International Day for Biological Diversity Day – 22nd May

International Day for Biological Diversity Day – 22nd May

Biodiversity or Biological Diversity is a range of flora and fauna which are present in our habitat, Earth.  Biodiversity is nothing but unified view of biological breeds. There are also many other terms which defines the diversity. This also includes taxonomic diversity, ecological diversity, functional diversity and morphological diversity. Biodiversity is much important because it aids to maintain balance in ecological system. Each plant and animal is interdependent on each other in order to get their basic needs.

Example: Human being is dependent on plants and animals for food/shelter/clothes. By the same way each and every species lives by depending on other species for their purposes. Biodiversity richness makes out habitat to fit for survival of every living species, but human beings having negative impact on biodiversity. Numerous plants and animals have dead and many are feared to dead as time goes on because of pollution, which might result in decline of biodiversity.

Human beings are supposed to understand the value and importance of biodiversity and maintain it in proper way. Smoke from vehicles causes massive air pollution has become threat to many species, this should be controlled to bring pollution level down. Waste from industries get mix in sea harm aquatic species, the industrial waste can be disposed in alternative manner without causing damage to any living being. Likewise the land pollution and noise pollution should be also under control.

Deforestation also has become a reason for decline of biodiversity level. This not only brings down the number of trees also it takes away the shelter of animal, which makes them difficult to survive. To lead a happy and healthy life these kinds of practices should be avoided. In our mother land earth, each and every flora and fauna   has its own purpose towards maintaining environment, thus to maintain proper environment balanced biodiversity should be maintained.

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