GWG Becomes First Institution to Cross 800 NEBOSH Batches in India

GWG Becomes First Institution to Cross 800 NEBOSH Batches in India

Achievements don’t come easy. Untiring hard work, planning and dedicated approach often become the route for success. Green World Group has made several enviable feats in just over a decade of its inception, focusing solely on students’ welfare in terms of providing top-notch training to various accredited safety courses and excellent academic and career guidance.

Continuing its stride towards milestones, Green World Group has achieved yet another major feat, first to be achieved by any Indian institutionby becoming the first ever institution to complete ‘800 NEBOSH batches’ successfully.

NEBOSH certification is one of the most revered and widely recognized occupational safety and health qualifications that every aspiring individual or working processional wants to have as part of their professional profile. However, clearing NEBOSH exam is no mean a task. NEBOSH certifies only those candidates who show exemplary knowledge and operational skills in workplace safety and risk management.

How GWG Institute has achieved this Milestone?

Only few institutions in the world have achieved the highest pass percentage in NEBOSH exam,and Green World Group, which has world wide branches, has achieved great success in making most candidate clearing the highly competitive NEBOSH certification exam.

Started a long journey towards educating people and workers about the importance of workplace safety and health management 12 years ago, GWG has become one of the most successful training centers for NEBOSH certified courses within few years.

Every one of its training centre, spread across India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Angola and Nigeria,provides candidates with state-of-the-art learning facilities coupled with certified, trained and experienced faculty members who provide tailor-made training program for individual candidate to ensure they are NEBOSH certified safety professionals.

Importance of NEBOSH Course with GWG

NEBOSH courses have gained fame among students due to its popularity among industry leaders and employers.Over 90 percent of world-wide employment notifications for safety experts mention that candidates should possess NEBOSH qualification.

It is the reality that students with NEBOSH certification are capable of managing all types of work place risks and hazards and can safeguard workers from accidents and disasters. The U.K-based NEBOSH board has formulated various courses to make students stride from basic to expert levels in occupational safety and health domain.

Candidates who are certified by NEBOSH can find their life settled as successful HSE experts, managers, consultants or safety auditors.

Undergoing NEBOSH training atGWG has always been a pleasant experience for candidates and working professionals who overwhelmingly choose us every year to enhance their safety qualifications for more than one reason. Every safety course is thoroughly formulated by experts to have high quality study material with supportive features.

Apart from being the front-line institution for all kinds of workplace safety courses, Green World Group has made a mark among peers by providing the best-in-class advisory services for candidates and industry leaders. Candidates can choose several extra and free safety courses along with the main courses to add glory to their professional profiles.

For NEBOSH, we are the accredited training center(Nebosh Accredited Center No. 733) for all their certification programs. Our training programs include easy-to-understand study material along with practical modules like exposure to workplace safety conditions, case studies and several mock tests before the final exam.

So, what wait for? Come to us to join our next NEBOSH batch to become successful and prominent safety professionals.

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