Environmental safety  Training

Environmental safety Training

Green World Group shares its happiness in letting you know that we have successfully done our virtual/online training on Environmental safety (Air Quality, heat stress, and Your Health) for our respected client JCDecaux, India. Very congratulations to the in-house training team and our qualified tutor Mr. Dilip Madurai for making this training held on 16.08.22 as one of the most renowned programs. Taking the gladness in helping the client to realize their goals in the learning journey.

What is Environmental safety (Air Quality, heat stress, and Your Health) training?

The health impacts resulting from air pollution and heat stress are serious. Such effects make indoor air quality and heat exposure great safety concerns in the workplaces.

The scope and purpose of this training are to give and maintain healthy and comfortable working environments with good air quality free from contaminants and reduce the risk of developing heat-related illnesses, and injuries, and prevent heat-related illnesses through precautionary measures for those who work in hot environments.

What do you get with the training?

Air pollution exposure has its negative impacts related to oxidative stress and inflammation in human cells, causing chronic diseases and cancer. Heat stress can affect the health of workers and may limit the ability of the body to cool itself.

  • Building a heat illness prevention plan for the work environments based on the heat index;
  • Train and make the workers capable of recognizing heat-related safety and illness and preventing them
  • Ensuring sufficient outdoor quality air volume and exhaust indoor air contaminants
  • Inspecting and air quality testing to find out the causes of indoor air quality problems.

Training by Green World Group

Green World Group, as a known name in the segment of Occupational Health and Safety Training and Consultancy services, contributes its best in assisting businesses in realizing their responsibilities in delivering protective environments in terms of safety and health for employees and staff.

Our professionals have expertise in the sectors of Occupational Safety, Indoor Air Quality, heat stress, etc. to ensure the organizations stay in compliance with regulations and provide training for knowledge and assistance.

Green World has a presence in 195 Countries.

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