Defensive Training

Defensive Training

Green World would like to share with you an amazing training record of delivering in company face-to-face training on Defensive driving to esteemed client JCDecaux (Bangalore & Delhi) which was led by our experienced tutors Mr. Senthil Nathan & Mr. Hormuz Siodia on 17.08.22 & 18.08.22. It was the true result of well-organized training. We know achieving the goal of covering successive batches of Batch 1 and Batch 2 in different locations, but one topic was not so easy.

All of it was made possible with the systematic approach of our team and tutors which speaks for learning structure and the way it is delivered. It was great to hear from clients that we have surpassed their expectations and we hope that the learning outcomes would bring significant impacts to the clients.

What is Defensive /safe driving management?

Defensive/safe driving is a technique that uses safe driving strategies that let the motorists be capable of identifying and addressing hazards by proactive precautions and thus ensuring driving in a safe manner on the roads.

Moreover, traffic safety is the priority of all. This training gets the learners with the essential pillars of traffic safety, skills, and knowledge on handling a motor vehicle and a good understanding of meeting the driving conditions anywhere they drive.

Learning outcomes

If you engage in aggressive driving techniques, you are more likely to have an accident and this can cause an increase in insurance premiums. Also, accidents and other violations can even lead to dropping in coverage. Taking defensive/safe driving will

  • Give you a clean record and qualify for car insurance discounts
  • Learns safe driver techniques for proactive and effective responses to hazards
  • Safely overcome hazardous situations
  • Get into the practice of obeying traffic rules, signals, signs, etiquette, and road markings
  • Avoid vehicle collisions and traffic violations
  • Safe driving management

Training by Green World Group

You probably can be talented at driving; still, there are situations where you can’t have control around you. Accidents are more likely to end up as a significant threat to safety and can cause a great loss of time and money. As a leading Occupational Health and Safety Training and Consultancy provider, Green World Group very well knows its commitment in offering a comprehensive range of courses designed to fulfill demands of various kinds of organizations. Our commanding presence in more than 195 countries enables us to deliver suite of courses that improve driving skills, reduce driving risks, anticipate situations and keep you safe.

Green World has a presence in 195 Countries.

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