World Anti-Terrorism Day observed 21st May

World Anti-Terrorism Day observed 21st May

Violence is a disease; any disease cannot be cured by spreading it more. Violence is a vital key for terrorism, which kills people.  There are number of terrorists who have attacked in several countries to kill innocent people. In order to promote peace/ unity and stop terrorism, every year World Anti- Terrorism Day is being celebrated on May 21st.

It is well known that there exist various threats around the world, which are being the barrier to development of country, unity, peace etc. Terrorism is one among them. Every individual has different nature, behavior, thoughts etc. but often people failed to think before they do any action; those actions might be danger to themselves or society.

Terrorism kills people along with the confidence among common public to live free in society, which is the main aim of terrorists. To create fear among public to take rebel, to get their demands fulfill from country / government. Around the globe there are many organizations that try to stop terrorism. To create awareness among people and teach them to not be a victim of it World Anti- Terrorism day is being celebrated. The concept of Anti – Terrorism came into existence as number of youth are kidnapped / brainwashed / hypnotized to make them terrorists. Unemployment, poverty are also some of the reasons for terrorism.

Thus World Anti – Terrorism day is celebrated for promoting peace and harmony in the world. On this day ledge is taken by Government and Public officers. Many seminars and functions also take place on this day by means of promoting anti- terrorism.

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