Become HSE expert to save environment from hazardous wastes

Become HSE expert to save environment from hazardous wastes

Industries causing pollution to air, water and land can be disastrous in the long run to the living organisms if the levels exceed to permissible levels. But, who decides that what level of pollution is acceptable and does not cause health hazard to both workers, people, animals and plants around?

There are various research organizations formed by governments across the world that continuously monitor various parameters of the pollution levels and environmental hazards that can be dangerous and provide information to government organizations for possible control measures.

Industries causing air pollution, not only affects the workers, but also cause irrevocable damage to the environment. HSE experts and workplace safety and health managers are trained to monitor the pollution level within the work area and maintain it within the safe and permissible limits so that it doesn’t affect the workers and also people outside the work area.

Similarly, factories and chemical industries which dump hazardous wastes along the water bodies and human settlements can create health hazards to people and animals in the locality and also cause damage to the water table. Such unprotected and illegal activities can be more dangerous for generations and cause irreparable damage to the environment.

Same can be said for manufacturing units which let dangerous chemicals and effluents to rivers and sea can endanger the lives of aquatic organisms creating ecological imbalance.

So, how to prevent such wide-spread damage to the environment?

Global health organizations such as WHO has formulated certain criteria to follow in food and pharmaceutical industries which has wide impact on people, hygiene and their daily health.

Similarly, countries do have their own rules and set of regulations for industries which produce products and let out dangerous byproducts, chemicals and gases to the environment. Manufacturing units have to comply with all safety and health regulations and need to allow government appointed external observers to monitor the pollution levels and presence of hazardous items in air beyond safe limits.

Workplaces which deal with hazardous materials need to have safety officers or HSE managers who have knowledge and expertise to monitor, contain and control workplace health hazards which can also affect immediate environment.

In recent times, there has been a huge demand for workplace health and safety managers having qualification and experience to control occupational hazards and implement all standard regulations and healthy practices to create safe and secure environment. These HSE managers are also responsible to contain noise level within the cluster and unhealthy radiations emitted from factories and protect workers and also general public from the ill-effects of such invisible hazards.

There are various diploma safety courses being offered by leading safety institutions to career seekers who want to excel in workplace environment safety field. Those who want to make career in occupational environment safety can join Green World Group which offers some of the most outstanding and industry specific health, safety and environment protection courses.

So, join today for an outstanding career and be part of people who protect the environment.

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