How to keep your work environment clean, safe and healthy

How to keep your work environment clean, safe and healthy

Due to rapid industrialization and its impact on environment and human health, a lot of legislations and regulations have been imposed by nations and world bodies to prevent industries and other establishments from polluting our immediate surroundings and atmosphere.

Industries which handle hazardous materials do engage Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) professionals who can monitor, ensure, enforce and educate workers so that workplaces comply with environmental safety policies, standards and best known work cultures.

  Role Of   Environmental Health and Safety Managers

Environmental Health and Safety Managers are there to promote best practices among employees and make the organizations abide by safety rules and regulations. They are responsible to take suitable actions to protect the environment from the activities of workers thereby safeguarding environment from getting polluted.

As owners of organizations are accountable for non-compliance to environmental safety regulations and can even face prosecution for releasing toxic substances into the environment, they employ EH&S managers, who are well-versed in existing rules, have knowledge and skills to manage hazards, can investigate and write reports on slippages and accidents and capable of executing changes to reduce carbon footprints and environmental degradation.

Huge Demand For HSE Managers

As developed and developing countries and industrialized nations impose stringent health and safety policies, there has been a huge demand for professionals who are qualified and have expertise in dealing with occupational health, safety and environment issues.

Industries look for skilled environmental experts either as full time, contract or consultation basis to develop environment safety policies, introduce healthy and safe practices, conduct periodic analysis to find flaws in the system, make recommendations to overcome drawbacks, and educate workers on new environment safety policies and regulations.

The employment opportunities in EH&S sector are vast across industrial sectors that those who have EHS training or have done accredited environmental health and safety courses from reputed HSE institutions or Boards can find lucrative government or public sector jobs in factories, mines, hospitals chemical industries and construction sites, etc as EH&S managers.

Work Skills of EH&S managers

Environmental Health and Safety Managers are required to have astute time management capability, multi-tasking ability and problem solving skills. Besides, they should be able to assess risks and identify danger zones and hazards, strive to create safe and healthy work environment, train workers or teams regularly to improve/update their knowledge on health and safety parameters, ensure proper maintenance of equipments and machinery, conduct inspection and audits regularly to find drawbacks and areas of improvement and inspect and inventory personal protective equipment.

Courses for WorkPlace Environment Safety Professionals

Industries prefer candidates who possess certain level of qualifications to appoint them as environment protection managers. Green World Group, a pioneer in providing workplace health and safety courses of various accredited boards and organizations, offers students and working professionals wide array of Environmental Health & safety courses which include:

  • Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management (ADOSHEM)
  • ROSPA accredited HSE courses
  • Environmental Management & Sustainability

besides courses offered by NEBOSH, IOSH and Safety diploma courses by government of India.

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