness among public regarding the significance of energy conservation. Energy requirements increases day by day as the population of the world grows. With increase in demand for resources, fear of destruction also increases, it’s time for us to pay attention on energy conservation and invent new resources to replace as the whole human civilization will be in danger if we keep on destroying resources every day.

In the year 2001, BEE – Bureau of Energy Efficiency implemented The Energy Conservation Act in India with aim of creating awareness and to showcase India’s achievement in energy efficiency and conservation. Energy conservation is nothing but making use of available resources wisely and not wasting natural and manmade resources unnecessarily. Usually this day is celebrated by conducting programs like debates, discussions, speeches etc. that gives common people knowledge and awareness on energy conservation. As the population grows rapidly, there is huge demand for resources like crude oil, natural gas, fossil fuels. Being a responsible citizen one should take this issue seriously and take possible approaches to conserve energy in our day to day activities

Green World Group the leading health and safety institute would like to create awareness among people on this day to conserve energy by following below mentioned steps at home and workplace.

  • Switch off appliances when not in use
  • Carpooling, bike pooling, using public transport,
  • Make use of alternate power supply like solar energy, smart windows etc.
  • Maintain and repair insulation
  • Make use of natural light and fresh air whenever possible which not only conserve electrical energy also gives stress free and happy mind-set
  • Choosing fan instead of air conditioner

By contributing and sacrificing small things we can give our future generation peaceful  and happy lifestyle.

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