Greeting World Maritime Day

Greeting World Maritime Day

In order to celebrate the International Maritime industry’s contribution for the enormous growth of world economy mainly in shipping, the United Nations through International Maritime Organization (IMO), a special agency of UN created World Maritime Day, to be celebrated on the last week of September, every year.IMO is a standard setting authority for security, safety and environmental performance of international shipping.

Globally around 80% of global trade to public and community is by International shipping, as it is most cost-effective and efficient mode of transportation for many goods. It also helps to create prosperity among the people and nation.

This year, the event is to be celebrated on 27th September, 2018.As it is a global observance day. It is celebrated in many countries throughout the world .This day gives importance to shipping safety, maritime security, the environment of marine. The IMO’s secretary general gives a special message on celebrating the 70 years efforts of IMO promoting safe, secure, and clean shipping. The theme of 2018 for celebrating World Maritime Day is “IMO 70: Our HeritageBetter Shipping for a Better Future“.Shipping is absolutely an international industry, as it should follow the regulations and standards effectively to operate without any obstacles. And the process takes on IMO.

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