Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Safety Awareness Training To Dutchview

Green World delivered In-house face-to-face training on “Fire Safety Awareness Training” to the delegates of Dutchview, which was conducted by our Experienced tutor Mr. Joseph on November 18th, 2022.

Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Safety Awareness training helps to reduce fire-related incidents caused in the workplace by providing personnel with an awareness of actions to take in the event of an emergency. This Training helps workers to identify hazards with suitable risk assessment techniques and makes them respond quickly to prevent workplace hazards.

Who Needs This Training?

Everyone needs to be familiar with the fundamentals of fire safety, regardless of their position or level of expertise, to maintain safety in their Workplace. Employees who want to refresh their knowledge of fire safety can take this training.

Training Benefits

It provides knowledge on how to act quickly and efficiently to stop the fire from spreading to prevent the workplace from extensive damage.

It helps us to plan Emergency routes and exits, including Company’s emergency preparedness.

It lets employees know the use of various fire-fighting equipment, where to locate fire extinguishers, and how to use an extinguisher properly.

It helps to keep everyone in the workplace safe and protects them from significant loss and damage.

Fire Safety Awareness Training at Green World

Green World offers a comprehensive suite of training and qualifications in health and safety management. We educate employees from various industrial sectors to improve their knowledge and skills and to reduce risks through specialized in-company training. Our Experienced team of professionals makes them learn suitable risk assessment techniques to make workplaces healthier and safer to raise their long-term business performance.

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