National Road Safety Week January 11th to January 17th – 2021

National Road Safety Week January 11th to January 17th – 2021

“Safety is no accident”

About Road Safety Week

Every year National Road Safety Week in India is being celebrated in the month of January. This 32nd year of road safety week is celebrated from 11th to 17th of January.   The aim of this celebration across the country is to create awareness among people on road safety and to control number of accidents and save life.

Road safety plays a vital role as road accidents is one among the major causes of death in the country.  Every day the number of vehicles on road is increasing as the population and need for travel increases. It is mandatory for every individual to have enough awareness in understanding road safety rules and regulations.  It’s quite appalling to know that India holds 1st position in highest accident deaths. World Health Organization states 3 reasons for traffic collision are: wearing no seat belt/helmet, driving under the influence, over speed.

National Road Safety Week Awareness

On the account of national road safety week celebration week, Green World Group, the pioneers in HSE training and consultancy would like to create awareness on road safety and its impact on  society by following bellow mentioned effective road safety rules and regulations,

  • Keep left – Always remember to drive on left side of the road so then other vehicles can overtake from right side
  • Use indicators wherever and  whenever required  (hand signal should be used if needed)
  • Give way for emergency vehicles like ambulance /fire engines etc.
  • Maintain recommended speed for concern road
  • Park vehicle only in parking area
  • Check your insurance papers and driving licence renewal dates
  • Obey traffic signals and lights
  • Don’t horn unnecessarily in no –honking zones (schools, hospitals etc.)

Being the citizen of the county it’s our immense duty to respect and follow road safety rules and regulations. By following the above mentioned few steps one can help the society to create accident free zone and save precocious lives.

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