How to Crack the NEBOSH – IGC Open Book Examination

How to Crack the NEBOSH – IGC Open Book Examination

How to Crack the NEBOSH – IGC Open Book Examination

Welcome to Green World Group for the webinar, how to crack the Nebosh open book, IGC open book examination. So, I just want to, discuss this strategy, how to approach the examination. What are the points to, get through this, Nebosh IGC examination? How can like understand the scenario, the style of the questions? So that’s the whole theme of today’s webinar.

So, moving along, what is the outcome of the webinar? So, the outcome of the webinar is understanding a past NEBOSH IGC OBE scenario. So, I’ll take up one of the past, NEBOSH IGC OBE scenario one question paper. And then we’ll, first understanding, the general side of the questions also within the IG1 open book examination also we’ll, see how to systematically extract the information from the scenario.

Also, we’ll see how to combine the extracted information and the knowledge of the subject matter to formulate the answers. And finally, we will, like show how to present the answers in a neat professional format. We. Examiner. So, this is, this is the, webinar outcome. This is what we will be going through today in this webinar.

Moving ahead. So, I’ll take up for this evening. I’ll be taking up the scenario from 2nd of December, 2020, the NEBOSH IGC1 for open book examination. This was the third open book. examination. Ever since Nebosh, transitioned to the OBE style of examination in IGC. So, for the first page is all the guidance normally is the guidance, which all the tutors have, discussed with you.

But still, I’ll just like to go through the, the last paragraph. It states the marks are available are shown in practice to the right of each question or part of each question. So when you. Get a question as such many candidates don’t even, tend to focus on the marks. They just see that question and like, go ahead and straight to attempt it.

But of course, the marks is also like, it’s like there to guide you as to how much, how many points I need to put in. So this will help guide you to the amount of information which is required in your response. So in general, one, mark is given. for each correct technical point that is clearly demonstrated.

So every single point that you’re putting in or writing in, you’re going to get one mark, there is no negative marking at Nebosh. So even if you’re like your answer, that doesn’t seem to be correct, or it doesn’t match to the expectation of the examiner or it’s not, it’s not fully correct as such still there is no marks going to be deducted.

So the marks only given for a correct each correct technical point that is clearly demonstrated. And what Nebosh states is that avoid writing too little as this will make it difficult for the examiner or what marks? So, you don’t have to write like just small words or single word answers or short list, because it’s unlikely for you to gain any kind of marks.

And it’ll not normally be enough to show some sort of an understanding or some sort of a connection with the scenario. And come to the work when candidates, start writing the answers and then once you formulate the answers and then they find that, you know, they have exceeded the word count significantly.

So, we’ll be discussing on the word count. Also, maybe at the end, once I discuss the answers and questions as such, but yes, of course the recommended word count. What says I, it recommends you to write within 3000 words in total. But also, they have given an allowance of about 10% and you can, so 10% of 3000 words will be 300 words.

So, your overall word count word count limit should be around 3,300 words. But even if you go up a little bit higher than that, it’s fine. There is not no Penalty as such, nebosh are not going to do like, like cut marks. So, the exam’ are going to cut marks as such, but they want your answers to show crisp, clear, understanding, not to digress into areas, which is not going to affect you any marks as.

And wasting your time and wasting your efforts into these areas and Nebosh states that try to distribute your time and work found proportionately across all the task. So do like balance your time. If you have larger, questions of 20, 25 marks, you know, you’re going to take more time to extract the information.

Apply the subject matter, formulate to answers Polish the answers, and then present them. So definitely time is going to go from larger question, larger mark questions as such, and of course, used to recommended template nebosh is providing the template. It’s a wonderful template. So please, to use that template, there’s no need of using a plan, word form, and then, you know, struck me with the word tongue as such and lastly, coming.

Attempt all the task. So don’t leave any kind of questions, blank, try and fill up all the attempt, all the questions as far as possible. Very well. Just going ahead, I’m just moving down a little bit and I’ll, I’ll, I’ll start up with this, scenario, which is the December, 2020 scenario. I’m just going to, make this spin a little bit better.
So, it fits into the. With as such, just bear with me, James very well. Okay. So, I I’ll start reading the scenario first. Let’s let’s, when you get the question paper, the question paper is co PDF format. So first read, don’t jump to questions or see what questions nebosh has given first, come and see what is the, scenario, understand the scenario.

Go through this reading of the scenario several times, take a break, come back, read again, take a break, not come back. So, it takes frequent breaks because it’s a lot of information you are taking in and you need to process this information clearly as such. So, starting up scenario. Over the recent months, large numbers of people in almost every country in the world have been affected by the spread of a virus.

Now, this was the, this, scenario came about in, in December, 2020, when there was, of course locked down everywhere and people were at home. So, people, candidates understood that it was more for like the COVID as such. And the situation had been categorized as a global pandemic. And has led to national emergencies with lockdowns as such scientists discover more and more every day about how the virus works.

However, the current understanding is that this virus is very easily transmitted through physical contact between people. And with pan contaminated surfaces and breathing it respiratory droplets, mainly from coughing and sneezing, but also from normal talking. So Nebosh normally first gives you some sort of an introduction, like know sometimes in the scenario, introduction to the organization or to the situation as such.

So Nebosh is like open this scenario with an introduction to what it is as such. And then in most cases it’s stated the virus leads to a mind, less in the young fit and healthy, but can cause less and even death to others as such. So, it is telling about like, what is a severity? What is the outcome? If you contact the virus as such now official guidance on how to control the virus is also subject to change.

As deep science develops, the exact medias can depend on which country you are in and even which part of the country as such. But at the current time in your location, the primary control measures that are recommended against the spread of the virus are keeping a physical distance between people called social distancing general hygiene measures, which is frequent hand, washing or hand sanitizing and regular cleaning and decontamination Surfaces further wearing face masks that cover the Mount and nose is also recommended in some circumstances as an additional control measure. So, reading in the two paragraphs, you have Already got an understanding that they have the hazard is divided, which has the potential to cause you harm. If you’re contracted and you know, what is the outcome?

What is a cigarette from that hazard? And the, control measures in order to prevent, contact or like a, with the hazard as such have been given out by the official authorities of the the authorities as such, just so get given out official guidance as such now, Nebosh, always in our open book examination, they put you as a part of the scenario, right?

So, you. You are made a part of the scenario and you are given some sort of a designation as such. So, you’re, in a stated that you are the health and safety advisor for a medium sized insurance company that has certification to an internationally recognized occupational health and safety management system standard.

Something, which over the years has made the organization more efficient and attracted some important clients. So, they have, they have, they have given a designation being the health and safety advisor for the medium size insurance company. So, you know, you know, the organization it’s like office. It’s an insurance company.

So going to have people who are going to deal with the clients, visitors as such, and this organization has certification to a, internationally recognized, occupational health and safety management systems studies. That’s a formal, and there’s a certified management system existing within this organization.

And within the brackets, nebosh has stated at something which are over the years. So that means the system has been running over the years in the organization and it has made the organization more Efficient. Meaning nebosh is saying that he is giving you little hints. That what is like the benefits that have come about of having this occupational health and safety management system standard in the organization.

And how does help the business, or has helped the business in attracting important corporate clients as such? So Nebosh has giving me like tool, a little benefit of having this health and safety management system. Now they have described the workplace that you normally work in an office building, but in order to control the spread of the virus for physical contact and protect people, you and all other office workers are following current government instructions to work from home.

So now, it’s despite the workplace, it’s a building, but because this, pandemic is there because of, because of the spread of the virus, as such, and you want to protect people from contacting the virus, right? You follow the government instructions. To work from home. So now the scenario is like move to working from home as such.

So, the main workplaces are office as such. And in addition, it is anticipated that being away from the busy office environment will reduce work related incidents that is near misses’ accidents, ill health, and property damage. And any possible investigations like enforcement action and civil planes that would’ve arise as such.

So now when people are not going to be in the office when they’re not in this busy and, office environment, so there’s not going to be any kind of near misses’ office is empty. Everybody’s working from home. They’re not going to be any kind of accidents, like people slipping and tripping, on staircase, on the office as such from any obstructions, I’ll help. Won’t be that because we won’t be contracting the bright because it’s now, you’re not, having any contacted visitors, you know, appliance. And of course, also won’t be any kind of property damage happening in the, so that way you can see that other work-related incident, everything is going down.

So, it is showing some sort of, it can really go temporary, jump in your health, safety performance as such, right? Because all of these things are going down. So, and also because people are not, in the office, there’s no accidents, there’s no incidents. So, there won’t be any kind of possible investigations for reactive monitoring method, like, reactive monitoring or any kind of enforcement actions, because they’re not complying with the law or not comply with the legislation.

And similarly, no, none of the civil claims are put arise that like people getting injured and, you know, are claiming from the overtime management about money that, you know, well, the health and safety was not managed in the workplace. So, it’s given you a brief overview of what is there, what is a scenario it’s opened the scenario with the organization?


What is the current situation as such? So, you can see like each elect nebosh arranges, the whole scenario into paragraph, and each paragraph is giving you some sort of information as such. Then you have written next, you’re going ahead and you have written now you are the health and safety advisor. So, you have written a procedure and guidance on best practice for home working.

Now as you read the scenario, first time you, you are just absorbing the information. Then the second time, the third time as you’re reading. So, as you read as such, you know, you’ll be able to process the information that now you have written a procedure. So, procedure would, would relate to something like a safe system of work in guidance and best practice for what.

For home working. That means people are now all working from home. All the workers are working from home. So, in the mind, as you read and all, you should think that, well, it’s home working, people are at home. That means they’re away from the workplace. That means they’re working remotely and they’re away from the colleagues as such.

So that means it’s something related to homeworking can relate to like lone working. So sometimes it’s essential as you read the scenario, think like, you know, like try to see, like, can you read between the lines. It may not come in the first attempt, but it may come in the second reading third reading, you’re able to understand this information, like what, what can be the hidden meaning between those lines as such.

So, you have you, you as a health and safety advisor and you have written some procedures, some guidance on best practice for home working, including work station set up in our home, working environment. Now, the employer, you know, that the employer has a responsibility to have a safe workplace, to offer a safe workplace within the safe workplace has to give safe tools, safe equipment, but to work with those safe tools and equipment, he also has to have safe systems of work as such, but now people are not in that, in that workplace.

Now, because of the situation they have moved to the home. Many people said the fellow, you, if you moved home, the empire doesn’t have a responsibility of Kenya. It does have why? Because the work is happening remotely. So even though you are at home, employer bears the moral responsibility and the legal responsibility.

To look after health and safety. So that is where you are being a health and safety advisor. You are writing this procedure, you’re writing this guidance on how to work safely at home, in your setup as such including work station set up in a home working environment. Now what’s going to happen. I think, like, gradually that people are going to work at home.

Like I’m presenting from home as such. Now when I’m go working from home for eight hours, nine hours, I may not have the same kind of ergonomics that the office provides, like the same kind of office chair, the same, a good work station, a desk as such. So, people are going to be sitting on the sofa or a chair or a stool or a likeness, no us to order like a small table or putting the laptop on the and what’s going to happen. They are doing office work. They are working for the employer, but as they’re working for the employer, they are also getting affected like, so it can result in musculoskeletal, disorders as such, you know, so this is why you are writing the procedure. So, you see like from each line calmly and poorly, you have to think that what is like, what can be, why, why am I writing the procedure?

What is a reason, even though people at home? What is the reason for me to write a procedure on behalf of my employer and distribute it to the people? So, then the next line states that this guidance has been distributed to all the workers. So, you have written a procedure on how to work a best practice on how home working, right?

So, and this guidance you as a health and safety advisor on behalf of the organization, we have distributed to all the workers. Now when your distributor all the workers, you’re going to think that well in the pandemic, how am I going to distribute it? I’m going to distribute this through, email. That’s totally distribute it.So, you’re making use of communication and what we learned, like in element number three, communication, what kind of communication? It’s written communication. So, it’s procedures and guidance. Which is written communication. It is being distributed over the email. So, you’re making use of some sort of media electronic media, to disseminate or spread out your written communication.

So, you see how from each line I’m like analysing the information, extracting the information and getting the clear, clearer picture, deeper picture of these scenarios. Then the organization is making widespread use of technology to enable remote home working. So now to enable this remote home working, the only ways to make use of technology. Including video conferencing facilities for business meetings and for client contacts as such. So, you’re making use of this technology. So not only are you enabling remote home working, but also, you’re making use of the technology in order to sustain your business, to order to continue your business, have your business meetings, keep up the clients and you know, like, further your business as such, moving ahead to the next paragraph.

The organization is also concerned about the workers. Mental wellbeing during this new way of working. Now, when we talk about health and safety, as such, when you look into like the, the standard, like the ISO 45001, like what is like a part of the syllabus when you read the standard as such, the standard, on which the management system has been built, like your, your organization’s management system is built.

It states that as an organization or as an employer, you not only have to look after your employee’s physical wellbeing, but you also have to focus on the employee’s mental wellbeing. Its mental health is safely important. It’s not just physical health, that we are focused in health and safety. We also focused on mental health and mental wellbeing as such.

So now, so that shows, that shows that if, if it’s stated that the organization is concerned about the worker’s mental wellbeing means. They, they are. They’re showing that they they’re showing the scared, they’re concerned about it, that they don’t want the people working, remotely as such to be affected mentally.

They don’t want the mental health to be affected by because indirectly it’s going to affect the productivity as such. So definitely if you look after one aspect automatically the work productivity aspect, once we taken into electric get improved, then the management team have therefore asked each department to schedule short 30-minute computer-based team meetings, at least on a weekly basis. Right? So now how, how, or what’s the conflict? What are the ways in which they’re looking after the mental health? So, they have asked each department to schedule short computer-based team meetings on a weekly basis. So, what does that indicate? So that indicates something to do it, citation communication also, and consultation both like, you know, you are communicating the man, so each department will schedule it to the workers, needs managers and the workers.

And definitely there are going be several people there. So, it’s going to be some form of like, you can say some sort of one in that consultation. Right? True and communication through electronic, media such. Now the intention, why the management doing this to the intention is to help the workers maintain social contact with the colleagues.
So that’s the first part, the social aspect that if you want to have people’s wellbeing, you want to improve the develop. They want to be touch with the colleagues, say, how are you? Like, you know, people are working in the office. Now we at home, how are you keeping, how are you managing? So at least that social contact.

So that includes the mental wellbeing. So that means the organizations looking after the, wellbeing of the workers. So, it’s looking after one aspect in health and safety, but also this, team-based meetings is also a forum to raise concerns. So, it is also a way to like, you know, like you can like the workers and the managers there, there’s some sort of a two week.

Dialogue two-way communications for consult patients. So, you can, workers can raise the concerns that I’m working for. Like example, I’m working for eight hours a day and I have this back problem on getting the neck problem or like, you know, it’s not feasible to me for me to use the laptop. You know, I don’t have a proper chair or something that you can release some sort of concern, just.

Alternatively, one to one meeting can be arranged for those reluctant to discuss things during team meetings. Now that may happen that during the team meetings, as such, you may not want, like some workers may not want to discuss or bring up all the issues, person issues, house issues, you know, family issues as such that’s interfere with the both during the team meetings.

So even the organization has talked about, well, I can even arrange for a one-to-one meeting between the who was the manager supervisor and the broker. Right? So even those things can be discussed so you can see how the organization like in this one paragraph is how it is like, showing its of care in health and safe, leftover its workers as such.
So, showing you can see some sort of a moral responsibility also in a sense, then six months now with each paragraph, we see that team changes like the points change as such. So, six months later, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna scroll up a little bit. So, six months later, when the government has the virus outbreak under much more control.

So, the government advise changes, right. And allowing people to return to the offices provided they implement a range of additional platform measures to limit virus vaccination. So now the, the, the scenarios move six. Later. Right? So, it’s a little fast forward as such now. And the government is allowed.

Now the virus under the control and people can come back to office, but unless the employer implements some range of control measures to limit the virus transmits put into place certain additional controls, right? Control the hazard is the virus and its transmission. And. Go ahead and start the office for, so the management director calls the facilities manager, the human resources manager, and you to a meeting to plan for a possible return to the office.

Now, when you, when the state here, to call for your call for a meeting as such, so the office work hasn’t started. So, it’s, it’s still a virtual meeting, right? That we are planning for a possible return to the office. So, it’s still, you still using, media, like a media conferencing as such and you and the senior management come together for discussing what we can do.

What sort of panel measures we can put into place? So that there is a safe return back to the office as such plus also meeting legal compliance that whatever the government directives are there, we are meeting those directives. So, we meet legal compliance and we keep our workers safe. So, both things that we accomplish or both things will be.

Like the balance for 10, like mid. So, before the meeting, the managing director asks you and the facilities manager to carry out the specific virus risk assessment. So, when you have a hazard as such, definitely you’re going to have a corresponding risk assessment because now you are having a certified health and safety management system.
So, because you’re having a certified health and safety management system. So, every, whatever hazards that significant hazards or whatever hazards are affecting the organization of the workers, you have to do a risk assessment. So, it’s a part, it’s a requirement of a occupation, health and safety management system.

And when you’re doing this, like it’s stated that you do a specific virus risk assessment, but you have to do it with what. Input from the workers. That means, so when you say input from means workers, input is required, that means you are involving your workers. That means that is active participation. You are calling the management estate that look, when you make this have active participation of the workers in, they’re making a risk assessment.

And then once you have input from the workers as such, how, what is the risk assessment going to be? You can term it as suitable and sufficient. Remember when we did, element three, like how would you term our risk assessment suitable and sufficient. It’s unless you do a team-based risk assessment and you have input from the workers representatives going ahead, to help develop workable measures.

You also visit an organization that is at a more advanced stage of implementing virus management measures as such. So now for making this risk assessment, right? You need additional control measures. Now to determine these additional control measures, you know, you have the government guidance, but apart from government guidance, what you’re doing, because you want to improve at the end of the day, you want to improve the health and safety of your performance.

You want to see what is the industry best practices also. And you want to like, know, implement them in your organization. So, you are visiting, the organization. So, we are seeing what are their best practices as such. Then you are also researching the latest government guidance on making the workplaces, like your security provider.

So, you are seeing what is a new, new guidance that is coming out maybe every week or something as such. So, you’re getting all the, these are what these are all the inputs, external information that you’re gathering. In order to make a, your risk assessment suitable and sufficient means you’re consulting what you’re consulting external source of information, basically.

So, like you’re seeing what is the other industries going? What if the other workplace is going and you are also seeing what is the government guided? So, you’re using it shows that when you’re making the risk assessment, you’re using external source of information. Also, you’re involving the workers because they’re at home also.

They’re also listening to what is there on the news. What’s there on the, you know, internet as such. So, you’re taking their input also because they also, eventually they’re going to come back to that. Work this as such, going to the next paragraph at the meeting, you and the facilities manager present the findings of a risk assessment site visit and research.

So now the risk assessment has been made and now you’re presenting it, to the management. So, this is our risk assessment. This is the findings from the site visit as to how others are managing, what the widest management measures they’re having. And we are presenting your research from the internet as such as to what is the government advice?
What do we need to comply with in order to have safe work community office as such? So, then you decided that the significant findings or the risk assessment will be shared with all the workers through team meetings before the office written. And a copy of the signed risk assessment will be placed on all health and safety notice board in the office.

So, when you have a long sentence like this, like Facebook and then break it up as such. So, you decide that significant findings of the risk assessment will be shared with all workers. So that’s one thing. So, you meet the risk assessment. Now you’re sharing the findings similar, like when you did the it two.

What is the ask the part for that with whom are you sharing the findings? So, you you’re sharing the findings with the workers, workers, give you input for the risk assessment. Now you made the risk assessment, you’re sharing the findings back to them, right? And now you’re sharing it. You’re sharing it through team meetings.

And office written has not started. So, means you are a team using some sort of electronic media, like video conference. You can sharing those meetings or maybe by email as such right before the office return. And what have you planned. And a copy of the signed based assessment will be placed. So sometimes understand those little words.
Will be placements. It is an intention that when we come back to the office, when we go return back this risk assessment, which will be signed by whoever’s done the risk assessment or the management was approved and such, it’s going be, be placed on all health and safety notice boats in the office. So shows so many to read health and safety notice codes means it’s showing you that your organization is making active.

Of like media as such like some sort of media for promote getting health and safety information for creating more awareness to the people as such next, the organization will extend the cleaning company contract. So, the minute two cleaning company contract means imaged in the mind from both contract means contractors.

So, it’s something related to element 1.3, that managing contractors. So, for your cleaning, for the organization’s office, cleaning, you have contractors and the, your, the extended contractor plan. It. Will extend. See the word again will, so will, will is being like used several times. There’s there’s some sort of intention, there’s some sort of a planning that we will do just as such, right?

So, the organization will extend the cleaning company contract to include more frequent and extensive cleaning of the office. So that means its very management is like, you can street between the lines that this contractor. And though the contractors are going to be in the workplace. So, there’s also going to be a duty of data contractors in the workplace.

That means management has a duty of data, the contractors, but also it is employing the contractors and making sure that there will be frequent and effective, extensive cleaning the office. So, it shows that the organization is planning to take a lot of proactive. As such next and email, including detail, step by step approach to thoroughly washing hands and other hygiene, procedures that is sent to all the workers as such.

Now, you, you, as a health and safety advisor, right? You have decided that we create some sort of like procedures. Like, making BT step by step, for washing hands procedure or hygiene procedures. And it’s 20% to all workers before you even come to the office at is your made aware, so it’s, it’s like showing it’s like the scenarios telling you what sort of steps is the management going to take in order to make the workplace safe as such.


Then this will be supplemented by posters. So do need to delete the word posters. So, something has to come with, it’s going to be some sort of communication and what sort of communication, graphical communication, because we learned that communication is of three, the types, three methods that you have, verbal communication will have written communication and you have graphical communication as such.

So, this will be supplement by posters, which will be in all the washrooms. So that means management is along with when you read this thing that it’s going to be supplement by posters. Now by to print these posters to buy these posters means what management is also showing it’s like intentions are commitment that yes, we’ll put in the resources, right.

To buy these posters and engine.That all the washrooms are having this sort of, posters as such the new hand, sanitizing procedures will be written and they will be relayed during remote computer team meetings and made available for reference on the company in front. So now are other things that is not only what sort of media are you having in the organization for promogatting health and safety information.

We are not really having the, notice for which you could find. We are also having the internet as such. We’re also having the email. Plus, you’re having video conferencing. So, you can see all this media electronic me. One is most electronic and one is like hard copy, like a hard like physically you can say like a notice as such.

So, the organization is making active use of all these kinds of things, right? For promogatting, creating awareness, spreading this health and safety information and making the workers as aware as such next, we will develop work instructions on social distancing measures. So subtle instructions you’re making and for social distancing measures as such, you will write a procedure for wearing personal protective equipment at work, especially when working in closed rooms.
So, you’re not, you are writing on these procedures means what safe method of working safe systems of work means. You’re developing a safe system of work. Eventually when, when the people come to the office, they should have a safe system of work, a safe way of working now with this. And like now returning to the office.

So, you’re developing all this and you are doing it because fine, you are the health and safety advisor, right? So, it is a part of your role and responsibility, which is being defined, but it must be set in the organization section of the policy as such. And then it’s stated that you will post additional social distancing measures.

To manage the transmission risk on the company. So, you, you are making so much use of this electronic, media start taking internet and everything to post all the sort of information as such the human resource, going to the next paragraph, the human resources manager. Will also update the first aid policy, the fire evacuation arrangements and other emergency procedures.

So, we are updating all of these things, right. So now when situations have changed, so these are all the parts of the policy, like not the first aid policy, the evacuation arrangements, emergency procedures. So, all these arrangements within the arrangement section of the policy, these all have to be updated, right?

So, we learned that, that the policy has to be, reviewed once in a year and you get such normally annually, but there are also other factors or other circumstances that may cause you to review the policy prior to the plan review data, right? So, these are the standing invoices showing you that well, this, this policy is going to be first policy will be updated.

Fire evacuation arrangements should be updated and emergency procedures. Now that you have taken to account, COVID like somebody gets infected. So of course, emergency procedures have to be updated as such. Then you are indicating that the reporting requirements for any virus-related ill health cases to the government authorities.

Fire evacuation arrangements should be updated and emergency procedures. Now that you have taken to account, COVID like somebody gets infected. So of course, emergency procedures have to be updated as such. Then you are indicating that the reporting requirements for any virus-related ill health cases to the government authorities.

So now there’s legal compliance. So, you indicate that the reporting requirements that I need to report to the government for any virus-related ill health cases to the government authorities, and these will need to be introduced and communicated to those, implementing that. So, you are also thinking on one aspect, you’re thinking how that can work safety in the office on the other aspect, you’re thinking, okay, how can I update the policy as such the third aspect. What is Nebosh is like showing you that you also thinking at how to maintain legal compliance with the authorities are searched by reporting then you and the facilities manager, you volunteer to carry out a detailed analysis and the Corresponding update of the health and safety management system.

So now you have a management system as such so many changes. Working practices have changed as. Right. You’re coming back to the same workplace, but because of all these factors, because of all these circumstances, you are now going to do a update of the health and safety management system. You’re going to analyze what all sections need to be reviewed as such.

And then you’ll accordingly update the management system. Going to the next paragraph, all those at the meeting, they agree that the implementation of all these modified procedures based on the risk assessment. Now, the risk assessment, which you have made will detail all the additional control measures.

Right. So, when you have these additional confirm means you have to do this within a particular time, then as such. So now you have to implement all these modified procedures and they’re going to be also part of your policy, whatever the controls are such and these things, right. They will need acknowledgement.

They will need understanding, and they will need application by all the workers, because now everybody has to follow. Right. Once it’s become a part of your policy as such once the approved all these controls, which are going to be like utilized or which going to come into effect on a daily basis, who’s going to like find who’s going to be affected at the, at the level as such all the workers in the office. Now, when you have to implement, uh, like when you have to implement these measures, We need some, like it’s stating they will get emphasis on training. So, like, it’s like, like certainly, like stated that look, you, you have these controls, your standards are going to be part of your policy. And because it’s part of your policy means it’s a safe method of working safe system of work is being updated or created a new sector, a new way of working in the office.

But. Once I’ve created the safe system about, I also need to implement it. I need to put it into action. So, before I put it into action, what do I need to do? I need to give people information. I need to give them instructions. And I also need to give them training as such. So there has to be some sort of emphasis on training with associated presentations, device and workshops.

So, you have to have some sort of workshops. You have to train them. You can’t bring the people into the office and then we’ll. At least first give them the information that what is the like new procedures, right? So, you have to, you have to disseminate, you have to spread this information, make them aware as such that when you come to the office, this is how it’s going to be.

This is the social distancing. This is the, you know, all these kinds of things you are giving this sort of information. Why for successfully implementation of tea, of the shared system, I found return back to office. Then there will be an expectation. Of course, there’s an expectation that supervisors and managers effectively implement and actively monitor the new arrangements.

Now there are new arrangements now, what are the new arrangements that you have? They have to be effectively implemented also. And once it is implementation is once it is live, once it is working as such, this has to be monitored. So, both things implementation and monitoring both have to be happening. And these happily will happen through how true schedules, behavioural safety observations, and safety news means.

Now people’s behaviours going to change. Like people are gonna hand sanitize. People are going to maintain social distancing. People are going to like, follow good hygiene measures. So, what is happening actually people’s behaviour is now being changed and because people’s behaviour has changed what we are like, so used to for the pandemic.

Now we are, it’s a different way of like different way of working. So now how to monitor that, how to like, you know, implement and monitor how to see that people are actually following it. So, the, the only way to foresee a stroke. Behavioural safety observations. And when you read the schedule means something that is happening on a regular basis gets scheduled and behavioural safety observations means something that you’re doing on a active monitoring, something on that proactive basis.

So Nebosh has given you two active monitoring methods. One is like safety inspections, which consists of scheduled behavioural safety observations. And the other is safety code. And which we know the safety tutors, it’s an unplanned, but it’s a routine inspection of the workplace. Via senior manager, and he takes around with him, maybe the supervisors about the right, but what you want objective to see, observe the workers’ behaviour to observe the work-based conditions to see what are the issues also shows the management’s commitment also shows like, you know, you, you can have some sort of consultation with the workers and, you know, take certain steps to direct whatever is not, not right.

Can we work resource such? Going ahead, the human resources manager, he naturally links this with an updated disciplinary procedure. Now, when you have, when you have procedure working procedure, but people’s behaviour, it’s more related to behavior because behavior has to change, right? The new working procedure, some people will follow, some people will resist.

Some people might forget different things. So, you need to also have to afford the enforce. Right. For the, for the enforcement of the safe systems of work, you need to have a disciplined procedure. And that has to be updated. Why? Because now new working practice has been introduced, so new working practices, so new updated discipline procedure.

So, both are going hand in hand as such. You respond to this by suggesting that significant changes at the organization will require time for the workers to adopt. Right? So now, now when you have to change behavior, right? When behavior, things have to change, like no, your behavior workers, behavior, people need time to adapt to people are not used to the pandemic.

People are not used to very masks. We are not used to sanitizing every now. But these things take time for the people to adopt as such and you are stating that there will need to be an acceptance that the new way of working will take some time to change behavior. Yes, of course, though. You have the procedures though.

You have given, information though. You have posters though. You have the instruction, the internet though, you have done team-based meetings, right. But all of this takes. To embed into our behavior. And finally, it has to become embedded in that culture means the way of working of this office, the way of working of this organization.

So, all of this is taking time. It’s a slow graduate process. Now this applies now generally, what is new serious? This applies, especially like we, especially to young workers, slowly read the word young workers in the mind as to come home, I heard the word young, young something like vulnerable workers, right?

They are the young workers. It as for the UK law is like someone between the ages of 15 to 18. Right. They might be just like, you know, like fresh from college as such doing their apprenticeship as such. So, they’re young workers and who may be far less directly affected by the virus as such. Right. So though, though, they are vulnerable for one sense, vulnerable about this as such.

But they, they may not follow the instructions as such, but they are also on the other hand, the virus has not affected the young people, right within the age group of like 15 to 18 as such. So, you also mentioned the need for device policies, for visitors and the control for the contractors. So now along with all along with, looking after your workers, we got, we also stated that the organization is also keeping into mind that revising the policy for visitors, right?
Because once you open the office, you are, you are a medium size insurance company. So, who’s going to come to your office, visitors. It can be your past clients. It can be current customers. It can be potential. You, customers who are permit to see that, can I have insurance for COVID as such? Like what was, you know, we’ll have more visitors coming in because now the office is opened up and also you need to control your contractors, which the contractors already mentioned in the, the scenario because you, you, as an employee or if the employee, they have a duty of gate toward the contractors such, right.

So, when they come to your site and they’re working in your site, you also have a duty of gate, third party, the contractors as such. So, you’re updating all of these policies. Then the managing director suggests that you and the facilities manager update. Policies before the next meeting. So, he’s said that we have discussed all of this in this meeting, right?

We have agreed on that and now we’ll update these policies, but for that next meeting, as such coming next paragraph, the organization is facing greatly reduced income caused by the impact of the pandemic on the economy. So definitely business is now down. It was not as before that like when you open the office, people would just walk in as such.
Now people be reluctant to like communicate with you or, you know, as such. So definitely their business has gone. The financial aspect has been affected as such. Now the plan virus measures will involve significant additional costs, initial and ongoing. So definitely enough. You have to buy posters; you have to do social distancing safety signs.

You have to invest into P BP. You invest into hand sanitizing. Lot of. Plus, you have to extend contract the contractors. So many things have to be so all of this is going to cost money, right? So, there is going to be initial cost also, and on ongoing cost, like every time every now and then refilling the hand sanitizers and providing room mass, because you, as an employer, you have to provide to the workers.

That means it’s going to be additional costs every now and then after provide them clouds every now and then after provide the workers with fresh masks when they come to the office. So, it’s all going to cost the organization money, right? So that these, all these measures will involve significant additional costs, initial cost, and the ongoing cost to the organization.

If you are going to fully implement them. So, the managing director is therefore exploring areas with savings can be made. So, every organization they’re looking out to health and safety, but they also want to see how we can, sustain the business at financially. Sustain the business. Also be profitable also at the, on the other hand.

So, it is almost time now to renew the occupational health and safety management system certification. And although the organization is rightly proud of it, that yes, we have a health and safety management system certification. The management director, the senior, most person sees this continuing the certification as one way to make a saving.

So, he sees that, well, this is something which is taking away is entering a lot of cost as such the certification. So, let’s try and. Right. So at least we can get some sort of savings from that. So, the largest, the Nebosh states that the largest external cost is the frequent audits connected by third party.

So, he sees that, well, this is something which is taking away is entering a lot of cost as such the certification. So, let’s try and. Right. So at least we can get some sort of savings from that. So, the largest, the Nebosh states that the largest external cost is the frequent audits connected by third party.

Now, when you’re having a third, when you’re having a management system, right, a certified, formal and certified management system, you’re going to have audits and you’re going to have internal audits and you’re going to have external audits and internet audits are going to be done by the staff of your own organization.
So, there’s not gonna even much cost, but when the external auditors are coming, it’s going cost your money. Right? So, because of this figment audits, which will be conducted by third party, the organization is paying out money and an external cost to them as such. So, you agree with the managing director that there are costs with the certificate we given the certificate, which is going to come from the certified.
The organization, which is going to certify you and give you the certificate that yes, you are certified to say ISO 45001, it’s going to cost money, right? So, there are costs with certification, but you argue that. Can you tell him that, look, if it’s done properly as such, these are outrage? So, these costs is almost outweigh as such by many benefits.
You get so many benefits from the cost that your little bit that you’re going to pay on the certification but these will be outweigh by many benefits, including reducing overall cost cluster business as such. So is that we are trying to convince them that say no, no, don’t answer the certification. Yes. On one hand, we are going to pay for the certification.
But on the other hand, there’ll be a lot of benefits overall benefits that will come across trust as such right with the organization. Point to the last paragraph. The managing director thinks that the external audits, they are unnecessary and they add little value because the organization already conducts regular workplace inspections.
So now nebosh just like, you know, it’s, it is leading to this area of like, no, like audits and inspections. So, it’s telling you that no, though external audits are like managing director. The senior, most person thinks it’s unnecessary. It adds little value, right? Because we are already doing workplace inspections, which is what, which is an active monthly method.
So, he finds that when you’re doing inspection, why should we spend on audit? Why should we spend external? So, they also question why external parties are used when their own workers could carry up audits at lower costs. So, he seeing thinking in this mind that when these people are doing the internal.
Right by can, they do also take an audit, they doing the same audit as such and plus they’re also want to work the safety inspections. So, you advise them, you’re telling him, you are telling the managing director that audits differ considerably from inspections. So basically, now this coming onto the subject, matter of a 4.3 audits and inspection, the differences.
So, you are highlighting, you are telling the managing director at mobile inspections are something different. Audit is something different as such. So, you highlight this by telling them that you could audit your workplace inspection process means you can do an audit of how the workplace inspection process is going on.
How are you doing it? What sort of checklist are you using? Show me a checklist. So, you can audit that whole process where you are doing a, maybe a weekly inspection process, but you can’t inspect. The audit process means a person who’s doing a workplace inspection. He will not inspect we have the audits to be done as such.
Right? So, you are giving him this sort of an analog as such. Now you always, you also come in at using internal auditors, right? Of course, when you have a health and safety management system, the auditing has to be done as part of this requirement of the standard. So, you’re going to have internal auditing and you’re going to have external auditing. So, the people are committed to internet audited. So, you are telling you, you are commenting that look by using internets, you may save the organization some money. You may save some money, but they’re not always the best people to lose.
Right? For what for basically for external audit such should keep the certification, right? So, they’re not their best people. So, with it. So, you get in the examination when you get the paper as such the first feeding. You’re not able to absorb a lot of information. Right? So, take a break. You, you, you have the first reading.
Take a break. Fine. Just go get up because it, it may take you half an hour of 20 minutes, 25 minutes to gradually read the paper as such. Take a break. Unwind, come back again and go through a second meeting. Don’t go. Don’t just jump onto the questions. Right. Because once you start reading the questions, it’s going to like come to mind.
Well, where is the answer? Question means your mind starts running onto the answer. So have a first reading, have a second reading, take a break as such, come to the third reading, have a third, at least higher suggest people at least do a third reading. If you’re comfortable, , reading on the laptop as such or your computer such fine.
If you’re old school type like me, I would prefer to like, take a hard copy of it. And I would like to, I go hard, like I’m old school type as such, right. I was not on the laptop. So, I’m more, I like something more physical. So, if you can get a printout as such. Old school type. I like always a ruler as such, so have a ruler or a good paper and a couple of pens.
So, as you are reading this, sometimes you can even just like, you know, with different colored pens, like extract little information because the whole, the whole idea of open book exam is the ability to extract information. If you can extract information clearly and correctly and analyze this information, then formulating the answers is just like, no, it’s just it’s it becomes very easy as.
So, the first thing, first strategy, read the paper, take a break, read a second time, take a break, read a third time, take a break. And if you’re reading, if you’re going like a hard copy, or if you have a note book as such, right. Try to like know, note down some points or like, you know, try, try to like analyze extract information, see, read between the lines and see, oh, this means there’s this means status such.
Right? So, start building up those kinds of things, right? The habit search of analysing the information. Just
going ahead now coming to the question. So of course, now maybe you have done the reading as such. Now you come down to the questions as such. Now when you come to the questions, how are the questions now normally have this kind of task? What is that task? Meaning? Task means data is telling you what is a theme of the question as such and under the task.
We have these kinds of questions. So, like task them. I’m just going to read through each question, all the questions first. And then I go step by step with each question, extracting the information, taking the subject matter, directing the answers as such. So, task number one is managing the risk for those who are working from home.

Question Paper Model


So, question number one, comment on the organization’s approach to managing risk. To those working from home. So now Nebosh is asking you what the word comment, whenever we hear the word comment as such, where does a mind first group of comment, something has to be negative in nature, right? So, comment, like I comment on your work.
I in manager comments on how the performance, so something to improve with fault finding, but you, when you come for an examination as such, when you, when to comment on something, you have to keep your mind open, open, say commenting. Commenting on the positive aspects, also commenting on the negative aspects also
so, you have to keep your mind open to both these aspects, commenting as such, and then coming down as such when, onto the right side, you see those marks, right? So, it is 10 marks in both. You watch just put the marks in both. So, if it’s 10 marks, you saw the start of the question paper at each, each, point that you write correctly, you open to get one mark for it.
And as I said, I repeat that there is no negative marking, so there’s absolutely no negative marking. So even if you don’t write something correctly, you’re not gonna lose the mark as such. And then coming down right below the question, you see some sort of a note and again, Nebosh has put the word note in the bold as such that note you should support your answer means your answer has to be supported wherever applicable means where our technic, as far as possible, we would say that we are applicable using relevant information from SIM.
That means. Nebosh is wanting you to first extract information, use that part of the information. Maybe it can be a few words of one word, part of sentence as such use. Combine your comments, join them together and then formulate to answer such. So, this is what we want you to do. That means Nebosh is putting it in bold and stating that look, if you want the mark, it’s not really just writing or comment.
I don’t want to comment. I also want to comment to be mixed with the information form scenario, and I want them both to be joined together as such then only I’m going to give you that one. So many candidates said, well, I wrote very well, but Nebosh never gave me any mark. So, so they exam never given me any mark.
Why? Because nebosh like you, you trained, or you did not focus on the second line as such. What is Nebosh asking you to do that you should, and when I say should means what that’s an obligation upon you, it’s like you shall do it, it is a past tense shall that you have to do it. If you want that mark, I want you to use the relevant.
I want you to use the supporting information. Okay. Going ahead first, I’m just going to read down all the questions as such, right. And then I’ll come on through analysing the questions as such. Okay. I’m going to task number two.
So, the task means the team, the overall theme of the question as such now task number two is communicating health and safety as such.
So now question number two, effective communication it’s essential to positively influence health and safety culture. So we could, we learned that from element number three, that you need, if you want to improve culture, right. How do you improve the culture? You need communication and effective companies.
So, communication has to be effective as such, and then you are seeing another kind of aligned another kind of word, and just gonna highlight this. And it’s stated based on the scenario one. So, I’m gonna put that in yellow and I’m just gonna scroll up and also put this note. You should support your answer.
Where applicated music relevant information from someone So put, I highlighted these two parts as such now coming here on the second question, based on the scenario means keeping your mind to the scenario, keeping a reference to the scenario, give examples, NEBOSH asking, give me examples of how communication is used effectively by the means.
Are they using this communication? For an effective means, like for your work process, like how we’re using it, like more to benefit you as such and nebosh is created that. I want this, this the 10-mark question means you have to keep in mind that I need at least minimum 10 points as such going ahead. Task number three.
Benefits of certification to an ISO 45000 by ISO occupation, health and safety management system standard to the organization. nebosh is stating that okay. Is talking about to do with element two, but what is a benefit of having this health and safety management system as such? So, question number three states, what arguments could you use to help the managing director?
So not arguments. One is commencing. One is arguments. So, what arguments could you use to help the management director? Understand the benefits to the organization of maintaining occupation, health and safety management system certification. So now the managing director, we could see in the scenario as such, but the managing director, he wanted to get read of the certification.
Why? Because was a cost to the organization, right? You were saying that is the greatest external cost having the certificate. Let’s get rid of it, but you are saying no, no, no. Don’t get rid of it because why though it costs little money as such, but the little bit of investment that we will do, but the overall benefit is much bigger.
So now nebosh is stating that now you keep your argument means you are arguing with the manager director. We’re trying to convince him. So, to, in order to convince him, you need some arguments, like you have to argue, like, you know, put forth some sort of convincing points as such. So, what arguments or what convincing points or what sort of like supporting, like not convincing, points you can put to them MD to tell him that no, these are the following benefits of the health and safety management system certification. And again, coming down again, nebosh has stated note, you should support your answer. We applicable using relevant information from SIM. So, I, again, the listen S right, so just highlighting first, let’s see the theme of the questions let’s understand the theme.
So, when you, when you, get the question paper first due at test scenario, several. Go through all the questions first, just to first absorb what was, is going to go last in this exam, coming onto task, number four, applying further control measures. So that means now something to do with risk assessment and that in your risk, you have to apply further measures as such.


Right? So, something to do with element 3.4, like in your mind, you’ll get the theme of it as such. So, coming to task number. Based on the scenario. So again, I’m going hypothetic based on the scenario, right? So, I’m gonna put this over in yellow. So based on the scenario, what administrative measures are the organization planning to take that would limit the spread of the virus and keep workers safe and healthy.
So now, nebosh has put and you can see if you observe, I’m just gonna zoom in and repeat administrative measures and they parti little bit in eye. Some you to put this in the research, right? Those not, but I’m just, just highlighting means. Yeah. We know that when you did the measures, when you want to implement the control measures, you need to go as for the hierarchy of controls.
Now, when you’re going as for the controls, what is it? This elimination, there is substitution. There is engineering controls, there’s admin controls, and then you’re coming onto PTs option. I should. What are the administrative measures? So, you’re put in highlight and like it, that’s, it just focus on admin measures.
I don’t want to do focusing on engineer measures. And there’s a reason that when you, like, when they’re putting like an it, they want you to have some sort of like, keep a focus to don’t give me other controls as such. I don’t want, I don’t want this. I don’t, I just want to keep admin measures as. So, what administrative measures are the organization planning now see the word over planning.
So, I’m gonna even highlight the survey because when we come to the answer, when it comes to formulating the answer, the, the understanding of the question is important. What is it being planned means something that is like, there’s an intention to do? It’s not something that is already in place. It is some sort of intention.

That they will do. They will plan to limit the spread of the virus. That’s the first thing. And also, to keep the workers safe and healthy. So, two things I want to control the, I want to like control the hazard as such. Right. And I also want to fulfil my responsibility of keeping the people safe as such.

Right. So, I want to fulfill my moral responsibility and my legal responsibility of keeping the people safe as such. So, two things, two aspects, right. And nebosh has giving you this question for 20 marks as such. Okay. Coming ahead, going to task number. Task number five, the it’s stating influencing behavior to improve the performance.

So how you can influence the behavior to improve the performance. Now, when you’re talking of influencing behavior, improve performance means we learned it in like element number three, that certain kind of things, something that is influencing what can be influencing behavior, certain kind of factors.

And we learned about human factors. So, like you can get the theme like, okay, now nebosh is asking me on human factors and improving. Performance means health and safety performance. How the behavior, if I influence the behavior, how ultimately improve the performance of the organization. So, question number five, when workers eventually return to working in the office with new measure centers, right?

So, they’re coming on with new measures. They will need to adopt two new behaviours. Definitely like example like today we know with the pandemic, we are adopted to a new behavior of washing our hands and sanitizing. So, it’s, it’s a change in the behavior. So, when the people are going to come to the office as such, there will be new controls in place.

They will need to adopt with new behaviours as such. Right? So, you think, you think you feel you as a health and safety advisor. So, you feel that the organization will be effective in positively influencing this behavior change. Now when the human factors are there, they are influencing the behavior. And when we learned it, how is it influencing?

How do the human factors influence the behavior either in a positive way or in a negative way? So, you, I think how is the point effect be effective and positively influence me behavioural change as such, but now they’re asking you justified. So now they’re saying justify why you believe this using example from the scenario only to support your justification.

So, you could see one on one hand, they’re asking your comments. On one hand, they asking you, arguments on one hand, they asking you to justify. So, we see these words as such. So various words are used as such, right to like, you know, in the question as such. So now we have to justify why you believe that with some examples.

That this organization will be effective in positively influencing this behavior change. But when you read this question as certainly you like reflected the question you learned about human factors, but you nebosh not asked me. I learned three factors. I learned human factor, in human factors. I learned about organizational factor.

I learned about job factor. I learned about individual factor, but no one in the question.

You find that, which factor is it being asked as such, right. So, yeah. So, justify means this question tells you that, oh, it’s looking for a very broad justification as such, right? So broad justification means like something that I have to focus on, all the kind of factors, how like, and we learn that all the factors are linked to each other.

Like there’s a common link between that. So, we can focus on that common link. Then coming onto task number six. Right. And, and this is for 15 marks, as of means you need to have 15 points as such and then need to see that 15 mark as such, you know that well, if, if you was to ask me only on one factor, like, you know, maybe organization factor as such, there won’t be so many points.

Or maybe if they ask me only the job factor, won’t be so many points. So definitely looking at the mark. You are getting this sort of an idea such that, well, it’s a combination of all this, right? And nobody has mentioned only organization factor, only job factor. Only a neutral factor means it’s a sum that you have to bring everything together.

Consolidate the student head, present it as a 50-mark answer section. Okay. Going ahead, coming onto task number six, task six states checking the management system effective must. Now, the theme has changed. Like the, of the question is to auditing as such element 4.3. So, task number six, question number six, I’m just gonna, increase a, a form to year.

So, task number six, the managing director appears to be confused about audits inspections and who, and those who carried them out. So definitely we could see in the last two paragraphs that he seems to be quite confused as such now. Advise the managing director on part is a certain type in the questions to part a and part B as such.

So, part a, the differences between an audit and a workplace inspection and invoices stated for 10 marks and part B the benefits of using third party auditors rather than internet workers for carrying out health and safety audits of the management system. And they put for finance months. But now when you look at this question

and when you just browse the question paper, all the, parts that I have, highlighted, let’s take, let’s take this off a step and just want to take this off. Okay. And when you look at the question paper, all the areas which have highlighted note, you should support your answer. Based on the scenario note, you should support your answer based on the scenario.

Even this is. Using examples. Right? So, I’m just gonna highlight this over using examples from the scenario only to support your justification means based on the scenario means something looking into the scenario such. So even this I’m highlighting as such, but come to this last question, I don’t seem to find within this question as such anything where it tells me to like focus onto the scenario search, it’s just staying with the team from that scenario.

But the question doesn’t seem to have any kind of these supporting, like, like points, like using examples, based on the scenario note, you should support your answer where applicable using relevant. So, it’s not asking me anything of that stuff. So, this sort of question seems to be more to do with theoretical based more do with that subject matter as such, right.

Nothing to do. Nothing is not even asking me, to extract any information or use some sort of supporting information one. So, it’s just not asking me to do that as such. Okay, let’s go ahead. Then commit to task number seven, identifying the data. Use to monitor health and safety performance. So now when you want to analyze the performance, you need some sort of data and this data is going to help you to analyze how is my performance, how do that perform in the whole year?

How is my organization doing research? So, I need some sort of data. So that’s a theme coming to task. Number seven. The organization needs to determine the effectiveness of it, health and safety performance. So now we need to determine the performance. You are having a health and safety management system.

It is a formal, and it is a certified system as such. So now we have determined performance how well we are doing though. We have all these arrangements at the workplace, though. We are taking all this control measures. How can I be performing? So again, coming to, based on the activities means something to go based when I’m saying based on the activities, which based on the scenario.

So based on the activities actual or planned in the scenario. So sometimes Nebosh might not say based on the scenario, but they might even like slightly twisted around and say, based on the activities actual or planned the scenario, what could you collect? So that means you have to collect something and what you can use as health and safety performance indicators in the organization.

And ascertain question as such. I’ve gone through all the questions. So at least I’ve got like, once you read the scenario, then you come down to the questions and I’ve got a clear picture that, well, these are the seven questions. It’s going to a hundred marked paper after I attend all the questions as such.
And I’ve got a, like a fair, like fair idea of like what nebosh is going do, ask me as such

Question Paper Style


now coming. What is a style? What is a theme? I saw certain. A theme. Right. And just put a zoom out, a set. I saw some sort of a theme as such that supporting based on the scenario, supporting the answer based on the scenario, using examples based on the scenario. And one question as such, just not asking me to do that as such.


So, I. First, we need to understand for those kinds who are new, like what is like, what is the journal theme of questions at the Nebosh IGC examination as such? So, coming up just made a little small click right up as such, but what are the styles? What are the Nebosh OBE questions style as such? So, there are two styles of questions.

One is known as an application-based question means something to apply, apply means evidence, information. Or focusing onto the center. So, application based and the other kind of a question is known as a theoretical base means more to do with a theory cyber search. So, what is an application-based question?

An application-based question means you will see in their question as searching the question paper, two sort of information. One is not, you should support your answer where applicable using relevant information from scenario, which we saw, which are highlighted in yellow colour. And the second thing you saw also based on the scenario, so you are seeing either of them.

So, when you see either of them, when you see this note, you should support your answer. You see relevant information or based on the scenario means immediately a mind up that these are application means it requires me to apply something to the question or the advanced as such means applications. So

Let’s let’s first understand what is the difference between the two that both are application discussion, but one Nebosh has used the word note and you could see in the question paper that when they put note as such, we have taken the little extra effort for stating that when I say note, I’m putting it into big, bold letters, like I’m putting the dark bold means I’m trying to attention.

Whereas when I look at this on the scenario, it’s not put into bold as such, right? So, they’re saying, okay, you can focus as. Yeah, neighbour has taken that full extra effort just to draw your attention like a blinker, you can say as such but note, you should, as such like you should, that way means. So, it’s telling you some sort of a, like some sort of an obligation that is putting upon you.

Okay, let’s go. I understand this for coming ahead. Note, you should support your answer using relevant information from the scenario. So, remember now, what does it mean? Like, how would you analyze this? How would you understand this as such? And this is a, this is a common theme among all the OBE papers, which you have seen in the past as such or discussed, or, like no gone through such.


So, your, what is NEBOSH looking? Your NEBOSH is looking for you to pick up information on evidence on the scenario and use it to support the answer, use this information to support it. That is why they specifically mentioned this line. Usually at the end of the question, which you could see. The question is dead and always at the end of the question, it’s never at the start.


It’s always at the end of the question where they said, you, you should support your answer. Now, what is the meaning of the word should right. English language, like, like should made mass shade and all these kinds of things. So, it is used to indicate some sort of an obligation or a Duty’s such you should do this, right?
So, it is some sort of an obligation upon you it’s being put up on you. So, it is your duty as such to support your answer. Using relevant information from scenario, meaning in short, I would say that it is mandatory for you, like, to do this wherever applicable. And Nebosh just stated very of applicable means it doesn’t state that every single point of your answer should have supported information.

No. They have also used this tool that wherever applicable, as far as possible. Now, wherever you can find the sort of information that you can use it and like supplement it to answer this information wherever applicable, as far as possible, whatever you can find, please use it as far as possible. And so it, it, it also opens up one possibility that yes, you can write some answer, but we may not have some sort of supporting information as such, but that answer reflects upon the question being asked that it is supporting your, one of your points of the answer that you’re showing some sort of an understanding as such.

So that’s, when has stated that better, the applicable as far as possible as such going on to the next one. So, this is we, we got an understanding of. No, you should support your answer coming onto to the second tab, type is based on the scenario only. And we saw that these words based on the scenario, it’s not showing that it’s not having any kind of, involved as such.

So, when you see these words, which is based on the scenario only you must understand that nebosh is expecting you to write your answers. That is based upon the given scenario needs. Keep your focus on the scenario and write your answers. Keeping the scenario. My needs always keep it in mind as such.

Yes. Yeah. You might say, does it need to have supported information maybe little bit, maybe not necessary, but something related to the scenario. So, they want you to keep a focus onto the scenario, whether. You have that information, you have a supporting information, or you may not have the supporting information, but it is something relevant to the group.

Not something that is just like abstract as such soon. They want to be related. They want to be connected to the Scenario into the answer as such, in which you may, you may use some sort of supporting information or you can blend it into your answer as such. Whereas the other type of question is like from application-based question, we come to the other type of question, which is more asked theoretical based question.

Theorotical Based Question


Now, what is a theoretical based question? How do you identify this kind of question? Is that in such type of a question, Nebosh is simply testing your deeper and your critical understanding of the subject matter in the question means they have, they’re taking some, there are some, the topic they’re extracting from element one to four, and they, they wanted to test your understanding, your theoretical understanding.

Of a subject matter where you they’re taking that, the difference between audit and inspection as such. So, they were saying, okay, can you tell me what is the difference? But of course, it’s also the theme of scenario, but they want you to show like what you understand, what is the difference between audit?

What is the difference between an inspection or like, what is the, like, what is the benefit? If I use external auditors over internal auditors, you know, some sort of thing. So, yeah. Write your answers as such that show to the examiner with clarity. Now you have to show with some sort of clarity, your thorough understanding, a clear understanding in a very crisp, in a very clear and a very concise manner because why nebosh states?

I have a word count, right? So, I wanted to fit into the word. Yes. If I, if you exceed a bit as such here and there, it’s fine. But not something like, make it double as such like 6,000 words. Yes. Okay. You may cross from 3020 to maybe 30350 ,30370. Okay. It’s fine. The version, not saying I’m not penalizing, no one had this dated as such, but try to keep it, try to keep it as crisply as such, right.

Just like someone on reads understands. And it gets that thing that yes, you have a clear understanding of this subject now. And in these theoretical based questions, we will not find so put over, you will not find in, in capital letters, block capital that either of the below statements as part of the question.

So, what do you will not find? In theoretical based question, you will never find this. You should support your answer where applicative using relevant information, or you will not find this thing based on the scenario. Right? So, you could see now, like, from like, looking for this little small chart, which I prepared as such that when I, again, go back to the question paper, I could see something related to the scenario related to the scenario related to the scenario or related.

So that means now you’re getting an understanding that bulk of the question paper. Right. And how many marks have been allotted for this theoretical based question? Only 10 to 15 marks. Right? Sometimes when you, when you, now that you understood the theme of the question, and when you go back at all the past questions, Nebosh only keeps about 10 to 15% or 10 to 15 marks as such maximum for a theoretical based question remaining the 90, or you can say 85 to 90% of the paper on 85 to 90% of the marks, you can say 80 to 90.

Marks they’re all application-based questions. Right? So, you, now you are getting your first clear understanding that any kind of OBE whichever I’m going appear for I’ve already uploaded for a search or not clear data as such. I am going my mind has to be focused more on two, referring to the scenario means extraction of information is important using that information, combining my comments, justification, arguments as such and formulating my answers.

So then only I’m going to get them up. Otherwise, I’m not gonna get them. Otherwise Nebosh is saying, oh, even if you’re written a comment, but it’s not having supporting information. So why should I give you a mark when you have not followed what I require you to follow as such? And that’s where the candidates sometimes fault that the art of the combining and joining this group information together.


If you feel something is easy and you want to do that. Go ahead by all means as such. And so, I’m just taking, I’m starting with question number one. Now, when you start with question number one, like example, managing risk, for those working from home comment, from the organization’s approach to managing risk to those working for home, and you saw is an application-based question that I need to support my answers such.

Right. So now, what, what is the art of doing this? But I can’t get it’s. It, it doesn’t make any sense. Just jumping on writing the answer. You’re not able to get any information. So, first thing is that extraction of information. That means from the scenario as I like, or like, if I printed like a scenario, so I need to extract this information on.

Right. First, I have to like go systematically through the scenario and see what are the, what are the ways, or what are the approaches that manage. Organization is doing to like, managing the risk as such, but I also sometimes need to read the question very thoroughly and see that the organization’s approach to managing the risks

to those working from home means lack. Now have to be focused onto that part of the, scenario such where there is a, where people are working at home, they’re exposed to certain kind of risk. And how is the man organization managing those risks? So certain times when you start, once you let the whole questions as such, when you pick up the first question second.

Yeah. At that time break the question down into small parts, ask yourself like, you know, read it through times and. Have I understood what does, Nebosh asking me that they’re asking me my comments and they’re asking my comments on what they’re asking me? Comments on how the organization is approaching to manage its risk.

What is the, what, what is the approach means? What is the way in which we are like looking into the risk managing this risk? Right. So, what is the approach to the risk as such and for what, for those working for home means? I’m not concerned. You said, I, I want to focus on the home working part. What is the second part?

The second part of. Working from office needs returned to the office, but I don’t want you to focus there. I want you to keep a focus only on the whole working part as such, so commenting organizations approach for managing the risk, but only focus on the home part as such. So now you have like, let’s read the question once I understand the question means, you know, where to like where to focus into the scenario.

So go back to that part of the scenario, but coming back down instead of jumping for see or application base. So, when you have this application base as such now, whichever way you study as such, you might be doing it. You might want to formulate to answer on the laptop. If you’re, if you’re like a more, a digital person as such or more digital, you familiar that you can focus on, right.

Or if you’re like tool types, I would probably take pencils or take pens as such and start first, like not extracting out underlying highlight. Mark. I’ll just write, maybe just take full stamp papers. Like I have a bunch of papers on my desk for such, and I like to write like the pickup information.

So, my first thing, my approach, whenever we have application-based questions, his first thing is extract, pull up information, break it, dissect it. No like, you know, like no, break it up into small parts, extract this information. So, if you like to go up to a PDF and go up and down, up and down, fancy. Okay, fine.

If you like to have hard copy, like bomb, whole school type. I prefer that it’s much easier with me using a ruler taking line by line, line by line. I’m asking myself line by line. Is there information, is this something that I can use as such, you know, so take go a very systematic approach. Don’t just search random.

Because you gonna waste time. You, you are just gonna get lost as such also, and then you’re not going to be able to extract information. So go very systematic, have a very disciplined approach because time is very important. You need time to rest. You need time to like, not eat. You need time to take a break.

You need time to just stretch from the chair as such, right? So, you, time management is important. So, I manage to support it. So how we can manage time, unless you have some sort of a discipline and a discipline. Even extracting information is required itself. So, coming over here, I’m going a little bit down.

Okay. And, and now what I’ve done is how like I’m presenting myself. Cause now of course it’s in a version mode set. So, I’ve extracted this information now. Right. And I’m just gonna calm down a little bit. So, I’ve taken each question. I’ve taken each question now, and I’m just showing you that first, my, what is my first approach?


My first approach was extracting of information. So, I took the first question and I said, okay, let’s first hunt for evidence because why Nebosh is stating that I need to support my answer using relevant information. So, I need to hunt for evidence first, unless I have the evidence, unless I have this information, then all I’ll be able to support my answer and write a good answer.

And then I can say, oh, I can get the smart for that. I can like. Say yes, I should pick them up for the question. So, I’ve come to the evidence part of it now, looking at this, question where, where, where could I first just pick up the, like when I’m looking evidence, don’t focus on words, pick up sentences, ask yourself is it can just be some evidence.

Can this be something as such, even if you have a doubt or so, pick it up, right? Because you may not be bettered. The first approach. You might have to go one reading, second reading with each question, going through the scenario and picking up and asking yourself. Can this be some evidence, sometimes the evidence you might pick up, you may not use it.

Maybe say, no, it’s not relevant as such. It’s fine. So, let’s start in the first one, right. Coming into evidence. So now I’ll pick up this evidence right now, just like put it into a neat, like a format as such. So, what is the evidence in which like, which I’m stating that how is the organization. Managing the risks to those working from home.

So, the first thing I would say is like, what is, how, how the risk be managed when you manage your risk means what you are focusing on. Some sort of control measures. Certain organization is like putting into place something. So, the primary I could see from the scenario, primary control measures that are recommended against the spread.

The virus are keeping a physical distance between the people called social distancing journal hygiene measures, frequent hand washing or hand sanitizing and regular cleaning and decontamination of surfaces. So that’s my first information. I extracted that out. Then I could sign, oh, that because of this hazard, there could be a measure.

So, there could be some sort of face mask. So, there’s very face mask that cover the mouth and the nose is also recommended in some circumstances and as an additional measure. Okay. That’s my under evidence extracted first, pull out evidence. Right. Pull out all this, like bring out all the evidence, right?

If you like in an diary, write front paper or use word or use notepad or whatever, such, just pull out the evidence. And, like if those are working digitally as such, you don’t have to spend time typing as such, because when you go to the question paper, this question paper is not some secure PDF document.

So, I, I always tell the candidates, well, if you find some information as such, like you can just work the question paper, you can just highlight this and you can copy it and say, example I’m opening note at, as such. And I’m just. Just pasting this information. So, you can have, you have this information on notepad and just extract it.

And you can just photo the example. This is question number one, and this is the I’m just putting away first, the evidence as such and make a list of all the evidence as such, this is my evidence that is my evidence. So, you can even work digitally, can work faster if you’re conversing or if you like to work like on hard copy, like, you know, I prefer use paper and pen or pencil as such more.

I use paper and pencil. I pay for. Any approach, right? So, you can do either of the approaches or such. Okay. I’m just closing this coming back down again.

Okay. Coming here. So, evidence now for the first question, what is the evidence as such? So, coming here, the primary control measures that are recommended against the spread of the virus are. Keeping a physical distance between people called social distancing journal, hygiene measures, frequent hand, washing or hand sanitizing and regular cleaning and decontamination of surfaces.

Second thing is like wearing face masks that cover the mouth. So, it’s a, it’s, it’s a way of managing the risk, right though, you’re at form also that is a guidance. So, I said, okay, it might be, it might be relevant. I picked it up as such. Then I also found that whole company has a certification to an internationally recognized occupation health and safety management system standard. Right? So, we have some sort of certification. So, this system, right, the system requires me to have a risk assessment to control the risk. So, I said, okay, that can be some sort of evidence. Let’s pick that up. Also. Then I found that, in order to control the spread of the virus through physical contact and protecting the people, you and all other office workers are following current government instructions to work from home.

So that’s another way of managing that is that you are following the instructions. So, it’s a mental. Right to prevent your contacting the virus as such. So then yeah, I found that’s evidence. Let’s pick it up. Then I felt that reading it, that there’s a written, a written procedure and guidance are best factors to work at home.

Right. Control measure for managing the risk. So, I said, okay, that’s evidence. Then I found that, people going to work from home. And I also have to think of the risk. So, one, one risk, one hazard is like, okay, the virus. But when people are going to work at home. And when I read that line, including workstation set up in a home working environment, now environment has changed.

So now people are going to work at home. So, I’m thinking in my mind. Oh, okay. So, it’s not only the COVID as such, but when people are going to work for eight hours sitting at home, sitting in a chair, maybe the chair is like a plastic chair. Not economic as such. You can’t adjust it. You can’t like learn around the such.

No. So definitely it’s going to affect. Back as such neck so ergonomics is to get affected. So that’s what that is. And also, I’ve seen that how, how, how I have to also give some sort of comments as to how it is being managed. So, this now people are working at home. So now this control measures, the guidance has to be also distributed to people.

Awareness has to be given because everyone’s remote. I said, yeah, that’s what evidence pick it up. Then I found that, okay. Organization is making widespread use of technology to enable remote Chrome work, including video conferencing facilities for business meetings and client contacts. Yeah. That’s information.

That’s evidence. Okay. Let’s pick that up also. And then I found that organizations also concerned about the workers, mental health. Yeah. That’s also of the thing that one, one I’m thinking about, COVID one, I’m thinking about the health physical health, but the other thing I’m thinking also about the mental health.

So that’s also evidence in the center that I have to organization also has a moral duty of care status. Right. So, organization is also concerned about the workers, mental wellbeing, this new way of working and, and I’m also taking, like extracting information that, yeah. How, how are they doing it as such, right?

How are they managing that risk even that is a risk to the worker is going to affect, right? So how are they managing that, that they have scheduled the management team task, asked each department to schedule short 30-minute computer-based team meetings on a weekly basis. So that’s a control.

So, I can use that as a command, as such supporting information. And why are they doing that? What is the intention? So, the intention is to maintain social contact. So, I want social contact means so that it can I though I’m managing the risk also just benefit. Right. Remote working is social and contact is being there.

And it’s also foreign today’s concerns right now. What’s gonna happen this because you’re having a management system. So definitely will, has to have some sort of consultation. People are, have to raising the complaints, concerns, issues, problems, whatever stuff. And also finding this evidence that one to one meeting can be arranged for those reluctant to discuss things during the meeting.

So that’s another way that okay, your, your wellbeing, your mental wellbeing is speaking. You don’t want to talk in the formal meeting. Okay. As a management, as a management, I’m thinking, okay, you can even discuss with you personally. So that’s just some sort of waste, some sort of information. So, I’ve picked up all of this information.

I’ve extracted this sort of information. Now, once you extract this information, like now, just like, no, Because of this virtual mode as such, I just like brought this whole information together as such. Now the approach is once we have this information, whether it’s on written on paper or it is on notepad or in the word as such, now you have to use this evidence.

Why? Because Nebosh has stated that when you start writing the answer. I need you to take parts of this evidence and use it and write my answers. I said, so now I’m going to use this evidence. I’m going to like, know, write my answers and let you start joining them together. So, it’s a very slow process, right?

Because now you’re formulating and this, this process of when you join the evidence. With your comments with your justification, with your arguments. This is a time-consuming little process, but it becomes easier on 100 it’s time consuming. Yes. It takes time to like, know, write the way Chrisp, clear, you know, like, you know, but on the other hand it becomes easier because you already have the theme to the answer.

You already have you already have what you’re going to focus your answer on. So, you have the subject matter subject matter, you extracted, but now we just have to like formulate and like, you know, nicely blend it into making that answer. So, this, this is a little art as such, right. And which you have to, like, you know, like 88 comes true.

You just have to Polish it, Polish it, Polish it. So, kind of defining as such. All right. So, what I’ve done is I’ve written the answer up as such, and I’m just gonna read, right? So, you already, you know, already the evidence, you already know the points as such. Right. And I’m just gonna read, like, if I, like, if I were to answer this, like, how would I answer this sort of question was okay.

So, coming on. So, whenever I, a good, a good way, a professional way that when you have a question as such, right. The examiner. Yes, of course. He’s going to have the question paper; he’s going to have your answer sheet. Right. And so, he, he knows, he knows the exam. He knows that scenario search, but still as a professional way, Like, you know, like answering right.

And your papers gonna go somewhere in the world. Somebody’s gonna to read it. Somebody’s gonna check it as such. It’s always nice as a strategy. Tell that open the answer with a part of the question means use a little, like the question as a theme of the question in opening the answer. So, what, like example, like this asked, aware, what, what are your, what give comment on the organization’s approach to managing risk for those working from home?

So, NEBOSH should ask to command. So, you state that you open the answer stating that my commence on the organization’s approach to managing risk to those working from home, right. Are like as follows ourselves. So open. Right open each, how many words will go maximum 10 words, five or 15 words. Fine. It’s okay. No problem.

But like case said, those are like a nice, clear, you know, approach and then you don’t have to like, again, keep repeating my comments. My comment, mind this as such. So, you already started that, open it up in, we starting the answer as such now coming on. Now, when you write your answers, right, it’s always nice.

Don’t make it into paragraph. Right, because it’s always nice to have it in point form. How always contend said, put it in point form, right? Like point number one point number two point. If I want to put it in bullets, put it in bullets. I find two points at, at, for points. I said why? Because at, at the end of the date, when I write me answer, like when I’m writing the question, I know.

Okay. It’s a 10-mark question. Like when I have the question paper, when I’m reviewing the question paper, And I saw, oh, it’s a 10-mark question. I’m looking, oh, it’s a 10-mark question means I just had to have minimum 10 points. So, when I’m having the bullets as such, then I have to keep counting. How many bullets were there?

How many dots were there? One, two or three. Four. And you don’t have to keep doing that over and over the exam. So, for that strategy, I prefer, I prefer numbers, but if you still prefer bullets, go ahead. Find whatever you fancy. AS Such. So, I prefer numbers, so it helps me to put it. Okay. It’s a 20-mark question.

I should have minimum 20 minimum message or like you come into. Now come to the part number electron number one. So, each. And I always tell candidates, like, look, give, have a nice profession. Look in you’re on second template. So, like leave a line, leave a blank plan between two points, right? Because the examiner is also going to read so many papers in the day.

These are tiered as such, right? So sometimes he’s just going browse through and read as such, you know, so you want him to actually see the information with clarity and nice press connect points as such. He knows. Okay. The question moment is gonna be 10 marks I need 10 points. I need to give you 10 marks or such for that.

Right. So, so make it easier, make his life easy also, right? Make him happy also. And you also give a nice clean profession look. So, both ways like, you know, biases, like make each other happy. Now come to the partner 0.1 as such management has now, how, how been the manage, organizations approach to managing the risk.

So, management has actively implemented current government instructions to work from home in order to control the state of the virus for physical contact. Right. And protect his workers. So now what did they do in this thing? I took one point. So, what is the evidence on scenario? That evidence was that there was current government instructions to work from home.

Right? So, this.
Example, we gonna highlight this. There was current government instructions to work from home as such, and you could see evidence part of the same part of these answers having evidence. And if I were to just go up over there and just go up as such, I’m not go for all the answers, but just showing the first thing I said, like current government instructions to work from home.

So that’s one thing that means to manage the risk, right? I’m following the guidance. I’m following the instructions and I need to work from home. So means my answer is like, before this have extracted information, you don’t have to highlight this evidence as such or in the mistake. No, if you want to fine, you’re not gonna get any extra answer such, but the exam is when is going to read your answer, he’s going to see, does this answer have something related to that scenario?

Does it have supporting information as such? So, I just wanted to show for one of them, like how I extract. Where does this information in that scenario? Such okay. Coming on down. Okay. And I’m gonna make this a little, better, nice. Just zoom out, zoom in as such so that it looks better on your screen.

Some might be on mobile. Some might be on the laptop so you can read. Clearly. So, I’ve opened the answer. My comments on the organization’s approach to managing risk to those working from home artist follows point number one, management has actively implemented current government instructions to work from home in order to control the spread of the virus through physical contact and protect us workers.

So that’s first thing. So, I’ve used information. Second, the primary confirms measures that are recommended against the spread of the virus, such as keeping physically distanced between people channel hygiene, and they are incorporated into a written procedure and guidance on best practice for homework.

And so, I’ve used this information have made, it can be whole sentence that you can extract. And then I’ve stated that all of this guidance that was given that I’ve taken official guidance. Now this has been incorporated into a written procedure. And guidance best practice for home working. So that’s my second comment that I, that the organization has used use.

These instructions use this official guidance, made it into a safe system, work made into a written procedure for home working as well. So that is a second way managing the risk that I’ve used. This guidance, then come to the point. Number three, that the procedure and guidance. On best practice for home working created by the health and safety advice of the organization.

They have been distributed to all the workers. So, you can see how each of the evidence, it becomes easier for me, like when I’ve taken this thing, like, you know, this guidance distributed to all the workers. So when I’m looking at the points, I can see how this sort of guidance, this process and guidance, it has been distributed.

So, let’s use that as a point. So, you can see when you have the evidence in front of your eyes. Whether it’s on digital or whether it there, it becomes easy to use this evidence, use this point and write the answer. Life becomes much simpler, but if you start hunting for one point and then writing the answer, it becomes quite difficult.

So always I tell the candidates, use the strategy extract information out. Yes. Maybe extract information takes maybe at some more time. So, time is. But it makes a life simpler by making sure that you have the evidence and you have the answer, right? So, it’s a little extra effort, but the benefit, as I said, it comes much later.

You will see the benefit as such coming in. Okay. Going down. Okay. Coming here. Oh, let me let, just. All right. Then the organization is making widespread use of technology to enable remote home, working along with being able to communicate essential health and safety information. So that’s another way of managing that I’m making use of technology to enable remote home working.

So, I’m keeping my people safe. I’m protecting them, right? So, I’m managing the risk of instruct them working in the office. I’m managing the risk as working from home and I’m giving them technology also in order to keep the workers safe and prevent direct physical contact with other people that is at clients.

Also. Now I think now who’s gonna be in the office clients also. So, I don’t motivate people to be interacting the clients. So, the organization is also included video conferencing facilities for business meetings and client contact. So, to prevent the people or workers in the office from interacting the clients who can bring the virus into the workplace.

Right? So, managing that risk, right. Have also included video conferencing facilities to keep my business working. So let my workers and the clients both meet in a virtual platform itself. So that is a VR managing the risk that is also. Point number six, working from home will include extensive use of a displaced screen equipment, like a laptop or a desktop computer, and to prevent the risk of developing muscular skeletal diseases from ergonomic hazards, the organization’s health and safety advisor has also.

Provided guidance on work station set up in a homework environment. So you could see that, you know, the organization, has also provided guidance, right? So, this is the way of managing that. Well, one thing I want to keep a safe on COVID the other thing I say, I don’t

want you to develop any kind of muscular collective diseases of working at home as such point number a seven to protect the worker’s mental. Which is already evidence from scenario. During this new we of working from home management have therefore asked each department to schedule short 30-minute computer-based team meetings, at least on a weekly basis and with the intention to help workers maintain social contacts.

So that’s again, another way that I’m managing the risk, like and risk of what I don’t want. The mental health keeping affect. So, to protect them, I’m using the sort of panel measure of having this short meeting. So, evidence point number 8 the virtual departmental meetings also serve as a forum by the workers.

Today is the concerns to the management. That’s allowing for the hazards and the risk space by the worker to be brought to the awareness of the managers. So that’s another thing that, because I’m having this department meeting, it is serving as a forum. Today is my concerns means there’s some sort of consolidation also happening and through the consultation

right. Whatever hazards, what are the risk is made faced by the worker is being brought to the awareness of the managers. So, they can do something. They can manage those risk also that if there’s something else that is affecting you as a worker, let it be known to the manager. Right? So, this is one also that I’m managing the risk that bring it up, bring up your concerns, bring up your, issues, bring up your problems as such point number nine.

Alternatively, the management has considered to allow for one-to-one meetings apart from team meetings, management said, oh, we have one to one meeting. That can be arranged for those reluctant to discuss things during team meeting’s needs, which is beneficial, not only managing the health risk, but also it can also save cardio privacy concern.

So, two benefits are coming in, right? So that is also the way of managing the risk that mental risk is there, right? Health risk is there that you are being affected as such, but you don’t want to voice up in the open. So, management has also shown this, that. I’m giving you an opportunity for one-to-one meetings, then point number 10, like I’ve added such that working remotely from home, this a form of loan working like example, if I’m a worker, right.

And if I’m like relocated to a city for the work office is shut. I may, I may, like in a place as such like a ready placement alone person at. Right. I’m a loan worker. I don’t have any assistance from broker as such from the managers. Anyone now, do I have any family support? So, then I’ve stated that as the company has certification to an internationally recognized occupation, health and safety management system standard, we are our measures.

Like what of these measures are such. We also had to control the risk associated with loan working. Why? Because now management, that’s the thing that, you know, you are going to work at home. They are loan workers now from the office, they’re now remotely working. So, you’re loan worker. So also, I’m thinking that, oh, the management also has to manage this risk for, so these control measures are also helping to control the respect, loan working, and then point number 11.

By employing the health and safety advisor. So, I’m added another point, as I said, there’s no negative marking. Maybe the examiner may give a point for this, like mark for 10, or he may not give me for a point and such, but that’s fine. That’s fine. But added in, if you feel that, you know, you found some bright ideas added in, so by employing the health and safety advisor, which I found that yeah, the organization has a health and safety advisor who’s actively and remotely monitoring the health and safety of its workers.

The hazards at this also being effectively means I’m stating that look. You can have a management system, you can have a health and safety management system, but you may not be having an organization, may not be employing a health and safety advisor just to save some money. But you are, the approach is what that not only I’m having the management system, but I’m also having a advisor, right.

Which is actually new in the scenario? And you are taking active steps. You’re actively and remotely monitoring actively, also doing it because you’re going to be part of the team meetings as such, and you also remotely monitoring the health and safety with the workers. So that shows your approach.

Organization’s approach means you are working on part of the organization that the hazards and the risk are being affected companies you’re seeing, okay, what is the worker going voice? What is this issues? What is. Maybe somebody’s emailed you as such, maybe somebody called you video conference, so even that video risk is being managed in the workplace of such.

So, this is how for a 10-mark question, right? For a 10-mark question, this is how I would write the, answer number one, assess. So, this is what I, to show you like how I extracted the evidence and using each point of the advanced thinking and writing and defining and, you know, polishing up my arms as such that thing.

So, this is one. Answer number one as such. Right. And, so coming on two now, we have discussed, the question number one, and now we are hoping on or moving on question number two, as I said, task, what is a task means is a theme of the question, the task, right? Just go highs. Alright, lovely. So, coming onto task, number two, now, task number two steps, communicating health and safety.

Effective communication is essential. To positively influence health and safety culture. So, communication influences culture. This is one thing that we learned in IGC now, based on the scenario. Now, the earlier question was that you needed to, support your answer using relevant information, but here.

Nebosh has stating that I want you to only base on the sentence, focus on the scenario. but give examples of how communication is used effectively by the organization as such. Alright, now it’s taught me in communication now, as I said, when you write any kind of question, first, learn to extract information, right?

Pick up, bring out the information as such. What else? Inform. All right. So, communication now, how we learned in IGC syllabus as such that Nebosh has taught us that, okay. What are the three ways of communication? Three methods, I would say. So, we, we learned there’s a verbal communication that is written communication and there is graphical communication as such.

So, these are the three. Methods of communication and we have to use, like, how is all the three methods are being used effectively? BY the organization means you have to, just up to like show nebosh like, like with examples, that means something focused on that scenario. So, coming onto the communication right now, what are the three ways of communication?

Like methods. One is verbal communication. Then coming down, the other is written communication and the third is graphical communication. So, three, communication. So, when you get these. Type of a question as such, instead of first hunting for something as such evidence as such first, take a paper or in the, on the notepad or something.

Okay. Just write out. Okay. I need examples of communication means let’s pick it up. Let’s make one section for verbal. Let’s make one section for written or let’s make one section for, graphical as such first, make the sections out or whether one paper or a notepad, whatever you want do as such right.

Then once you start. Okay. Then go through the scenario as such start to talk as such all the way down as you see wherever verbal communication is there, where if I can first pick up draw evidence, right. Even, even when you’re getting question, which is based on the scenario, pick up evidence, bring that evidence up as such.

Right. So, let’s see on evidence. Okay. So, coming to let’s take the first one. Verbal. Now, what did I find? I found that, okay. The organization is making widespread of technology to enable remote home working, including video conferencing facilities for business meetings and client contacts. So, what is that video conferencing though?

There’s technology, but for like how we are now, like coming this zoom meeting as such. Verbal communication and effective. Like I’m communicating this information to you. So verbal, then the organization, I could find evidence that organizations scheduling short 30-minute computer-based team meetings, at least on a weekly basis.

And intention is to help the workers maintain social contact with colleagues, but they’re also following previous concerns. Okay, fine. So first don’t analyze the information as long as it’s verbal. Pick it up, put it there. Right? So, whether you put it on paper or under in the computer, so pick it up just first extract, bring it out then verbal, whereas one to one meeting.

So that’s verbal communication can be arranged for those reluctant to discuss things. During team meetings, then managing director calls, a facilities manager, the human resources manager and new to a meeting to plan for possible return. So, like virtual meeting, verbal communication. Okay. Bring that out.

Also, before the meeting, the managing director asks you and the facilities manager to carry out the specific virus risk assessment with input from the workers. So, there is a meeting, right? And the managing director says, well, you do a risk assessment, but when you do a risk assessment, do it with input from the workers.

So now with the workers, representative is going to give you input, how is it gonna give you verbal communication, right? Or could also be written, but yeah, like I put it into verbal as such, cause I don’t know whether it’s gonna be written or, the verbal as such. It’s not very clearly specified. So, I took the Liberty to say, oh, let’s put it into verbal as such fine.

Okay. Then you decide also that the significant findings of risk assessment will be shared with all workers to team meetings. Before the office returns. So, when it’s going to be team meetings, right. So definitely team meetings, what, in a team, verbal communication. So, team meetings as so, right. So, I put that.

So, in verbal, so you can see first in, what did. I broke up the communication to verbal written and graphical. And what if I could find a verbal extracted brought all this information and put it in verbal. So, I made one compartment for that. Okay. Fine. Then coming onto written communication. Right. Because I have to show examples of all methods of communication, so coming to written.

Okay. So, let’s, let’s hope onto written. What did I find in the scenario, like going from top down all the way written? So, there was a written procedure, guidance and desk practice for homeworking work station set up and homework environment. Guidance has been distributed to all the workers. So, Guidance has been made written communication last as guidance has been distributed.

Also find focus of evidence then at the meeting, you and the facilities manager present the findings of fitness assessment site visit and research. So now written communication being presented in electronic media. So yet still it is written communication. But it’s been presented then the, I could find in the scenario that a copy of the side risk assessment will be placed on the, all the health and safety noticeboards

so written communication on the noticeboards okay. Written communication being used effectively for promocation of health and safety information. You see. That way. So, when you pick up evidence first, just ask. Okay. Is, is this a form of communication? Is it being used for something, something like that? Yeah.

Okay. Pick it up and put it there like that. So, step by step you’re forming answers and you as such then an email. So, the email, what is email black and white communication. Okay. Step by step approach to thoroughly washing hands its procedures would be sent. So, with all this thing being sent, okay. Written communication.

This will be supplemented by posters, which will be all washroom. Families has some posters, graphical communication, but the poster may not, may only, not only have really graphical communication, but the poster might even have graphic of washing, but also something written below. So, I took the Liberty and saying that, okay, let the poster also be having some sort of written communication, if not with fully graphical, like fully a safety sign, but also it may have written.

So, I took the Liberty of putting it. Written also though I I’ve put it later on graphical. Then new hand sanitizing procedures will be written and relate during remote computer team meetings and made available for reference on the company in clinic. So written procedure, procedure written black and white written.

Then you open to write a procedure for very person PPE at work, especially when work in closed rooms. Yes, definitely. Procedure okay, ready. Then you will also post additional social distancing measures to manage a transmission risk from the company internet. So written procedure, distance, social distancing measures. Okay. So that’s written communication.

The human resources manager will update the first aid policy. Fire evacuation arrangements are the emergency procedures. So, is that written communication that you are using this written communication for? Something. Like updating the policy, updating the evacuation, updating the emergency procedures so they can communication.

And lastly, I could find from the whole scenario that I could find that you are also develop work instructions on social distancing measures, so written communication. So, what did I do throughout the whole scenario? First? I did, I picked up all the verbal communication. Then I picked up everything related to written communication.

And last year I said, okay, in the whole scenario, I could only find one evidence or one place as such where there is graphical communication. That means that is an email, which including details step by step approach, authority, washing hands, and other hygiene procedures will be sent to the workers. And this should be supplement in a process.

So, I just extract the whole paragraph that this poster and definitely posters would be some sort of graphic means how to watch the hands with some photographs and below it to be written. But at least it forms it still forms in graphic communication as such that way. Coming ahead now, going down a little bit, now I’ve picked up all the sort of evidence as such, right?

So, this is all my evidence, verbal written and graphical, but looking at the question as such it states that I only have like my answer, which is based on the scenario, right? This only based on this means it’s not asking me, but use the supporting information. Right. But I can use points. I can use some parts or something as.

A formula answers. Right? So, we are not going to look exactly onto that. Do have a supporting information. They want to see that are your answers little bit focused onto the scenario as such. Okay. So, if I were to write the answer as such, I want to share how I would like present the answer as such. Okay. So, I’m just gonna make the screen a little bit bigger so that those on the mobile as search, we can read it, the search.

All right. Okay. Cut. Go ahead. So, the follow of the examples, as I said, any kind of answer that you get. Right. It’s a nice practice, a nice strategy as such nothing. It’s not mandatory. It’s not gonna affect you any marks as such, right. Because it’s not a point of the answer, but it’s something that I’m opening the answer with something, right.

Just showing the example, not a nice professional book as such. So, they’re following with the examples, which demonstrate how communication is used effectively by the organization. So, I’m, I’m opening the thing. I’m opening the answers stating that first I’m telling the some. From the scenario I could observe, we could observe that the organization has demonstrated the effective use of all the three matters of communication, verbal written and graphical.

So, the example feels is nice. Ah, okay. That this candidate has first appear understanding of the subject matter that he is first identified. What are the three methods, verbal written and graphical, and that you have stated that verbal has been based in affecting use of written has been made effective use of graphical has been made effective use of fine.

Right. So that opened it up as such, but now, then I’ve broken up the answer into parts as such. So, I’m out stated. Okay. How verbal communication is being affected, made use of, so then I said everything about verbal communication, then I’ve gone down a little bit. And I said, okay, how is written communication being used of, because I’ve been taken, you written my answers from the points extracted.

And then I last come to that graphical side of it means you can see like I’ve divided answer into very neat way, such like. One on a verbal one on written one on graphical. So, I’ve shown some sort of a need format as such, like, not necessarily. I said that you have to do, but I like to do that that way.

So exam, see, oh, I’ve covered everything on verbal as such. So how, how have we covered on verbal as such some just, just, just increasing. Okay. Verbal communication. So verbal communication is being effectively made used through the widespread use of technology. To enable remote home working, including video conferencing facilities for business meetings and time contacts.

So automatically when I’m using video conferencing facilities for business meetings and its verbal communication, also the organization, true verbal communication. How is how, how is the effective use made of that? I’m scheduling short 30-minute computer-based team meetings, at least on a weekly basis for mentoring social contact among the colleagues.

So that is another effective use of global communication then, these computer team-based team meetings are also serving as a forum today’s market concerns to the management. So that’s another thing that I’m effectively using them for as a forum, for raise any concerns. Also, I’m using verbal communication in the form of one-to-one meetings and they are being arranged for two, for those reluctant to discuss any kind of things that the team meetings.

So, it is allowing for work, like when I’m doing one to one, I’m stating like I’m. Verbal communications there, but I’m also effectively using it for work direct consultation with the work one to one manager to work with as such and also, I’m maintaining the workers’ privacy. So, I’m also showing that both ways, I’m achieving two things, I’m doing a direct consultation, one to one, addressing his issues, and also maintaining this, let privacy as such and coming to point.

Number five, virtual meetings are also held among the manager staff to discuss the measures, to be put in place, to allow for safe return of the worker. Working from the office as such. So, it is being used so that we can discuss or talk about and, you know, come to some agreements on measures, how to bring about safe work to the worker, to the office as such and lastly, computer-based team meetings are allowing for the health and safety advisor to carry out the specific risk assessment with input from the workers representative.

So, I’m using verbal communication. Through computer-based team meetings, but I’m doing this. I’m like getting this from this world communication. I’m getting an input from the worker’s representative to make my risk assessment I’m using like involving worker participation. That is a benefit that is coming up, this effective use of this communication, doing this such.

So, I’ve covered everything with, verbal communication. So that’s my one part. So, I’ve taken that aside. Now come to the second part of the answer written communication. So written communication has been effectively made use of pro writing a procedure and guidance on best practice for home working, including workstation set up in home working environment and have distributed that procedure also to all the workers by so written communication going through electronic media.

But written communication as such then the risk assessments, they are a form of written communication, right? And they are also through the risk that I’m sharing them. I’m discussing with other managers and the senior management team, which the specific by assessment then come to point number nine, that the written communication in the form of latest government advice is being researched and used for the development of risk assessment.

And as associated confirm means I’m, I’m researching those written communication. I’m researching the government advice and I’m using that advice for the development of my risk assessment and making appropriate confirm measures 10-point number 10, significant findings of the risk assessment is planned to be shared with all the workers, right?

Evidence from scenario for team meetings before the office returns. So Written communication, which is the findings of the best assessment I’m using it effectively with what this, with the focus that I want to share it with all the workers in the team, meeting before they come to the office, that means effective use of written communication.

I’m doing, I’m just, I am showing as such point number 11, the use of health and safety media. Now I’ve talked about communication, but I’ve added. I said, okay. I, I want to even add the media as such. So, health and safety media, all safety motors was in the office is being considered. For the placement of the specific virus risk assessment.

So, I’m stating that how I’m making best use of this written communication, that I’m also incorporating a certain media like using the notice board to communicate this written information. So, I’m showing the example effective use of written communication through the use of focus modes. Point number 12

well, the use of email is being considered for separating details. Step by step approach to currently washing hands and other hygiene procedures such as hand sanitization okay. That I’m have these procedures are there and using electronic media, like email to circulate or flow this written communication for this purpose of making people aware.

What are the steps of hand washing and other like hand sanitation procedures then also I’m using I’m showing the example that the internet is being? Are considered for posting add intranet, not in intranet is being used for considering posting additional social distancing measures to manage a transmission risk.

So written communication being used to the channel of intranet for communication, effective use of written communication. Also, where else I founded that scenario. But I’m also written communication is being used for update the first aid policy, the fire evacuation managements, and other emergency procedures by the human resource manager.

So, these are the ways in which I have effectively used written communication and like, you know, for, in the organization as such. And then I’ve stated, lastly, I could only find one thing about graphical communication. So last data organization has transferred the use of graphical communication, to through like I would say the use of posters in all washroom that provide details step by step approach to currently washing hands and other.

Hygiene procedures as such. So, you, your, how I, I justified the use of all the various methods of communication and how this form of communication are being used in that effectively as such. Right. And I broke it up so you could see the, the formulation of the answer becomes easier once I have the points as such.

So It’s no sense, no sense. Wasting your time in the examples, time important, hunting, the taking, writing each point of the answer by hunting the information up and down, up and down, up and down. You don’t want to do that over and directly. So, you only want to do this hunting of information, extracting the information one time of bringing out the evidence.

Once I brought the evidence, then I don’t need the question paper much, right? I just need to know. Okay. What is the question? I have the evidence start making the answers. Right. So that way a systematic time management you can do as certainly examination as such, all going on to there. We finished question number two.

Now we come onto question number three as such. Now certain questions you might see they come for 20 marks. Some questions might even come for 25 marks. Right? So Nebosh it’s not, there’s no set, as such that, oh, NEBOSH, can’t ask me a 25 mark. Some days who know NEBOSH can even come to a 30-mark question, is anything stopping them?

No as such, right? Because they have so much of supporting every so whenever you, whenever you find large mark, questions as such, normally the large mark questions will always be having, like, they will be like no NEBOSH is stating that you will always have it as an application-based question. And they will always be having like.

Support your answer where applicable using relevant information. So Nebosh is actually making, it’s not tough. Actually. These are more, you can see, these are more sporting questions because already the information is there in the scenario for you, Nebosh only wants that you take that little, little effort.

Right. And just extract the information out first and then use this information or put your comments, put your arguments as such and join them together. So actually, the larger, the mark questions is actually more scoring than like you could say that theory or like less mark questions. So, these are more scoring questions.

So, if you get like a 20-mark question, you get a 20-mark, 25-mark question. And we application-based questions actually like it’s; it is actually your benefit. Because, you know that bulk of the answers, bulk of the points bulk of this always evidence is already hidden in the scenario. All I need to do is just pull up extract, right.

Dig for that information as such. Right? So that’s all we have skill that you have to use coming onto the task. Number three benefits of certification to an ISO occupation, health and safety management system standard to the organization. Okay. What arguments could you use to help the managing director understand the benefits to the organization of maintaining the occupation, health and safety management system certification and 20 marks

so now Nebosh are stating what argument you can use. You have health and safety advisor. Now you have to argue, like you have to put the forward arguments to the MD managing director. Then what is the benefit of keeping the management system certification? Go through it and more manage. Director wants to discard it.

He says, no, it’s an external cause, but you have to show some sort of a like bring arguments and Nebosh was stating, just making Nebosh is actually making it simpler for you. That look support your answer, but use relevant information from that scenario as such. Okay. So, I have put evidence now, what is the evidence as such?

Okay. Coming to evidence. All right. So, what are the evidence let’s see, or what have I picked up? Right. So sometimes it may not be that at the first reading, you’ll be able to pick up all the evidence, not necessarily. So sometimes when you see a 20-mark question where it’s a 20-mark 25-mark question as set.

Okay. Take a one reading. Maybe I got only 10 points. Take a second reading. Maybe another five points have come up, take a third reading. Maybe another three, four points have come up. So sometimes picking up evidence. You may not get it at the first attempt. Right. But if you would like example, if you use a strategy, like you take a rule and a paper as such and or you go line by line as such yes.

Slowly and slowly, you’ll be able to pick up that evidence. So, so sometimes it may take, one reading or it may take second reading as such too pick up your evidence as such. All right. So, what is the evidence I’ve found the arguments as to why I should have a, like, what is the benefit of having this.

Retaining this management system certification. Okay. Coming here, certification like this is all evidence. We just point so certification to an internationally recognized occupation, health and safety management system standard, something which over the years has made the organization more efficient.

Okay. I pick that up. Oh, attracted some more important corporate clients benefit the clients. Okay. Pick that up. Also make it as a step part, sometimes, make your evidences into smallness, small points as such, right. Make it into more points. Don’t try to club if I can make it into two points, something different point different point because why nebosh is going to give me one mark each correct technical point.

So, separate it out then later on, we can even club it or like you see, or how we can arrange it. So separate, make the, make it as come down to the smallest parts as such of the evidences, I would say then you and all other office workers are affording the current government instructions to work from home or something to do with legal complains.

Think in your mind. Oh yeah. Legal complains. Okay. Put in there then it’ll reduce work related incidents near misses’ accidents. Ill health property damage. Okay. Put it there. Reducing and any possible investigations. Oh yeah.
They say enforcement action. I don’t want enforcement action. I don’t improvement. Notice. I don’t want prohibition notice. I don’t want prosecutions. Okay. Let’s put that in there. Reduce civil claims compensation, claims financial costs. Oh, okay. Come on, put it there. Why? Because people can fall in, catch the virus fall in and then they can Seal the organization that, well, I came to the office next year.

I caught COVID. And now the, the employees at fault, because they didn’t have control measures in place. So, benefit now. So sometimes when you pick up the evidence, also think about it in your mind. Okay. Can it, can I use it as an argument, as such going ahead, written, written up procedure and guidance and desk practice for homework or offers?

I can use that including workstation set up and home working. Yeah. I can use that. Why? Because I have to think, oh, something to do with reduction of muscular Al diseases, right. To remote home working possible. Right, right. To keep the workers. So, benefit, including video conferencing facilities for business meetings at plan contents.

Yeah. Something to do with the, like keeping the business also like complicated way, something of that. So, huh. Looking at workers, mental, developing. I can use that as an argument and, basis. I can find some evidence. Oh, scheduling short meetings on weekly basis. So, I can pick that as evidence for today’s concerns.

Oh, I can use that part of the statement, something to do with consultation. Okay. Let’s put that in. Consultation legal requirement necessary to do. Right. And we could see from IOC 155 or 164, right. Of the worker to be consulted. So, you know, you, when you know your, when you know your theory, when you know your subject matter, then automatically defences the subject matter, strong extracting.

As you read between the lines, you can easily like focus and say, yeah, yeah, these are my evidences. Right. So, you could see how I’m, why, why I’m discussing this to like, bring out those. But if we know the theory picking up evidences becomes also quite simple, it becomes easy for you to read between the lines as such one-to-one meetings can be arranged for those reluctant to discuss things during the team meetings.

Oh, something with consultation, implementing a range of addition, confirm measures to limit virus, transmission. Oh yeah. You can use that. Also, management director asks you and the facilities manager to carry out specific virus assessment. And I have a certified health and safety management system. That means I have to manage the risk.

I have to manage the hazards. I need to have a risk assessment. I need to have a process for managing, right. So definitely the risk assessment is a process which is being requiring policy part of having a management system, a policy as such. Then specific bias risk assessment with input from the workers, input from workers, something to do with consolidation, workers, participation, element number, clause number five, ISO 45001 worker participation.

So, oh, let’s put that in. So, you see, I cannot, sometimes you have to like think when I’m picking up evidence. Where can correlate it in the subject matter as such, you know? So, in the exam you don’t have much time, right? So, unless, you know, your theory, unless you reply, you said that is when states in the learner guide that you need and robust.

So, if you know your theory, well, you’ll be able to match the evidences and it out, it becomes kind. It’s just like a child. Then the management when the managing director calls the facilities manager, the human resources manager and you to a meeting. To plan for a possible return to work. Oh yeah. I can use that right for, so I can use that for like, making the return to the work safer yeah.

Evidence I can, help. It helps me to develop workable measures. So, you also visit an organization that is at a more advanced stage of implementing virus management measures. So, I can think, something to do with benchmarking maybe. Yeah. And also adopting this industrial practices. So, I can sometimes if you’re using a paper and, you can even jot down on just like.

Put the points first, bring the evidence out as such, then you found, oh, searching the latest government advice on making workplaces like you. Oh yeah. I can ask that, that a benefit, significant findings of this assessment to be shared. Right. So, communicating information, all I can use that copy of the same assessment place on the health and see you notice suppose yeah.

From allocation of information benefit. Cleaning company contacts are. Okay. Benefiting the organization. Plus helping me to manage my, contractors mean fulfill my responsibilities on keeping the workplace, keeping the contractors also safe. So yeah, that I can use that as an argument. So, extract. So, when you take some words as such.

Ask yourself in the mind. Can I use it? What can I think about it as such that way and include frequent and extensive cleaning of the office? Yeah. I can use that. Also email, including details. Step by step approach, a thoroughly washing hands. Other hygiene procedures sent to all workers. Yeah. Could be. This will be supplemented by posters, which will be all the washrooms new hand.

Sanitizing procedures will be written really during computer meetings. And we available for reference of the company intranet. Yeah. Okay. I can use that. Also developing work construction on social distancing measures. Yeah. New safe systems of work, helping me. Right. Implementing them, making them company procedures.

Right. You will write a procedure for EP at work, especially when working in improves rooms. Oh yeah, definitely safe systems of work, new procedures, posting additional social distancing measures, to manage transmission risk updating the first aid policy fire affection arrangements, emergency procedures.

Reporting requirements, any virus-related health cases for government authorities will need to be introduced and communicated. So yeah, I can talk about, yeah. Legal compliance. Some point comes, oh, it’ll help me to maintain some sort of legal compliance reporting requirement. Reporting to government means if I report needs maintaining legal compliance.

So, I can use that as evidence. That a point then your facilities. I’m a manager volunteer to carry out detailed analysis and corresponding update of the health and safety management system. Yeah. I can use that also. Right. So having the system it’ll help me too for continue improvement for like review as such.

I can use that as a point emphasis on training were yeah. Training is required. Confidence development training is a right. Offer higher. So yeah, I can use that as a point. Also, I’m using presentations, workshops, supervisors, and managers effectively implement and actively monitor arrangements. Through scheduled behavior safety observation, then suit safety tools.

Oh, active monitoring. Yeah. So, the safety management system is helping me to also use active monitoring methods. I can use that as a point updated discipline procedure. Yeah. I could think of that. Right. I could, enforce or for enforcement of my procedures, maybe it’ll help me. Then also I’m thinking, oh, this line is at, this applies a specialty, a specialty young worker.

Now Nebosh has use the word, a specialty young worker. So, something to do with the words. Oh yeah. Your worker, vulnerable people management system, plus a responsibility of by law looking after my vulnerable people. So, I, I can use that as upon. Okay. Let’s put that in evidence. You also mentioned the need for device policies, for visitors and control of contacts.

Yeah. I can do that also. Contract under the safety management system, managing director suggests that you and the facilities manager update the policies before the next meeting. I can use that also, right. For that updating the policies frequent audits I found. Yeah. When I’m having a, like a healthy safety management system, I need to also do frequent audits, require feedback from a certification for third party.

And if it is done, I, I found that if it’s done properly, by many, they output by many benefits, including reducing overall cost across the boundaries. And also, the organization conducts regular workplace inspections. So active monitor safety inspections market. So, what you saw, what did I do? Like over like a 20-mark question?

I first picked up all the evidences, all the points, right. As I said, sometimes I might take one reading. Sometimes I might take two reading as such, but you need to do it. Over and over and remember, I want to change our outlook and say that when you get 20- or 25-mark question, right, you already have these points, just have to formulate them into the answers.

So, you’re already getting already for your past mark for 45. You’re already getting a straight, like a jump, but already half fit with the past mark. I’m already getting it through one 20-mark question so you should actually be like, hoping that, give me two 20 more questions. I’m already jumped, like coming close the past mark and whatever else is bonus, you know?

So actually, these are more scoring questions as such, right. Because if you use the evidence correctly and if you use a comment as such, you’re already getting a straight boom jump as such, you know, so this is the strategy, like change out. I don’t think it’s tough. Think it is that oh, Nebosh has given me. To help me to pass.

So, so change that outlook as such. Now, approaching the question, I would say, okay, let’s come to the answers as such, right. So, let’s zoom in and come to the answers. Okay. So again, same bit that the way, whenever I have an answer as such, it’s, it’s always nice to open the answer using some part of the question.

So, the benefits to the organization of maintaining occupation, health and safety management system certification are as follows, and these will be used to help convince the management vector. Right? Right. So, these are arguments that I’ll use them as such. So, certification number one certification for internationally recognized occupation, health and safety management system standard has made the organization a more efficient one in the past, which I could see evidence.

Right. Which made it in the past as such. But continuing to maintain the occupation, health and safety management system certification will also enable me to the organization to efficiently continue to manage the new evolving risk. So, one, it was stated that, oh, it, it, it helped the organization to be very efficient in the past.

That’s one thing. But now if I have the certification and it continue using it, I continue maintaining it. It also helped me to manage. And it’s a new respect pandemic because something quite new COVID does something quite new. So, it’ll help me to continue. So, I can new status one point, right? So, evidence or scenario that passed efficiency, but also putting my comment and stating that now it helps you for future efficiency also.

Right? So, you see how I’m using that? So little bit thinking sometimes it’s. It’ll require like conceptual thinking as such, it’s not complicated. It’s just little thinking as such, then maintaining an occupation. Health and safety management system will continue to attract important corporate clients and customers evidence on scenario that in the past, it has helped me to get, clients as such, right, attracted some important corporate clients.

And you can see information found attract important corporate clients and customers and going all the way up. Just, just, just showing you from one of them as such. And I took this point as such. Coming, where is it? attracted some important corporate clients. So, take one point at a time and then like, know from each point start formulating the answer.

Like, so I found that in the, certain that, because our certified the certified to that, health and safety management system. Right. And it helps to, get some clients in the past. So now I can use the same part and say that if you maintain it, once you open the office as. You get more clients because now everybody will want insurance.

Now, after this COVID thing happened, I want COVID insurance or I didn’t, I am having a policy, but I want to add COVID insurance on to supplement to that as such. So, I can use that sort of thinking and saying that can help me to bring more client. Like no, once I open the office, I’ll get more clients as such.

So, I can use that as such. Okay. Coming back again.

All right. So, maintaining an occupation, health and safety management system certification will continue to attract important corporate clients and customers. When they observe as to how well the organization is managing its health and safety risk upon resuming working operations at the office. Once you open the office, everybody comes in an.

That you’re not started because government guidance. I said, everybody returns to office. So definitely in a pandemic or such people will come to an office and see, okay, how well you’re managing social distancing and sanitization, you know, all these things. So, when they see you managing the risk so well in the organization, when they see you still having the certification, it’ll help you bring more business.

It’s so benefit. So, tell them, let benefit some like if it’s gonna benefit you as such. Coming ahead. It’ll enable the organization also to continue to maintain legal compliance with what, with all the current and newer government instructions, because why we found in the scenario that nearby day, new, , new, , science like new information is coming.

So new government instructions might come to help me to maintain compliance at the end of the day. It also helps to reduce work related incidents like any kind of new illness. Accidents, because now people are going to come back to the office,

right? So again, the near misses’ accidents, Ill health property, which might happen. So, it’ll help me to reduce those things. Even when the workers return back, return back to work with the officer, to help you with that in the past, it has helped me. But now when you come back with changed working practices also.

Right with social distancing and all these other things, it’ll help to reduce the work quality instruments then by helping to reduce the work-related instance, what is affecting, especially I’m contacting the virus and preventing and spread it’ll help prevent any kind of direct and indirect. I missed apologize.

I missed the work indirect financial pro-organization, right. So is direct and indirect. So, my apologies for that, I’m gonna point number 6. It’ll help to also reduce a financial cost arising from possible investigations right now, case something goes wrong investigations. So, it helps to reduce costs and the implementation of any kind remedial measures covers work related incidents

so, it helps to reduce a cost because you already having the system in place. You already having some controls in in place, maybe just to add of one more or two more controls. And then, you know, like the investigation, it’ll reduce our cost as such, and it’ll also help prevent and also reduce any kind of enforcement action

I can help you to prevent getting an improvement notice out of prohibition, not as well, because now when new government guidance comes, enforcement details, suddenly pop into your workplace and say, are you following this? Right? So, they will check whether you’re having any kind of non-compliance to health and safety as such, right.

And all this legislation gets amended from time to time. So, this having the certification bill prevent any kind of enforce reduction. So, another benefits I’m telling the MD then point up by it’ll help the prevention or reduction of civil claims on the workers. Right? Because now the workers are safe at home, but the mean they come to the office next day, you can catch COVID.

If you don’t collect sanitize your desk, the chair, your table, your, your doors as such, right? So, if, if the work force said, you say, oh, I came to the workplace. Employer told me from next Monday, come to the. And the minute it came to work, same deal only caught COVID, you know, so it’ll help in them. So when you have a system as such, when you have these measures, it’ll help in the prevention or reduction of civil claims, especially arising from ill-health, on contracting the virus and also from musculoskeletal disease from continued, use display screen equipment at home.

Some people might still be working at home. So, I have to manage both the risk of like, managing the people in the office also. And some people who are still doing remote. So those are going to do remote, working after, think about their muscular skeletal any affecting form continue use of the equipment. Plus have to look after my workers.

So dual benefit, right? So, reduction of from data, then it’ll also assist the development and implementation of written procedures on best practice for home working, such as workstation set up in a home working environment, evidence, some scenario and the eventually return for the work. So, it’s going to help me by having the certification by to maintain it, to help me development.

Then I’m stated like additional point as such that, as I said, an Nebosh states that you can support where applicable using relevant information, but were of applicable. So, I added one point in there that in the event of a second wave of resurgence of the virus supposed like came to work. And again, the COVID started up.

Right. And again, you are starting, home working as such, so went of a second wave of resurgence of the virus. And delay with workers, maybe the governments say, okay, now again, go back to how’s working the home, working and such. It’ll enable the organization to continue managing the workers’ health and safety from homework.

And so, so that is what the benefit, maybe after one month of work in the office, again, the provider spreads out, right? Again, you have to come back to homework at it’ll help with that time. Then point number 11, it’ll enable the organization to effectively manage the worker’s mental wellbeing. Right? First is physical wellbeing, also mental wellbeing, and it’ll help the Put into place measures to safeguard the mental health, especially when working remotely from home lone working.

So, to ensure they some, hey, I’ve considered mental health, but also coming through loan, working. Right because he’s away from his usual workplace. So that’s another point in point number 12, it’ll enable the workers’ concerns to be, raised, not sorry from experience raised, recorded and effectively resolved when working from home and upon office return to work.

Now, when you’re having a management system, right. So definitely people are going to raise the concerns. They will have a complaint go auto team meetings, auto health and safety committee meeting. Once come back to office, we’ll have a health and safety committee meeting. So at least by having the system in place, right, having the certification and having the system in place worth this concern will be raised.

There will be a recorded, there will be resolved as such, right. So definitely it’ll benefit. Then point number 30, it’ll also help the organization to implement a range of additional control measures to limit the virus transmission. Why? Because it’s stated that that as the science evolves and new official guidance is released that authority.

So, evidence on scenario that it’s stated that as the science evolves new or new guidance is coming now, when new guidance comes, I have to follow that guidance. So, to follow that guidance. Right. I need to put, to place those counter measures and to effectively put this place, place those counter measures and implement them.

The management system will help me. The policy will help you. Point number 14, it’ll enable the organization to carry a specific by risk assessment and keep reviewing the same as a circumstance required. So, on one hand, it’ll help you to make a risk assessment. But on the other hand, it is also helping me to keep the risk assessment live, reviewing it, keep it up to date.

Right. And plus, accordingly also not only keep the risk assessment update, but in turn eventually it’s, help me to fulfill legal compliance. So that benefit is coming. You mentioned benefit is coming from legal compliance. Also point number 15, it’ll enable the workers to effectively participate in the development of suitable and sufficient risk assessments.

So, if I in the management system worth this participation important. Right. So, I have to like when the audit happens, audit massage, how are you, how are you demonstrating effectively? Like the workers’ participation, show me some examples. I’m sitting there that I’m making risk assessments, but I’m also involved with the worker’s input.

Right? And thus, I’m able to meet legal compliance and compliance the requirements of the standard, because even the standard, like is of 45001 states that there has to be leadership and there has to be workers’ participation. In the health and safety management system. So, both things I’m able to show compliance with a standard, right.

Which is helping me to keep my certification alive. On the other hand, I’m showing that work is participation in making the risk assessment consult. I’m showing legal compliance. So, two benefits, right. Are combined to one point as search, right? So, it’s fine. No problem. Because why when the examiner gives you a mark, he’s going to give you a mark for legal compliance.

Okay. One take for legal, but you have repeated the legal compliance again as such another point as such, but at least you’ll see that, it is also helping me. I can give you a mark again for legal compliance, because you know, you got is seven parts of legal compliance, but at least you have mark that at least you able to maintain the requirements.

We are able to fulfill the requirements per standard, upon which you have data management system. Right. So, certification where you are able to keep the certification alive. Until, unless you fulfill all the requirements of this kind, coming to point number 16, it’ll allow for the active worker participation through consultation, such as by sharing significant findings of risk assessment.

And you can say consultations are like a requirement of such, like, no, you want to have it as it’s a requirement point number 17, it’ll help improve the workers’ model. Right. Especially when working from home. And it’ll motivate them to return to the office, given the various additional control measures that will be putting for place.

Now you saw from the scenario that the management is trying to put this control, measure, that measure into place. So, when the workers are seeing this hearing about it, receiving the emails. Come in attending the team meetings, their model of already working from home goes up. So, benefits of productivity.

So, the same efficiency work, which they’re working in the office now, which has becoming at home. Also, another thing is that they will be more when the office opens, when they say, okay, now it’s time to come to the office next week.

They’re already motivated as a yeah, I know because organizations taking so many, ] like a measures as. To keep the environment safe so that when I come to the workplace, it’s a safe workplace for me. Right? So, benefit point number 18, it’ll help the organization to benchmark health, safety performance with others in the industry that now I can see how is my performance with others in the industry of the same, same nature of the business, same staff.


And so, helps me for benchmarking improvement, health performance point number 19, it’ll help. It’ll help the organization effectively manage contractors. Now I saw the scenario that those contractors. Given that the organization has extended a cleaning company contract to include more frequent and extensive cleaning of the office.

So definitely I have some sort of duty of care towards my contractors. And when I’m having a certified health and safety management system, contract management is going to be a part of its. Going to be one of the arrangements to manage a contractor. So, it’s gonna be helping in that, to what I don’t want any kind of claims from the contractors that, oh, the, we came to this workplace, we were cleaning the office and we ourselves spot for, and also helps you in that point.

point Number 20, it will help the organization to effectively communicate health and safety information to the use of verbal communication, written communication, and graphical communication methods, thus positively influencing upon the culture of the organization. So that’s, that’s a benefit that you are able to effectively make use of all the methods of communication and by making use of all the methods of communication.

Also, you’re able to influence the culture of the organization. So added benefit also point number 21, it’ll help in the update of the existing first aid policy, five acquisition arrangements and other emergency procedures. So, it’ll help you in the updates of your arrangements also, and the policy, certain individual policies within the whole health and safety policy.

So just helping that also keeping it up to date. Point number 22, it’ll assist the organization in introducing and implementing reporting requirements for any virus-related ill health cases, assisted government authorities, and it’ll help you in meeting your legal compliance. So that is also another benefit that once you’re having a management system certification, that means I will ensure that I’m having legal compliance in all aspects.

Right. So, you, the, the examiner might give me a mark why because it is legal compliance, but I’m having supporting information from scenario. Right? So, you can see it is a separate point, but yes, showing legal compliance one with the consolidation or one with the following the guidance, but the other I’m showing legal compliance, true reporting requirements, evidence from scenario.

So definitely it’s a valid point for a marked as such. Point number 23, it’ll enable the organization effective planning towards mitigation of health and safety risk. Now we could see planning as one of the flaws of the ISO 45001 management standards. So, it helps in that planning for mitigation or reducing the risk in the workplace.

So, it’s helps in benefit for that also it’ll so, as I said, your there was planning because you could see in the scenario that the, the managing director was planning to return to the work and you. Put into place, certain control measures. So, evidence some scenario, that there was effective planning going on.

So by having a certification, management system, certification or management system into place, it is helping note our planning. So, I’m using that planning as a, like evidence some scenario that is helping me for effective planning. Point number 24, it’ll enable the organization to impact information, instructions and training to the workers.

And also, by giving this information, instructions, training, how to keep yourself safe from COVID as such, what sort of measures it’ll also added benefit is what it’ll also build upon the competence. Now they know how to, what to do as such right point number 25. It’ll assist the supervisors and managers to effectively implement and actively monitor.

Newer arrangements. So, when I, when I’m having these newer arrangements in the place, I also need to implement them effectively. I also need to monitor. And how I can do that by having scheduled behavioural safety observations in the workplace. So, the management system will help me by when I have this kind of actor monitoring measures being put into place, right?

Point number 26, it’ll require the managers to conduct safety tools of the workplace, thus demonstrating the commitment and leadership, power, health, and safety, and accordingly improving upon the workplace conditions along with improving work consultation so I’m setting both things that you are going to do a safety.

After that point, it’ll because you’re having a certification in the management system, you are required to do a safety tool. And by doing the safety tool, you will show your commitment. You will show leadership, right? You will also, you will see that what are the workplace conditions will improve on that?

And also added benefit is that will also improve on work consultation. So, a lot of things. So, with one thing, these are the biggest benefits and I’ve combined all of them into the one point of safety as such. Point number 27. It’ll enable the organization in meeting its model and legal responsibilities.

One is model responsibility and another legal responsibility also in protecting the health and safety of vulnerable workers. Why? Because in the evidence, in the scenario, so young workers were there. So vulnerable workers, as I said, never forget your vulnerable worker. So, you have not only a model responsibility towards.

Right locally, because they’re young. They don’t have that maturity. They don’t have that sense of, like, very clear sense of hazards and this, they, they like to like overact and prove them such in the workplace. So, you also have a responsibility to look after them, plus a legal responsibility to look after your vulnerable workers.

Please. You also need to have a, a young worker risk assessment, right under UK or such. So, it is helping you. Point number 28, it’ll enable the organization to conduct regular workplace inspections. So as to identify any hazards or unsafe conditions and to help you to put into place any kind of preventive measures or corrective actions.

So, they’re helping you benefit point number 29. It’ll also allow for external audits to be conducted by third parties, right? Because you are having a, a, a health and safety management system definitely a Excel audit is going to be a part of that system, right. To keep your certification. And because you’re having third party people coming in, it’ll help you to identify any kind of weaknesses in a management system and correct this accordingly because a third party, external person coming with a fresh pair of eyes is coming right.

And looking at your, how we are managing health and safety risk. So, it’ll helping you identify the weaknesses, which you may not be able to identify in the melting system point number 30 it’ll enable the employ it fulfilment of the moderate responsibility towards the workers by providing them a safer place.

So, I’ve added upon, okay. Showing a moderate responsibility point number 31, I could find discipline procedures. So, procedures can be effectively implemented by, two prevent any kind of intention features of company rooms and regulations. So, by having the system in place, right. And when I have a system in place, which I’m going to have procedures, rules, and regulations.

So disciplinary procedures can be was in evidence. So, I said, okay, if I, if I have a system in place, if I have a management system, I can update my disciplinary procedures, make them better so that I can prevent any kind of intentional features means. I want to have strict enforcement of rules and regulations. Point number 32, the organization can put into place procedures for continuing improvement, right?

All the time improving as such. Right? So thus, showing continue improvement point number 33 roles and responsibilities of staff at all levels can be effective, defined, and update. Organization section. So, I said, okay, let’s, let’s focus on organization. Section one, because in the scenario of health, human resource manager was told you update this, health and safety manager was told you update these facilities.

Managers told you, update this as such. So, by having a system in place. The roles and responsibilities can be effective, you find, and they can be updated now, because now there is change in working practices upon return to the office. So, I’m also focusing on something related to my organization section.

So, I, we even added that. And then I’ve lastly closed. I, I, for 33 points as such, right. 20 was the marks. But because I picked up so much evidence, all these kind of points as such, I could find so many points, right? So sometimes, you know, you can find a lot of points, right? So, in closing, I said, okay, in closing, the continued maintenance of the occupation, health and safety management system certification will help the organization.

Also, I’m just added, I’m closing the answer by saying that look by doing all of this. Finally, one last benefit is that you’ll developer. Positive safety culture as such. Right? So, you could see that when you, when you are having, when you pick up the, when you spend time and extract evidence, right. When you spend that little time, you are making sure that you pick up as much as possible, use them as points.

And definitely like you, you like, you know, you are making sure that I want to achieve that full mark. To get that highest mark as such, you know, so it is to a benefit, your benefit as such. All right, let’s go ahead. Let’s move to the next question. next question is task number four as such, okay.

Applying further control measures. So based on the scenario means now that means application-based question, but nothing to do with, I don’t need much like I can, I need the evidence, I need that thing, but I don’t have to support it as such, so good enough. Okay. Happy one is like, like, what, what is, question number three.

Question number three was, asking me to support. So, I had to be very careful of year, right? Because I needed the mark. So, when I need the mark and which 20 mark means, I have to be more careful in those kinds of questions because my one mark is going to be on supporting evidence. But the same 20-mark question, when I can see over year, right when I go down all the year.

That year Nebosh has been a little bit lenient. Now it’s allowed me to breathe a little bit right. And said, okay, based on the scenario, me, I’ll make your life a little bit simple. Right? So based on the scenario, what administrative measures are the organization planning to take that would limit the, spread the virus and keep the workers safe and healthy as such right.

And 20 months question. So, on one hand, they made it stringent for you by giving the same. I want supporting options other hand, they said, I’m letting. That would be, so it’s now benefit 20-mark, 20-mark 40 mark means you’re very close to the passing mark. Right? So, it’s very beneficial actually, when you get this large, because why it’s all the points are in same.

So, like hope and pray for like, you know, that you get more 20, 25 marks, right. Added benefit as such. Okay. So, what, what did I pick up? Right. So, Okay. So, what are the administrative measures now? Administrative measures. When you look in the question as such, it was written in Italics so it was told only focus on administrative.

There was some engineering controls, but Nebosh said, I don’t want those. So that is why they put these administrative measures. When you look in the question, paper, it was unlikely Italics. So Nebosh, just like trying to hint tattoo, keep.

The mind only to administrative don’t give our mind to anything else as such. Right. So that is why sometimes they put these little sutle close as such, right. Just to keep you like, keep you on track as such like, okay, coming ahead. So the management team, , picked up the evidence management team have therefore asked each department to schedule short 30 minute computer based team meetings on a weekly basis.

Admin. Yeah, definitely means what is admin measure? Always ask yourself. Okay. When I can find admin measures. Ask yourself. What is the philosophy behind each control? So, admin measure means what changing the way I am working. So sometimes when you can’t find the evidence, ask yourself what I can find in the scenario, which is helping me, or which is like moving me to change the way people work.

So sometimes even sometimes when you can’t find right, go back one step and say, okay, what is a philosophy admin measures? Right? Changing the way, the way I was working before. Now is what is, what is something now changing the way I’m working? So, when you focus on the philosophy automatically, we’ll be able to find, ah, this is, I was not doing this before, but now I’m doing this now, now I’m doing this now, now I’m doing this now.

So that kind of thing of catching up becomes easier to extract information that. Alright. So, the management team have therefore asked each department to schedule short 30-minute computer-based team meetings, at least on a weekly basis. Alternatively, one to one meeting can be arranged for those reluctant to discuss things during the team meetings, something new, changing the way people are working one to one meeting now.

Okay. So, you see, when you, when you, now, when I look onto the philosophy, now you’re saying, this is something new. This is something like, you know, which I was not seeing before, but now I’m. So, changing the way. So, admin measures, so sometimes focus onto the philosophy. If you get some sort of a question like that, what is an underlying philosophy between work in home, then the managing director calls a facilities manager, the human resource manager, and you meeting for, to plan for a possible return to office.

Yeah, something document before I could just walk into the office, but now I can’t do that. Now I need to plan. Even to go to my old workplace. So yeah, I can say, yeah, that’s also something new, something I’m doing change the way I’m working now, before the meeting, the managing director asked you and the facilities manager to carry out a specific risk assessment by this, with input from the workers.

Yeah. I was never doing this before, but now starting new as such to help develop workable measures. You also visit an organization that is at a more advanced stage of implementing. So, I’m looking at how other people are managing the risk. Right. So, admin measures changing the way I’m working by, because if he’s doing something like that, and if I implement his measure means what I’ve changed my way of working.

So that is an admin measure. So, you can see how, how I’m thinking. I’m taking each point and asking my mind, is it changing the way I am working? Right. So, I’m not focusing on those words, admin measure, I’m focusing on. Change in philosophy, what is underlying philosophy? So, we see how Nebosh wants

with, to think a little bit as such, you know, perfect. Next, you also research latest government advice on making workplaces like yours, secure against the virus. Going to implement the government advice you need to on working. Yes, definitely. Significant findings of the risk assessment will be shared with all the workers team meetings before the office return.

That means I’m telling these are the findings of the risk assessment you’re being made aware, and now not to follow them, change the video working copy of the sign risk assessment will get placed on all health and safety notice codes, making use of health and safety media, making them aware. What are the things on the notice board, read them, follow them, implement them?

Change. The way of working organization would extend the cleaning company contact to include more frequent and extensive team of your office. Change to me. Now there is, before there was cleaning and contractors were there, but now what is the thing? See the word more frequent means change in the way earlier.

Normal cleaning now more frequent cleaning. And now also Nebosh has added extensive cleaning. Now more, more detailed, more product cleaning means change the way you’re working from what you before now. It is different as such. Okay. So, you can see. How I’m using and I’m, I’m supporting some points. Oh, it’s going be using of contractors and cleaning measures.

So just put something, something do with contractors, something do with cleaning measures. Okay. Let’s put that in, in one section as such. Okay. Coming ahead. An email, including details. Step by step approach, a thoroughly version hands and other hygiene procedures sent to on workers. Oh yeah. Definitely change the way supplemented by posters with in washrooms.

When people look at the posters in the washroom, how to wash my hands, she need the way people are working. Yeah, definitely. So, see. Thinking as such new hand, sanitizing procedures will be written and really during remote computer team meetings and made available for reference on the internet. Yeah. It’s working, developing work instructions on social distance measures, can working.

Right. But now via one is work instructions, developing work instructions, but social distancing, right? Social distancing is what, what is you have to think? Social distancing is not an admin control. Social distancing is an engineering. Because what is engineering? What is the philosophy for engineering control?

Isolating the people from the hazard. We learn that, right? So, isolating from people from the hazard. Now say, suppose a work of client, what a customer, the workplace he’s a carrier of virus means he’s a hazard. That means he has the potential to harm my work. Correct. So, he has a potential to harm my worker. So that means I have to isolate from him.

I have to keep some distance from him. So social distancing is an engineering control because I’m isolating him. , stand two meters away from me. So, when I’m isolating my isolate from the hazard that you might be hazardous to me. That you might be a carrier of the virus, so that is engineering, but I’m developing the work instructions on the social distancing.

So, developing things, I’m changing the way I’m working that. Now we were, we were standing next to each other, but now I’m telling the instructions is that now we have to stay away from each other. Right. So, see how, in the point, in one point there is admin measure and there is engineering measure. Right. So, I’m being able to first, and, and when you state, I only want, admin measures.

I don’t want engineering measures. Right? So sometimes I have to think a little bit, okay. That you know how it is admin and measure how it’s blended as such beautifully next, you will

write a procedure for wearing personal protective equipment at work, especially when working in those rooms. So definitely now she needs to be, I’m working that I need to wear a mask. When I’m in the office. So yeah. Admin measure, you will post additional social distancing measures to manage transmission risk on infinite.

Yeah. Admin changing the working human resources manageable also update the first aid policy, fire, evacuation arrangements and other procedures. Yeah. So now different procedures, right? Updating the policy needs are chain, the working. So, admin measures. You also indicate that reporting requirements for any virus-related ill health cases for government authorities will need to be introduced, communicated and implementing them.

So, chain, they are working that now in case somebody has infected with the virus, but like, like in case there was some sort of a medical emergency earlier, I would never have to report to the government. I would like send them to the doctor. I would send him to the hospital. I would do give him first aid kit.

But now, because of the situation I have to report to the government authorities that, now this work is infected with virus. Report means changing the working, right? So sometimes when you don’t get, sometimes when you don’t get this admin measures, ask yourself, take, take a step back, take a break, come back again and say, okay, what can help?

What can, what can they find that is changing the working as such, right? Then it, then these things this closer stand out with you in the scenario as such that way, when you and the facilities manager volunteer to carry out detail analysis and corresponding of the management. Before it was not required.

We could do it like now, but now the factors have changed. Right. And doing that means, okay. I can use that as like, you know, something based on the scenario, all those at the meeting agreed that the implementation of the modified procedures based on risk assessment, lead, acknowledgement, understanding, and application needs.

Now we have to work different modified procedures means change the way of working. I can do evidence that then we emphasis on. Now new, additional training has been introduced with regard to this. So, working trust training has been given for working differently. Yeah. I can use that with evidence expectation that supervisors’ managers will in fact implement and monitor the new arrangements through be in a safety observation, behavior will change.

Now. Safety tools will happen more frequently, maybe so. Okay. I can use that to evidence and the human resources manager naturally links this with an updated discipline procedure. Oh yeah, definitely. Now earlier the procedure discipline procedures were not so harsh. But now the discipline procedure may be quite harsh.

That means I’m changing the working that now you filled this, I’m going to have a harsher procedure updated my discipline procedure changing. The remains. I have to be more harshes. I have to be more careful so I could do status. Yeah. Then you respond to this by suggesting that different changes, significant changes, the organization would require time for the workers up.

Then we need time for acceptance, right? The changing of the behavior. Becoming embedded in the culture. So, I said, yeah, I can lose that point. Let let’s attract it. Let’s just, maybe it come helpful to me later and especially apply for young workers, one little people, you know, and changing the attitude, change the working way, change the outlook of young workers.

Yeah, I produce test evidence I set. And lastly also mention the need for device policies, for visitors and control. So now I have to think about the way I was, the way I was handling the visitors and the way I was handling the contractors. Now I am changing the way, not tell them, visitors, social distancing.

Use the hand sanitizer, where of masks are coming into my office, you know? So, it’s a way I’m working that I’m reinforcing these upon those people are sort coming in by workplace. So, I said, okay, why don’t use that test? Evidence for that, for the answer. So, these are my points. Now, once I’ve got my points clear in the mind as such now, so I can formulate my answer as such, right.

So, coming on with the answers. So, the organization is trying to take the Following admin measures, administrative measures that would limit the spread of the virus and keep the workers safe and healthy. So, I’ve opened it, as I said, any answer, open it with the part of the question point number one, the management has asked each department to schedule short 30-minute computer-based team meetings, at least on a weekly basis change the way of working admin measure.

Yes, definitely. It has also arranged for one-to-one meetings for the workers reluctant to discuss things. Boom, different thing. Yeah. Definitely admin measure in order to develop workable measures organization is considering the review and adaptation of best practices of an organization that is at a more advanced stage.

So, change the way of working. Developing working procedures, organization planning to, adopt the latest government advice on making the workplace secure against virus. Yeah, definitely planning, you know, so because see, focus on the question. It is not stated, it is not stated that what has been implemented right.

It is stated, what are the based on, what are the administrative measures? The organization is planning. So, you have to also reading the question of, to think in the mind to say that I don’t have to pick up anything that has already been implemented. I have to pick up the admin measures, which the organization is planning.

So, you could see the scenario, the, the organization will, will do this, will do, that will do this will means intention means a plan. So those, these are also those words also like signposts. They are like, you know, like, like no, like blinking to you that can you pick those up? And there were plenty like that as such, you know, so please be careful that when you see admin measures, read the question careful and see what is it being asked in?

The question only be planning means examiner will only give me the marks for measures that have been planned, not have been implemented. So be very careful on those also certain times, that’s I say, I tell the candidates, read the question over and over, understand, break it up into small paths and see as such now.

So that’s why you see most of the answers, which you see out is more focus on the planning stage will do it intentions to do it talks about doing it, you know, as such that way. Okay. Coming ahead. Just, alright. Let’s make it a bit zoom in a little bit for candidates, for, people lead for such.

Alright, so, point number four, the organization is also planning to adopt the latest government advice on making the workplace secret and provider. Planning right. Using the latest advice. So admin measures, senior management has asked for a specific risk assessment to be developed with input from workers, asked to develop, right?

So definitely, planning as such. It has planned that significant finding of the risk assessment will be shared with all the workers to team meetings. Before the office admin measure, it has planned as a popular assign risk assessment will place on all the health and safety notice board in the office. For the awareness of the workers admin measure on the planning stage, it’ll extend the cleaning company contractor to include more frequent and extensive cleaning of your office.

So as to keep the workers safe, admin measures, it plans to send via email detail step by step, opposed to thoroughly washing hands, not the hygiene measures. Point number nine, it plans to make use of posters, graphical communication slash safety sign. I’m showing the example. Hey, I don’t understand.

Posters is graphical communication. So, example you little happy or you have considered that concerns, right? So, it plans to make use of posters by putting them up in all the washrooms details. Step by step approach to washing hands, other hygiene procedures, point number 11, it intends that new hand sanitizing procedures will be displayed and they’ll be relay relayed during remote computer team meeting.

And made available for reference on the internet. So, planning as such for admin measures, it plans to develop work instructions on social distancing measures. So, I’m always sitting plans to develop instructions, right. For measures as such, but I’m not stating that social, it plans too yeah. Like, you know, yeah.

Like no implement social distancing because implementing social distancing would be like importing into place engineering measures, but I’m sitting planning to only develop the work instructions. So, I’m sitting on admin measures as such right. Admin measures. Admin measures are like instructions for the implementation of, engineering measures.

So it sees a little subtle thing that you have to focus on as such. It has planned to develop our procedure for PPE at the work, especially when working in enclosed in the office. It plans to make use of the internet for posting additional social distancing measures to manage the transmission disorder virus.

It has planned to up with the first-aid policy, fire practitioner arrangements, and other emergency procedures by delegating this to be human resources manager. So planning, admin measures, it has planned to introduce, communicate and implement the reporting requirements for any virus

related health cases, requirement authorities. It has planned to carry out to a detailed analysis and corresponding update of the health and safety management system by delegating the staff to the health and advisor. And the facilities manager who have themselves wanted to do it as I put, I missed the bracket as such bracket who have themselves, what means I’m stating that, you know, though it has, it has been planned as such, and it has been delegated to them, but they have initially they have also volunteered for the concern, right.

So I’m just adding additional information. It is also plan to ensure the effective implementation of the modified work procedures based on the risk assessment among the workers changing to be of working, right. The company is also plan to provide trainings, admin measure training, along with the, the devising associated presentations and holding workshops for making the workers of the modified procedures based on risk assessment.

It is also planned and expects the supervisors and managers to effectively implement and actively monitor the new arrangements. Change the way people are working through behavioural safety observations, admin measures. It is also planned to help the managers and supervisors within the organization conduct the safety to work of workplace something that’s planned that once to come to the office, once they start working the office, you need to do the safety tools, right.

And, and who to do managers and supervisors. Point 22, the organization also plans to update its discipline procedures for insurance rate implementation and enforcement of new workplace load. Number 23, the organization also plan to consider the safety of its young workers, vulnerable people. Right? As I always said, never forget a vulnerable people.

If you find it in the scenario, always give for focus on that also. So it’s planned to consider safety of young workers that considering changing the workplace behavioural attitude to the implementation of scheduled behavioural safety observations, admin measures, it has also planned to device its policies for visitors office, which I could find.

Yes, visitors’ policies update changing the way visitors will also come into the office plan to devices, policies for the control of contractors. Now, given that cleaning contractor person shall be working the same office area alongside the workers for more frequent and more extensive cleaning software’s administrator measures.

It is also planned set upon returning to the off, working from office, the regular workplace inspection shall continue, state that look, we were closed, right? We were closed for the COVID. We are working at home, but now that we are coming back into the office, the administrative measure is what active monitoring that we will also continue doing that as such, right.

What was stopped now? Zoom back up. So, you can see for a 20-mark question, easily 26 points I have picked up. So, once you have the evidence writing the answers, it’s almost like it becomes very easy as such, right? And then you have to just Polish them, fine tune them. And you don’t have to write large essays as such, which is one line, two lines, one line, two lines in each answer.

So easily control even you’ll come closer to the word, count over count. Or even if you exit by 50 67, it was as such no harm. nebosh is not going to cut any marks from such, right. They’re going to be more than happy that oh, you’ve covered these points. So examiner has like the choice. Well, 20-mark question, 26 points, different.

Everything is clear. None of the points are it as such, most are based on the scenario. I have no other choice, but I have to give you those 20 marks. Right. And in this kind of case as such yeah. You you’re making it like absolutely making a like letter kind of a water tight, or a fool proof case for your circuit to present it.

The examiner. All right, let’s go ahead. Task number five, influencing behavior to improve the performance. When workers eventually return to work in the office, right? With new control measures in the place, they will need to adopt a new behaviour. Now, Nebosh is taking a little bit ahead into the future that now when the people will come to the workplace, they will have all these new measures in place and they will need, because the new measures are in place.

Now, new behavior has to be there because new behavior will enable that successful implementation and compliance with those procedures. Right. So, behavior will help in the successful implementation of their Behaviour of the procedures. Now you think Nebosh is stating that you feel you as a health care advisor, you think that the organization will be effective in positively influencing this behavior change.

So justify now nebosh should either elect the, sell the questions just sometimes they can ask for the comment. Sometimes they say, give a argument so they can say justify something. So you are the, a to justify. So like give some, could justify. While you believe this using example from the scenario only to support your answer or to support your justification.

So means again, nebosh is stating that I’m giving a 15 mark question application based question, but when you give me a justification, I wanted to use only evidence or examples on this semester means. Application based question as simple as that, but now when you see now, what are the things that has influenced your behavior?

Human factors? We learned to develop three, right? So human factors as such, but has Nebosh told you that whether I wanted to focus on organizational factor, job factor, individual factor. No, absolutely nothing. So that means. 15 marks means they wanted to focus on all the factors, all the things that will like, you know, influence or positively influence upon the behavior.

So you have to keep your mind open now in these kind of questions. Same thing. Like when we saw the earlier question on communication, but when a communication question came, don’t hunt for communication. That Hazard way first make a section. Okay. Verbal communication written communication graphical communication.

Same day when you get a, like a generic question on factors, first break it up. Okay. What are, what are the factors? Organization factor, job factor, individual factor. Okay. Let me make three compartments, make three columns, make three sections or write it on three different pages as such, and then take each factor and then hunt for the evidence.

Right? So that we’ll do it that, so it becomes easier. So, you’re doing step by step systematically so easily, you’ll be able to cross about 15 points as such. Right? So, little bit of discipline is required. If you have the discipline and follow that kind of a strategy, you’ll save time. You’ll be able to extract all the points as such, and you’ll be able to present answer in a nice way as that I’m first considered the organization, factors.

Then I consider the job factors last. Individual factors as such. Okay. Coming on here right now from the task number five, five, six and seven. I haven’t written the answers as such, but I I’m completely discuss the points. Right. So, I’m just gonna discuss the points as such, okay. Coming now three factors, organization factor, right.

Then I’m having the job factor and then them having the individual factor as such. Okay. So come to the first one individual organization factor. Now an organization factor. Now, when you come to this factor, don’t hunt for the factors. First, first, write down your factors. What are the factors? So first I’ll write down.

Okay. I have, I have safety culture. Okay. Anything to do? Safety culture? Yes. It influences the BFA. Yes. Okay. Safety. Culture’s the fact then? What is the next factor? Policy procedures. Okay. Write it down then. What is the next factor? Senior management commitment. Leadership. Write it down then. Supervision.

Okay. Write it down consultation. That’s write it out. Worker participation can influence the behavior. Yes. Okay. Write it. Okay. Communication can positively influence the behavior. Yes. Write it down as such right. Resources. Yeah. If I brought resources influence in the behavior yes. And training. Yes. It influences the behavior as such.

So first what I did, I brought the organization factors from factors. I said, okay, let me list on all the factors first. Then once you’ve listed on all the factors, then take each factor within the organ factor and then hunt for it. Where is it in the. Right. So, strategy, the strategy is important, right? So go disciplined and go a very systematic way.

We’ll be able to extract all the information out very, very quickly as such. Right. Okay. Coming onto the first one safety culture, whereas a safety culture that I’ll say that

no, the safety culture is evidential from the scenario. So, I’ll say that looking at the scenario, right. I can easily, I can. It’s it’s like the, I can justify, I can state it as. There is a good safety culture organization that like, because the management is like actively involved, into the management of health and safety.

So it’s evidential and that will eventually like, positive influence the workers’ behavior. So I can put that into birth as such right then coming to policies and procedures. So I found that load certification toward international recognized. Occupation health and safety management system standard means when I have a management system, definitely within the management system means because of having the system, I’m going to have a health and safety policy, health and safety policy means I’m going to within the policy that they have all these working procedures.

So because I’m having all of them and because I’m having the, management system as such the policy as such, definitely is going influence upon the, positive influence upon the worker’s behavior. So that’s another second. Then coming to the third point. Okay. It’s senior management commitment and the leadership.

So where could I find in the, in the scenario such, where can I find how it’ll influence the behavior? I found that the senior management is enforcing the following the government instructions for working at home. So definitely the workers will see that my management is like, you know, they’re showing the commitment that by allowing us to work from home, plus they have formed the government instructions.

So definitely to influence upon our guests, they’re keeping us safe by allowing us to work from home. Second thing I have found how to influence the behavior, have to think, okay, what are the things that will influence the behavior positive influence that management is concerned about? My mental wellbeing, rather the new way of working by how by having, allowing me, or giving me the opportunity

to attend a 30-minute short computer based key meeting, at least on a weekly basis. So definitely. When I have to attend this weekly meeting as such, it’s going to positively influence my behavior though. I’m working from home, right? So definitely a positive influence then coming to the next one, supervision, where could I find supervision that I could find that, organization already conducts regular of these inspections.

So, when somebody’s going do inspection as such means what that is a supervision or supervisors going to do things, but somebody at a manager level so definitely by doing this regular workplace inspections, once you come to like office working as such, definitely going to influence upon the workers’ behavior, that they won’t engage into any kind of unsafe acts or they won’t create any kind of unsafe conditions as such.

So you can see it is positively influencing next consultation. Where could I find consultation? But yes, there was consultation in the evidence and scenario.

There were short 30 minute competitive based team meetings. Right. And they were being done on a, a weekly basis. It was helping them, workers maintain social contact. So maintaining social contact definitely positively influence the workers’ behavior, right. The outlook. And they’re also a forem to raise concerns.

So definitely influencing the workers’ behavior. So this I I’m showing examples that yeah, because you’re having this it’s really positively influence their workers’ behavior. Next one, ultimately one to one meeting can be arranged for those reluctant to discuss, things, current team meetings, positive intrinsic behavior.

I’m not happy coming for team meetings, but I have issues, but because the management has also thought that, you know, let’s have one to one meeting, so of positive influence my behavior also. So I’m gonna say, yeah, I’m happy with that. Also positively means keeping me happy then coming to the next factor worker participation.

So carrying out a specific virus risk assessment with input from workers, representatives means now workers will give all the suggestions, feedback, use opinions, everything to workers, representative worker representative is also, , helping in the risk assessment in the control measures as such. So definitely my inputs, me as a worker.

my inputs my suggestions are going and being heard at the better manager level. So definitely influence center worker’s behavior mean positively. That means my suggestions, my news, my thoughts, my opinions are being considered as such. Right. So influence keeping me happier as such then coming to communication.

Where could I find that? How old. Use of communication, how it’ll influence behavior, procedures and guidance and best practice of the home working, including workstation set up in a home working environment when this guidance has been distributed, all workers. And so when I receive this guidance, my email by team meetings, how to arrange your desktop or how to arrange your a chair, what height should be, how your hand should be.

You should not be cloud change. So when I see this kind of guidance as such influencing my workers’ behavior, influencing my behavior in a positive way, definitely then I found that the organization making wide spread use of technology to enable a remote working, influencing upon the behavior that I, I can work safely from home.

Same job I can do from home. So influence upon the behavior positive influence also. Organizations making use of video conference and facilities for meetings and client meeting. I’m able to do my work even from home, right? And by, interacting the clients and business meetings as such in a safe place or positively influencing, then come to resources where I could find that is even when I go back to work as such, right.

I’m gonna find that this cleaning the company has extend the cleaning company contract. To include more frequent and extensive gaining of the office. Positive influence. I also found the positive influence that now all the working procedures as such, they’re all updated on the company internet, easy for me to find easy for me to refer.

If I have some doubt, I can go with positive influence on the behavior. Also, there’s going to be implementation of varying personal protected work. So means management is caring for me providing PPE. Right. So filling their compliance that they are required to provide to me and enforcing it that so positive influence on the behavior.

And also I could find that resources, what posters doing, posters are going first money now are not gonna come free of the cost. Right? Save the companies, going to buy those posters. This is resources, right? So those resources will be, which will be in. Washrooms are such a positive influence that when am I go to the washroom, my eyes will forward on the poster, right?

Positive influence. And then I’ll wash my hands. So be my behavior will be influenced as such. So you can see how the factor is influencing the behavior. Right. Then the training that when I go back to work as such or before I come to work as such. Maybe there’ll be team based meetings where there be training and talks and workshops.

So there’s an emphasis on training with associate presentations, device and workshops being held. So influencing my behavior positively. Right. So that’s another thing then coming to now. So I’ve covered all of this with the organization factor. So I’ve picked up all the points. For writing my answer right already.

So 15 mark question, you see all the points are picked up now coming to the job factor. Now in job factor, I had, I know there are four job factors as such, but I could only find for environment and procedures related to the scenario as such, right. So environment. So before I, before the meeting, what is related to the work environment and before the meeting, the managing director asked you and the facilities manager.

To carry a specific risk assessment with input from the workers’ needs. I’m I’m doing something job factors doing something that I want to keep my environment safe. If I keep my environment safe, the job factors improve means my behavior is also improving. That means I know when I’m going to the workplace, I’m going to have a safe working environment.

So definitely when I’m having a safe working environment, positive influence on my behavior, also job factor, something to do with the job. What, what is the job factor? That procedure when you’re having a procedure, that means that something to do with the job. So when I’m, when I’m having these written procedures and guidance or desk facts for homeworking, including works set up in a homeworking environment.

So when I’m having these procedures and that is also going to help me to keep me safe as such, right? Like, you know, proper ergonomics, right? Preventing muscular skeletal diseases. So when I’m having good procedures in the place, positive influence upon my behavior, right? So I could find out your two job factors and then come in last, last factor is what individual factors.

I will in factors what there are four factors, attitude, motivation, competence, and percept, not risk. So attitude now, so now by having what is influencing the attitude discipline procedures. So the organization is having discipline procedures, updated the procedures, so positive influence of the behavior. I know that other workers, at least I maybe doing something safety.

But the other person may not be doing something safely, but at least there’s discipline procedures, which is enforcing like, you know, we enforce for the rules and regulations, which will ultimately affect the attitude, change the attitude. And it’ll break about a positive influence also that is consultation and worker’s involvement happening, which I could find, which is influencing upon the attitude change the people’s attitude like now.

So they can, if they have a negative attitude, if they. That management is not asking me something or doing something. I feel it’s not adequate. At least there’s consultation and workers involved, which I could see and positively influence on the behavior. And also I see that there is training and awareness.

So even by providing training and awareness, it is helping me to change my behavioural attitude. So positive influence upon the behavior. Then in the individual factor, I found also motivation that, you know, when you, when you’re working from home here, you are very comfortable. Oh, you’re at home as such fine.


when you want to go back to work, now after one year have to go back to work again, but you need to be motivated. You have to come back eventually. So you have the motivation, like now, how it positive, how would you use this factor for positive influence? So you’ll be influence. By when we are working at home, we’re influenced by seeing the management commitment and leadership towards providing a safe workplace, providing safe systems of work to the procedures, provision of information and instruction that training by presentation, the workshop.

So that is going to influence. That’s going to motivate you and that motivation will bring up the positive influence on your behavior. That when the work, when the, when the office opens as such, I will be able to go like we’ll. With any kind of hesitation or any kind of thing. Oh, I’ll go with some motivation as such matter we could to go back to, but positive influence as such then competence right now, competence is linked to training as such.

So definitely by providing the training as such I’m you include my competence, I’m being aware of how to manage the risk, right? How to manage, the, how to manage a risk associated mental health, how to manage risk associated with muscular disorders, how to manage a risk asserted bit. Good. When I go back to the workplace.

So definitely competence is being. And lastly, coming into the industry factor, perception of risk. So when perception risk is dead means I have to be able to perceive the risk. And if my perception risk is high as such, my level of perception, risk is. I’ll be like, I need to have a positive inference. So how will my perception of risk be increased?


My perception of risk can be increased to training and training and along with associate presentations and workshops so evidence on scenario, and also how is a person of risk being increased because it is, this is posters, this graphical communication, which is detailing step by step approach to thoroughly washing hands and other hygiene procedures in the form of posters.

So when I see this posters, when I see the safety. What is happening is increasing my perception of risk. It is making me aware that I need to do this. I need to wash my hands properly. I need to have good hygiene procedures. So when my perception of risk is high, when it is I’m able to perceive the risk, put into place, the correct measures as such.

It is having a positive influence upon my behavior. So you could see how I extracted the factors, each of the factors that I’ve seen, which factor, where is the evidence in the scenario, and then from response, then I can formulate my answers as such, right? So this is on, , task number five, coming onto task number six, task, number six, coming to this one.

So there was, you could see, there was only one theoretical based question in the whole question paper. Usually it’s only one sometimes it can be 10 mark. Sometimes it can be five marks, seven, it can 15 marks. So for this scenario as such nebosh put the, , theoretically this question two 15 mark as such.

So yeah, a team is checking management system effectiveness through auditing. So point number six, the managing director appears to be confused about audits inspections and those who carry them out. Advise a managing director on the differences between an audit and a workplace expression, theoretical base lack include extraction of information from scenario.

So pure to do with subject matter. Plus part B what is the benefit of using a third party auditor at the and worker for carrying out health and safety audit? So the management systems, so basic asking, like, what are the advantages of using the third party? Like advantages of external audits, right? So they’ve just reframed the question as such like in the syllabus stuff, but what is the advantage of using, external audit?

Like positives of it, merits of it as such. So the resource just slightly changed the question and put it for five marks as such. Right? So these are also sporting questions because you, you are not here, you’re not using so much of mental energy to extract information. So definitely like, you know, like you can put 10 mark in your pocket as such that way.

So coming to part day part is like the Nebosh ask. What is the difference between the audit and what’s the difference between inspection? So yeah, when you get these kinds of differences as such. Right. You can you have the choice either in one point to show difference in audit, an inspection or you break up the thing and show one, one part as audits and write everything about the audits and show one part of the answer’s inspections, and then you can show a clear distinction.

So it’s up to whatever approach you want. You can use it as such, right? So you’re going to get the, but I’m just showing that some candidates have a different style to. Right. So I’m, I’m opening your mind to both the styles as such now coming to audit. So what do you do in audit? Audit is basically our examination of the head safety management system.

And what is audit going to focus on audit you focus on the policy audit, focus on the arrangements in the workplace, audit, focus on the safe systems of our procedures and method statements that you’re going to have audit is going to focus on the risk assessments like a various risk assessment audit might focus on permit to work in case required as.

Audit may focus on your training records. What sort of training are provided with regard to managing this, approved list may focus on maintenance? Thoughts, audit may focus on inspection reports like your workplace inspection reports, your behavioural safety inspection reports, and may also focus on any kind of statutory reports in case you are required as such.

Then the audit is also focusing on what the Intent audit you are going to interview the workforce, right? That’s fine. In the audit, you’re also going to verify the standards are being met, like your legal standards, legal compliance standards in the audit. You are also going to check the working area, right?

The audit can of course consider the audit can be a long process. It can be lengthy process standard running for a few days. And the audit is also, you could say that it’s expensive, especially third party audit, which costs money each day. The audit is in the workplace is gonna charge you. Is not coming free of cross third-party fellow and the audit, because for the audit, you need a high level of competence, audit and needs to have that high level of competence as such and normally the audit as such, right?

You would’ve normally performed as such by a trained or competent audit. I mean, somebody’s like no, there’s undergo training, some sort of certification. So you can use these points. Whereas coming to showing the showing. Differences in a workplace inspection, you can say that inspection. What is an inspection is basically a checking the workplace or a particular area?

And in inspection, what are you doing? This? What are you focusing on? You’re focusing on what is the hazards. And you’re focusing that you are addressing them. If you find something. You’re also focusing that when you’re going for an inspection, you’re going out at the workplace, you’re using a checklist as such, but you’re looking at what is the existing measures.

And once you see some existing control measure, you are asking yourself, okay, is it being effectively used or is there, is there a measure? Is it malfunctioning? Is it not effectively performing as such? Right. So you are also assessing those control measures. I’m sorry. Then also it is also helping me to determine and evaluate the compliance with existing company procedures and standard.

So definitely when you’re going to the workplace, when it’s in a C. And doing a workplace safety inspection as such, you are evaluating what is actual working condition with regard to what is a company require? What is a company expectation? What is a company procedure? What is being stated? Is it being seen in practice means what is on paper?

Is it being reflected into practice as such, right. So you’re determining that as such then the, in an inspection. What are you going to do when, if the workplace going to check on documentation inspection based? Cause you’re using a tool like a checklist. It’s quite a good process. I’m reading. Checking, meaning checking pick process, right?

The cost is low or almost negligible, right? If it’s done internet inspections, done internet by your own staff, it is part of your work. It’s part of your work through process as such part of your job responsibilities companies, not gonna appeal every Friday. When you do a workplace inspection every Saturday, when you do a workplace inspection.

Company’s not spending any extra money as such, so no cost competence. It may require really basic competence. Like example. If you give somebody a checklist, he reads a checklist, check the safety sign, check the file, , check this, check that. So no competence, read, check, read, check, hardly much competence.

And sometimes I, we are even saying that, you know, inspections can actually be a part of audit. Right. It can be. And in fashion, normally it’s being done by an individual person. Audit can even done team based as such. So I don’t need high level of competence. Low level of competence can be done by one person.

Audit can be even team based as such know. So these other differences turn into part B what is the benefits of using third party audits? So benefits. So a lot of benefits of using third partys. So you can state about like the third party is independent of influence. You observe the working conditions and the performance as it is.

He’s very impartial. He’s a very competent person, very widely expensive auditing. He’s not, I he’s not rated in criticizing the members of the management. Right. Normally like if you’re doing Intel audit, he won’t write something about what the CEO has not done. Right. But here, your third party, I don’t care.

Who’s the CEO. I don’t care. Who’s the MD. What I see, I report as such, right. And if the management has failed to do something, I can easily put in the report. Plus my third part, because my I’m doing a, I’m a third party auditor, my recommendation, Carrie, more influence, more data as such. And because I’m going to so many work auditor.

So I’m normally doing what is the best industry practices. I know. What is the latest and then legislation, what is maintenance of the legislation? So I’m usually up to date with that and because I’m coming the workplace, I’m also bringing a fresh pair of eyes. You might be seeing something on a day to day basis, but you’re not realizing that it’s not right, but because I’m coming fresh in the workplace first time in the workplace, I’m very observing.

Right. I can see things what you have not being able to like observe as such plus, I can be very critical at the management system. I may be able to find even because of my experience, because of going to wide variety of our workplaces. I can be able to find solutions to problems, which you have not been able to determine of which you may have not learned as such.

No. So these other theoretical, so theoretical include based question, but so easily you can pocket these marks. So 20 mark, you could pocket from that evidence based question 20 marks you could pocket from the based on the scenario, question 10 or 15, this 15 mark. You can pocket from the. The based question so easily, like, you know, you are come to a pass, so whatever add you going to get is just going to help you jump and jump higher as such time to the last question for the day task number seven as such.

So identifying data used to monitor health and safety performance. The organization needs to determine. The effectiveness of its health and safety performance. Right? So now we have to determine, your effectiveness, how, how effective is the performance as such? So based on the activities actual planned, the scenario means similar to what I can say based on the scenario.

What could you collect and use as health and safety performance indicators in the organization? So nebosh is stating that you have lots of performance indicators, but I don’t want you to select generic as such. I wanted to keep your mind. I wanted to keep your mind focused onto certain activities in the scenario, those activities that either be actual means it is then practice or those activities.

Can you plan that people do in the future, but I can use them. As an indicator to assess my performance as such. Right? So now we have to hunt, right? So like you have to hunt for evidence as such. So picking up the evidence as such now what first, you know, all the performance indicators that you’ve studied in IGC.

So let’s start all the performance indicators first. Right? So this co systematic, so don’t hunt for it. First list out all the performance, indicators. So one is level of compliance. One is like the active monitoring. One is reactive monitoring. One is audit reports. One is consultations. One is targets.

One is objectives. One is best practice developments. One is contractor performance. So these are my already. I know these are my indicators, but now I have to like associated that based on the activities, either those activities planned or either the activities action. So using. Referring to this and the indicators matched them together.

Right. Pick up the based on the scenario as such. So let’s go up and see, what are the, what are those, in like now, what are those things that I can use as performance safety indicators? So level of compliance. Now, when I want to comply again, you have to think a little conceptually, when I on talk of compliance, one is legal compliment some to external legal.

One also, I have to think about organization compliance because I’m making so many in the scenario form that I’m making this rule, this procedure, this instruction, this thing as such, that means I have to comply. Not only externally, I also have to comply on the other hand internal. So with all this requirements, so I, I systematically.

The thought, okay, let’s break it up. The two things so I can have more points that such, right. So coming to legal compliance, where can I like, find legal? Where can I use it as a indicator? That, whether I’m, whether I’m following current government instructions or working at all compliant with that indicator, whether I’m compliant to the guidance I’m controlling of the spread, any kind of guidance, one is instructions that you have to.

One is guidance. You may do it, or you may not do it also, but even that is an indicator that following the guidance or may not following the guidance. Right? Same thing like, also carrying on virus, specific virus, assessment, legal, complex, , following how many, how, how often I’m updating it, how many risk assessments I have as such you?

So I can even use status an indicator. Also I’m using that indicator of my reporting requirements, as a performance, am I, am I reporting any kind of incidents that have happened in the workplace to government author? Also my visitors and control of contractors, right? Whether I’m keeping them safe, whether they’re falling enforcement and all this conducting.</p.

So I can use that as a performance safety, it’s an activity control of the contractors. It is being planned as such, right? Because you could see based on the activities planned ion. So now I’m enforcing a stricter, updating the policy for visitors and contractors. So it’s something that I’m planned as such.

So I’ve picked up that activity as a evidence. Okay, coming ahead. Now I’ve covered the legal site. Now I’m coming to the organization requirements. Now organizational requirements, where do I need to comply as such where I can use it as a performance indicator am a complying with like step by step hand sanitation.

I’m a complying with hand center procedures am a complying with social dispensing or instructions on that. Right. Am I mentoring the social distancing? Am I, having procedures for PPP as such? Right? Are the people actually getting the P. When I go for a workplace inspection as such. And when I see that day safety inspections, other people wearing people or not.

So I can use that as a performance indicator, how many people, so I can even think about using safety sampling, but if I’m having 200 people in the office as such, right. I can’t check on all the 200 people as such, but at least when I do a, like the results of safety sampling, I can use a point of safety sampling that out of wounded workers this Saturday, when I did an.

I end up 10 workers randomly out. The 10, nine were wearing the mask. One was not very the mask. So I can say I can use a results of safety sampling for checking that whether people are very the, as such. So I can use that also. Right. Also checking on like a performance discipline procedures. How many workers, how many violations are there?

How many disciplinary actions have imposed onto the people? Right. Especially with regard to vulnerable people. I can think about that also then coming to the findings of active marketing and who’s going to active market, super managers. So I’m seeing, okay, are they, are they being effectively implemented?

What’s the level of compliance? How many compliances, how many non compliances number of them, right. Whether they actively monitoring them. So how many, how many complains that we, we have safety observ. How, what are the findings of safety tools using them as a performance indicator? How many findings and safety tools, how many good things, how many bad things are, you know, then coming to also, findings of active market.

I can talk about Workday safety, expressions. What are the number of non plans from news them as a performance indicator, then from active marketing, I’m going step by some active on sprint step by set to reactor market. Where could I find react? Okay. When I open the office, that means activity set up, going to happen as such.

So I’m going to use that, like for how many work related incidents, how many near miss accidents, how many people falling, ill, whatever, any kind of property damage, any positive investigations from the enforcement agency, any kind of enforcement action, maybe suddenly enforcement agency comes to the workplace and says, oh, we’re not following this, kind of guidance.

I can use that as in a performance in indicator, any number of civil claims in the workers, people falling, absent, and not coming to the workplace, right. Maybe offered like COVID and affected as such sickness, market data news, them as a performance indicator reports. How many people reporting that? No I’m having military health issues.

So evidence scenario based on the, based on the events as such, so mental well. Also what I could find audit reports that in the organization that I can even use the findings of the audit reports as a, as a performance indicator. But how, how many findings, how many, how many major nonconformities, how many minor nonconformities, how many kind of observations, you know, all that stuff.

So I can use that a performance indicator then come, coming to consultation that where, where I can lose that. Like. , use this thing of consultation for as a performance indicator. How many kind of meetings am I having on a weekly basis? Am I, am I fulfilling if I planned so many meetings, am I actually doing those meetings?

So I can use that as a performance indicator? How many? One to one meetings I planned and how many I did actually, how many risk assessments I made with workers input and how, how much is action? What the findings are? Risk assessment. Have a shared with them or have a, not shared with them. Right. How many are aware, how many are not aware as such similarly coming to targets and objectives?

Whether I met my targets, whether I met my objectives or not met them as such and, and where I can use that, I can use that indicator to training that the training is going to help me to achieve my target. So how many, how much training did I plan? How much should I like actually give out as. How many presentations I planned, how many I gave out, how many workshops I held and how many was I planned as such.

So I can use that as a performance indicator to measure performance. Also, what are the best practice developments? Because in the, when you’re doing the health and safety performance, you will also think that, oh, what are the best practice? Because I found. That in the scenario, those procedures and guidance are best practice for homeworking, including workstation set up in a homeworking environment.

Also, I could use that, you know, as a performance indicator, that how other organizations are managing the, control measures with bigger to various management, how doing benchmarking, right. And also seeing the latest government advice, you know? So I can use that, like whether I’m implementing. So, like in this month, three best practice Avi or three government advisors have come to me, have actually followed it or have not followed it so that I can use as a performance indicator.

And lastly, in the, in this, scenario, what did I find that was contractors? So when I go to hire the contractors, I also will assess their performance. Right. So that is also going to be, it’s an activity that I planned as. So when I could find the evidence that I’m would extend the cleaning company contract to find, to include more frequent and extensive cleaning.

Now, when the contract is gonna the cleaning as. I’m going to use active market letters to see whether the cleaning is effective or not effective. Whether if I’ve told them to do three, three times a day cleaning, I, they actually do three times a day cleaning or not. So I can use that as a performance indicator also.

Right. So based on the activities planned and , so when I’ve extracted all this information, so many points I’ve got, right. I could have written on 10 or 12 or 15 concepts at easily. Right? So based on activities, what I could collect means all the things I could collect and what I could use. As performance indicators in the organization.

So any 10 points I put have different 10, 15 points as such easily of these indicators are there. Right? So with this, I have come to an end I’ve, explained I’ve like, you know, I’ve shown you several for the first four question I’ve shown you answers as such. I’ve shown you the points as such, I’ve discussed, I’ve shown you the strategy.

And I’ve also show you that, you know, if you write to answers neatly point form it’s, it’s nice. You can also, when you review the answers, like when you come in almost with. 22 hours have passed and you’ve almost come for submission next day. You, you sleep, you wake up fresh, then you again, review the answer paper.

I just, you can review and see. Okay. 20 months I have 25 points. All the points are there. Have I missed anything out? Anything after sleep after one like the overnight sleep, maybe something new has come up when I hit the scenario again. With a fresh mind, so it helps yourself. Okay. All right. So with this, thank you very much.

I have come to an end of this webinar, so I want to thank you very much for your time for, spending with me, through this session. So thank you very much on my part, to you, right? For coming for this webinar.

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