Fire Safety Awareness Training

Fire Safety Awareness Training

Fire Safety Awareness Training To INTERNATIONAL SOS

Green World conducted face-to-face in-company training on “Fire Safety Awareness Training” to INTERNATIONAL SOS delegates on 17th November 2022, led by our esteemed tutor Mr. Fasih Ahamed; and another set of batches were delivered on 25th November 2022 (Batch1 & Batch2),which was led by our experienced tutors Mr. Sujith Menon (Batch-1) and Mr. Varun Vignesh (Batch-2).

What is Fire Safety Awareness Training?

Awareness is the key to prevention!

Fire safety awareness training educates the employees about best practices for controlling fire risks and the required steps to take in the case of a workplace fire and how to raise the alarm, and the arrangements for safely evacuating the building. It helps to understand certain prevention methods and the safety procedures that are suitable for their organization.

Every employee has the responsibility to safeguard the building or work site. The Organization must take the lead and provide safety awareness training to the employees regarding fire prevention and protection.

Training Benefits

Reduces the risk of an emergency and aids employees in recognizing fire hazards

Increases confidence while handling workplace fire

Can prevent smaller fires from turning into major emergencies

Provides practical knowledge on handling fire safety equipment

Teaches risk assessment techniques and safety evacuation procedures to get rid of workplace emergencies

Gives valuable skills and helps to make your premises a safer place

Who can take this Training?



Safety officer

Fire Warden

Fire technicians

Emergency response and rescue personnel

Any Employees who want to enhance their knowledge of workplace fire safety can value this training.

Why Green World Group

Green World Group offers a variety of in-company safety training programmes to corporate employees. Our fire safety training is intended to fulfill your legal obligations and provide extensive knowledge on what to do in the event of a fire. Our tutors are highly accomplished professionals with a lot of real-world experience. Our goal is to instill in our clients the value of fire safety and to provide the finest method for maintaining a workplace free from fire dangers.

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